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101 Pyrocynical

He s funny.

102 BigYoshiFan

His videos are funny he should work with Supermariologan

British version of SuperMarioLogan

103 Doddleoddle

How is she not on here? An amazing musician and gorgeous soul. Not only does she sing covers, she does original songs and does them extremely well.

Dodie is a lovely person, is completely honest with her viewers and makes original content. How is she not higher up?

Dodie is amazing! She's so talented and funny. Her videos are real and inspiring and I don't know how she isn't higher up

Ooo yes, how could I forget? I get so excited when she uploads

104 English with Lucy
105 miaarose

What a legend, he just takes the piss out of everything and everyone.

Why isn't he higher, he is one of the funniest YouTubers there is!

107 Khyan1

This guy is amazingly funny, one of the most weird and funny YouTubers I've ever seen. His vlogs are the best I've ever seen and his sketches are pretty funny. He deserves more viewers.

108 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

I love Don't Hug Me I'm Scared! It never fails to make me fangirl! My favourites are Robin (duck guy), Lamp, Spinach Can and Tony, by the way!

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109 MiniLaddd

Mini ladd is awesome. I love his videos along with the crew

MiniLaddd is the best. He makes me laugh sometimes.

Why at 109

He's a hilarious British youtuber that plays with Vanoss (Canadian), DathiDeNogla (Irish) and Terroriser (Irish) and many more of his hilarious friends! - YoungMcShan

110 BBCWorldwide V 1 Comment
111 Yoshiisdead
112 Oakelfish
113 beckie0 V 1 Comment
114 Ali-A

Amazing bo3 player and he is just funny and has great content on all of his channels

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115 W2S

Wroetoshaw (W2S/Harry) Is a funny, good looking and hard working YouTuber who is constantly impressing everyone with his spectacular videos featuring some of the worlds biggest YouTubers! You should definitely subscribe to him as he never fails to make people laugh! You won't regret it

When he rages at FIFA it's so funny

Wroetoshaw is my favourite YouTuber I've been watching his videos since he did his best pack opening (FIFA 14 with 13 million views at the moment)

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116 Jim Sterling V 1 Comment
117 Miranda Sings

Even though she is just a character, I think she is the person we should all try to take into picture so we can develope our qualities. She, for one, is very sure of herself but to an exaggerated extent that it becomes arrogance, but we don't even possess a sliver of confidence ourselves nowadays. We should try to develope some of the characteristics that she sports, so long as it is publicly acceptable...

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118 Danger Dolan V 1 Comment
119 Planet Dolan V 1 Comment
120 Thenoobpube

He's pretty funny, good channel if you like Minecraft and stuff.

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