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141 Ninebrassmonkeys
142 FRANKIEonPCin1080p

One of the most subbed Brits. He post great videos and you can tell have had a lot of work put into them. Criminal he isn't in top ten.

Frankie is basically AWESOME. Very funny, his videos are extremely high quality, and he never fails to deliver.

143 MessYourself
144 Fpsrussia
145 tinydropoffairydust
146 Yammy xox
147 Alltime10s
148 WroeToShaw

He 100% deserves to be somewhere on this list and I think it's pretty disgraceful as he's not but people like mrweebl and stampylongnose are on here when half of this websites viewers are clueless to who they are, absolute joke

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149 Bentley Bros Productions
150 FunForLouis
151 GameboyLuke
152 Jimmy0010 V 1 Comment
153 Piinksparkles V 1 Comment
154 jackseptickeye

He is so cool and and his green hair is cool but I wood really like it if he stopped his bad language can you say in his comments to stop swearing because I can't.

He's already said he's not going to stop swearing because it's just a part of who he is. AND he's Irish. - LeiaSkywalker

First of all, you spelled his name wrong. Second, he's already in this list. And third, he shouldn't be because he is IRISH. - LeiaSkywalker

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155 Colossal is Crazy

Hands down best commentator and best voice. Deserves more subs.

208th!? he's one of the best youtubers on the site, I can't believe he's below some really trash youtubers, some of which aren't even british.

156 SuperMarioGlitchy4

I just wanted to comment because its too lonely

157 Blackpanthaa

One of the funniest car game YouTubers out there.

158 Layt Night

Layt Night is a new Youtube but I'm pretty sure he is from England. His content is so funny! I really enjoy the fun edit he does, I really can't wait to see how he develops! - spiritchild

159 MasterOv
160 DAGames

This guy, Will Ryan, is barely appreciated. He is honest, communicates with his fans a lot on discord, makes great music, has a funny personality in his lets plays, and the sort! - Essention

The legend of music! go watch it!

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