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81 FoodforLouis

I love how he eats everything he is just really entertaining to watch.

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82 YamiMash

Funny and his slender videos will make you laugh, scream, and cry...

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83 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Sure he may be somewhat new but he's been growing ever steadily and his quality is getting better and he's just so hilarious its unreal, I'm honestly surprised he's not on the list yet

He does such accurate reviews and deserves to be top 1. He is also extremely entertaining. I hate this list.

Why is he so low he's hilarious! - samanime

He's hilarious

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84 HikePlays
85 itswaypassmybedtime
86 Yellow
87 Shahleena
88 FleurDeForce

I love her, She so beautiful and adorable!

I never get tired of listening to Fleur. She should be higher than Tanya Burr

Fleur should definitely be further up - her vlogs are the only ones that I never get bored of. Her beauty videos and wedding channel are also so good to watch. - Mozzmo

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89 panacea81
90 Jacksepticeye

He's Irish, idiot! - LeiaSkywalker

Dude, he's irish.

One of the best gamers on YouTube

He is my favorite youtuber

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91 TheDiamondMinecart

Kid friendly, plays mixtures of games, blogs gives you tips so you can improve your gameplay experience and just entertaining really

Woow! All the way down here! I mean come on he's the best around! He should be number 1-10!

DanTDM is awesome he doesn't make any crappy content and is a great person and is not a jerk or moron.

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92 Chloeisapie

I think chloe has a talent! She isn't that popular, and not many people know about her YouTube videos, but I think she has the making of a professional YouTube, and could be a stable career if she was older!

Great you tuber! I first found her music video when I searched for ideas for my dan and phil radio show music video Ideas!

Chloe is a really good drawer and my favourite video is her animation of emma blackerys promise

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93 VeeOneEye

His hair is so fluffy and colorful, has the best humor ever, makes great videos, let's not forget his music taste is AMAZING! And I mean his walls are awesome. All time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, and a lot more. What's better than that you may ask... Nothing

He is an outgoing, funny and super friendly guy, his vlogs are amazing and really interesting. His personality is adorable and his hair makes him look rad. His advice is totally nuts which makes you laugh so much, you really shouldn't miss out on his videos

Ughh, Jason is amazing, his hair is crazy, but cute, and he is just plain out adorable. I love his videos, &his laugh makes me laugh because its just so cute, everything about him is just so cute, ok, subbed after watching his first video

94 Alfie Deyes

Why is he on here as Alfie AND Pointless Blog, so he is on here twice

Yes alfie is the best

He's so funny! Why isn't he on here?!

On the list twice.
That's how awesome this guy is.

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95 Daz Games

Why is he so far down? Amazing YouTuber, So funny, and great commentary. - kaisietoo

Just great. Funny, really nice. - lordrando

The best youtuber ever. His laughter makes me laugh every time. There are no other words to describe him. He is dazzling!


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96 clothesencounter
97 LittleRadge

Liam Dryden should be higher on this list. He's funny, has an awesome singing voice, and David Tennant looks and talks like him!

98 Epicpineapple99
99 inthelittlewoods

Martyn is just the best youtuber ever he has an awesome girlfriend and is just so sweet and adorable. I got the amazing chance to meet him and it was just great! He was so nice to me

Inthelittlewoods is just amazing! He's sweet in real life and in his videos! Martyn's really funny and every video never fails to put a grin on my face. I watch some of the Yogscast but Martyn always truley be my favourite out of the Yogscast - Sapling forever x (Imm gonna watch some more K.O.T.S

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100 Kwebbelkop

So cool guy! ,!

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