Best Britt Nicole Songs

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1 The Lost Get Found

Fell in love at first listen!

2 Headphones

I have been a Fan of her since September 2014, and I love her songs! I wish I knew her songs earlier.

This song makes me so happy every time I hear it!

This song is so great. Vote for Britt. She is a awesome christan singer. Vote for B.N.

3 Gold

Hi my name is payton I'm 8(in a half) I'm a dancer and I've been one 5 years and my first besitel was at the age of 3 and that was to baby and this year the championship was a a week ago and we won! And we won best song I listen to you on my radio

I am a fan of her since November,2014 and I heard her song-you are not alone for the first time. Then I became a fan of hers. She's cool just like her voice ^_^

4 Amazing Life

She is such an amazing singer! Lover her songs, music and albums! :D - moonwolf

5 All This Time
6 Ready or Not

Best song by Britt Nicole! Feat. LeCrae!

I don't get why this song is in 5th place

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7 Glow
8 Walk On the Water

Amazing song, so inspiring.

9 Hanging On

It's her best song, and one of the best Christian songs too!
Either way it's totally worth listening (and obviously will be foer more than one time!

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10 Safe

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? How We Roll
? Like a Star

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11 Holiday
12 Welcome to the Show

Probably one of my favorite modern pop songs. - MontyPython

13 Stand

This used to be my favorite song ever. I love songs that emotionally connect with me, and I remember listening to this when I had just moved and crying so hard. - JaneMoffat

14 The Sun Is Rising
15 Sunshine Girl
16 Believe
17 Look Like Love
18 Set the World On Fire
19 You
20 Who You Say You Are
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