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41 TheGamingLemonā€Ž

He is funny and I like his survival island episodes good on ya lemon

He makes the best Grand Theft Auto 5 videos he's like a mini vannos gaming he's amazing LEMON OUT

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42 Jack Maynard
43 RabbidLuigi

Should be much higher than Sam Pepper

44 Sam King

Your blogs are funny and entertaining love following every one you do

His posts are amazing love following him

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46 Theslowmoguys

The Slow Mo Guys are the most awesome YouTubers from the UK, without a doubt. Shall I watch them blow things up next, or watch them shoot each other, or watch them generally muck about. Any way, it's gonna be awesome and hilarious!

The Slow Mo Guys are pure comedy. Words cannot describe how cool they are. - PositronWildhawk

Dan and gav are great. There always pulling some fun and wacky stunt, plus I think Dan is quite appealing to look at.

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47 JackHoward

Amazing funny guy but I think, everything he's awesome on his own, he was more complete with Dean

48 WhatCulture Wrestling

Yes these guys are great. They have hilarious members (AKA ADAM BLAMPED) - hugh201

49 InTheLittleWood

He's a great youtuber, funny, plays games and with the rest of the yogscast he helps raises money for charity

50 Bertie Gilbert

I think Bertie is really funny and I love his sense of humor. Also. He's so Handsome and sexy. I know I am not the only one who thinks this. In a few years he is gonna be more famous.

Bertie is an amazing YouTuber and deserves to be higher in the list his videos are great

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51 simonscat

Simons cat is absolutely adorable and I go crazy over him when Simon puts a new video up. I thin Simons cat should go in the top ten because he is so cute and everyone should watch him. even though there is no speech, he still cute whatever Simon does and he such a creative and good drawing person. he is so creative and knowledgeable. Love him to bits

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52 TwinCoconuts

They are so funny! Top 20 at least

53 Josh Pieters

He's such an amazing youtuber and he makes really original content. He deserves to be way higher and he deserves so much more popularity, his channel is so good! - pjo

54 PopularMMOs

PopularMMOS isn't British... laugh out loud

He and jen are just hilarious

His vidios have a great range of variety and I really think he is one of the best. Jen also makes me laugh as well as pat and that are amazing, so much humour and op ness. Love you!: )

Which numbskull said he was british? He is a good youtuber anyway! (lol)

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55 Calfreezy

I was one of the people who made calfreezy popular in my school


He's an idiot

56 Zerkaa

"I don't need consent, you're of age" - Zerkaa 2016.

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This professionap wrestling company has heels and faces that actually make sense in wants and needs

58 BlueXephos

They're hilarious! They deserve more than just 27!

In my opinion, Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast are the best YouTubers and should be number 1 here. They never fail to bring a smile to my face! The quality of their content is excellent and their content varies from Minecraft to GMod to original music to live action videos. Absolutely hilarious people, I love them to pieces.

I've been watching them since they came out with shadow of israphel loved it for ever

Best bunch of idiots you can find

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59 Niomi Smart

Absolutely stunning and best personality

Niomi and marcus are so cute together

Niomi has helped me with her fashion hauls to tel me what to were and clashes I think her try not to laugh challenge With her boyfriend Marcus was really funny šŸ˜ I watched it over and over again I also love ā¤ her. Vlogs because it like a day in her life don't forget to subscribe. To Niomi. Xx

60 Tom Scott

This man is witty, inventive, intelligent and full of stuff that you never think about. - PositronWildhawk

And that's something you might not have known, language files, vlogging on park benches...he's got it all.

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