I remember when Lin-Manuel Miranda performed "The Hamilton Mixtape" at the White House Poetry Slam. I was intrigued and shared the YouTube clip with my 8th grade Social Studies students. The loved it. When the play came out I was curious, but was never that into Broadway musicals. When I bought the soundtrack I changed my mine and desperately wanted to see Hamilton. The soundtrack alone deeply affected me. Finally seeing the play was truly an experience. I can't believe Hamilton is not even on the top three on this list. Hopefully that will change.

I never comment on these things. Ever. I know every musical out there, but none of them compare to Hamilton. Every time I finish listening to the cast recording I want to bawl my eyes out and smile at the same time. This musical is a work of art, and no other Broadway musical can compare. Just give it a go, and you'll be as hooked as I am. If you want to get into it, start with an intro song such as The Schuyler Sisters, and move on from there.

Why is this not higher? The concept is so random- the founding fathers can rap- but it's insanely good! I thought it was really dumb at first, but it's really food. The main character is flawed, unlike let miz, and the singing! The singing is so good! Like seriously, while the rapping is awesome, the singing is just... just great. This musical is just great.

I an OBSESSED with Hamilton! I constantly listen it and enjoy all of the songs. There are songs for every emotions. It puts a new and exciting twist on history that makes me want to learn more. This should definitely be ranked higher. The whole musical itself it so amazing!

Hamilton is a legend. Go listen to it. At first, I thought it was probably going to be some overrated musical and dumb. IT IS NOT. It is FABULOUS. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music for it and it is stinking GORGEOUS. It is in my top 5 of my favorite musicals.

Hamilton is one of my favorite musicals ever. It was really hard to choose between this and cats. But in the end I chose this because it is so creative. It really brings history to life. I have seen the musical, and (because of my dad) met Lin Manuel Miranda in person. THIS IS MY #1

Hands down the most unique musical of all time. The first time there was a whole musical with almost all rap. I love how they portray all of the historical characters you read about in history. Such a good idea for a musical and they did it so well. Why is it not number one?

I really do think Hamilton deserves an even higher ranking. Why? Because the songs are well-written, and the story is to die for. I'm not even an American, but I feel like being proud to be one. The songs are quirky and up to beat, and the story line can easily be followed.

Hamilton is literally the best there is. What Is better than learning about America, the country millions live in, while listening to great music? Absolutely nothing! I find Hamilton to be the best musical that's out there. Just my opinion though.

This is the best musical ever written! I've listened to Mann musicals but none have been as creative as Hamilton! It's an educational, creative masterpiece. The thought and time put into this musical have shown through in this soon to be classic!

**sigh** I shall listen enviously from a distance and pray I might see it someday. This musical is kind of a masterpiece. Let's hope a recorded version comes out soon! - keycha1n

This is musical in my opinion, is by far the best. It is so exciting, and it has people singing along the whole time. The choreography is amazing as well as the music. I loved In The Heights, but Lin has truly outdone himself.

The level of complexity, in terms of plot and music, elevates this above the others. While the others at the top of this list are great, this includes all of the elements that make each of the others so good

"Just you wait". Hamilton will surely "rise up" the list. Just don't make us have to "wait for it" much longer. This musical deserves to be in the top three. WORK!

Hamilton brings me so much joy, not only does is encourage me to be better and try better it also makes me emotional, whenever I listen to "burn" or "It's Quiet Uptown" I feel for the characters even though there all dead. Lin Manuel Miranda really brought it to life, Hamilton has a very VERY! soft place in my heart. I think it deserves top spot #1.

Hands down voted for this. It makes you go through so many emotions. I'll never forget this masterpiece and will keep wishing for a movie or at least a sequel. - NotYoursTruly

I absolutely love this show. I feel so grateful to have gotten to see the original cast (I was there when they did the Prince tribute).

We will never be "satisfied" until Hamilton is in the top three. If you disagree, I hope that you "burn". WORK!

Innovative. Amazing rap-pop-rock-funk-jazz music. An awesome storyline. A great narrative. Hilarious at times. Heartbreaking at times. THE BEST MUSICAL TO EVER GRACE THE WORLD

... This is #92... Why isn't it like 3 this is the BEST MUSICAL OF ALL TIME because it puts a fun twist on history

I actually don't like Hamilton. It's an interesting thing to do with a musical and it's very innovative, but I hate the music and the fact that our country's most important time in history is being represented... with rap. - punyraisin

When I say Hamilton is good, I really mean it. No, I'll rephrase that. Hamilton is the best musical of recent years.

This musical shows how powerful a story-telling medium musicals can be. Like Hamilton, Miranda is a genius!

This one is not only exceedingly good, it's also revolutionary (no pun intended). It should be number one. No offense to wicked, but when you look back at your wicked phase (admit it, we've all been through it) and then you think of how amazing Hamilton is, wicked seems a little... bland? I don't know.

How is this one 26th. This is the best musical there is. What was this list based on.