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61 Mgh

So good love his fifa 13 career mode

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62 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

Sam is so awesome! He might seem a bit tough and rude or mean or whatever but he's actually a softie. In other youtuber's vlogs, you'll see him doing nice things like JacksGap's Inappropriate Unicycling, somewhere in the end you'll see sam holding the door for a wheelchaired elderly. And he's really funny too. He is NEVER embarrassed to do something stupid in public

I think he is the cutest YouTuber I've seen yet. Sam seems to love what he does and as long as he makes video I'll watch them cause they make me happy

Sam pepper is hilarious, inventive and loyal to his viewers, what more to you need, love his tell me your story video, and his pranks are so funny, love it when he does collabs, just everything, my go to channel

Why is there positive comments? - 445956

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63 Behzinga

He's kind of the only person in the sidemen I don't like

He's an idiot

64 eddsworld

His cartoons remind me of the old days :) RIP Edd we will miss you

Edd always made me smile when I was sad. I laughed so hard at his webtoons, and videos in real life too!

He is so awesome, why isn't he in the top ten?!?


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65 Vikkstar123HD

I like vikkstar but I don't watch his mine craft videos

He is really funny

A very funny YouTuber that tries his best to make everyone laugh and he even records videos in advance if he is going on a trip or vacation


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66 Senpai Kush
67 TotalBiscuit
68 Super Girly Gamer

Yet again, not a British YouTuber but still a really good yiutuber

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70 GoreAndPerkins
71 TheRPGMinx

She is a super funny gamer, and has hilarious videos, she loves to trick her gamer friends which make her videos so interesting. She is awesome to watch and she really cares about her subs

She is the BEST! I just love her so much and I love her since of humor. She just makes the best videos and she is so lovable.

Easily the Most entertaining gamer on YouTube, second only to PewDiePie of course.

I love her videos so much! She is very funny and makes a lot of videos. She is so awesome!

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72 Rose Ellen Dix

She's possibly the funniest person on this planet! I love her and her Girlfriend Rosie. Yes they're Rose and Rosie! The Roses

She has such great humour, amazing person!

They are very entertaining, great humor and amazing person

They are beautiful and hilarious and one of the most perfect couples on the internet! And they are adorable newlyweds! :D

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Me and my sister thinks he's cool

Me and my sister thinks he's cool

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74 MakeupbyMandy24

She isn't even British. And besides, she sucks. Make up, is that all she can do.

Makeupbymandy24 is my fave YouTuber, I think she's better than bethany mota, if your a motavator you'll definitely love her! She has her own fashion sense and I get all my inspiration from her, she's super amazing, please please check her out! Thanks so muchhh

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75 GloZellGreen‎
76 TopGear

Top Gear UK is fantastic, so why not subscribe to a channel where they show how they make it possible?

It don't exist anymore because Jeremy punched a producer

Top gear are amazing. They pull off such crazy stunts and make a combiniation of cars they test and challenge : mostly super cars and old cars. The best thing is Top gears Brotosh and like most british things immense.

77 Macbarbie07

Real name bethany mota! ! Best youtuber EVER!

Even though shes not british

She is an inspiration

Great person and yhh she's great at everything like DIY

78 Beckii
79 HikePlays

Where the hecks Tobuscus he's hilarious.

80 Joe Weller

Joe is a hilarious, sexy, and an amazing YouTuber who never fails to make me laugh with his pranking, brutal FIFA's and public vloggs. He puts so much hard work and time into make his videos the best they can possibly be just for us to enjoy, and people don't respect him enough for that, and ladies, he is a very good looking lad with a sexy body (gym lad) so you may as we'll check out his channel and subscribe to him as you won't regret it!

Joe is HILARIOUS! He's a great lad, and I strongly recommend him! He never fails to make me laugh!

Good lad, very funny, nice, fantastic

Kitty and Ronaldo chop

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