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21 Legally Blonde: The Musical

How can you not love this show? It defies the stereotypes of blondes and gives young girls a role model; Elle Woods. She teaches young girls to be/believe in yourself, stick up for what you believe in, and follow your heart, no matter what anyone says. - ElleWoods

I always look at this musical as a perfect example of character development. Elle woods starts up as one person and ends pup as someone completely different.

It is amazing and has the best music ever

I love this musical

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22 Oklahoma V 1 Comment
23 Hairspray V 2 Comments
24 Little Shop of Horrors

FEED ME! This is an AWESOME story! I love this one!

Feed me Seymour!

This is perpostersters. Little Shop of Horrors is amazing. It should be in the top ten!


25 Next to Normal

This show deserves to be in the top 20, at least, but for me it's number 1. The chemistry between the actors and the characters they play is so real, the emotions are so raw. Each song is beautiful and special. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I only have to hear or see 10 seconds of some songs/scenes and I'm tearing up. This musical is beautiful, it discusses real issues, and doesn't follow any..cliche formula.

How is this not higher? I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find my favorite musical! What? Next to Normal is so heart-wrenching, and has AMAZING music! (I'm Alive, I Am The One, and so many other songs)

26 Spring Awakening

This musical is honestly amazing. It has a great soundtrack and sends a controversial message.

The Deaf West production of this made me fall in love with the musical as a whole

27 Annie

Well this one I haven't seen it on Broadway or really much, but it's an okay musical. It's not my favorite, but it's not bad. - Anonymousxcxc

I don't hate it, but God Annie is so annoying.

Favorite musical ever

Not the best BUT ITS EVERYWHERE AND I'm TIRED OF IT - punyraisin

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28 Shrek the Musical

Shrek The Musical is my favorite musical and my dream show to perform in. It is so funny, the plot is phenomenal, and the music covers almost all genres and is BEAUTIFUL. Listen to Who I'd Be for a goosebumps ballad or Morning Person for a fun upbeat song. It is such a good show.

It isn't the best, but it's still quite entertaining. Also, it has a couple of really epic songs, such as I Know It's Today and Who I'd Be.

This was my first Broadway musical I ever saw! I saw it when I was 7 I still love it to this day! Also John Tartaglia made the BEST Pinocchio! But this is one of my favorite musicals.

After getting a chance to be in this show (as Shrek) at my school, I've really grown to appreciate this show more. While it's not the best, it's still a very, very good show with plenty of phenominal roles (Shrek, Fiona, Lord Farquaad, Dragon, Donkey and Gingy)

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29 Beauty and the Beast
30 Miss Saigon

The ending was so unexpected! - listotaku17

Love it! Music is great!

My mom's favorite - Absolite

Heartbreaking.. but in a good way

31 Assassins

An interesting take on the tragic stories of the deaths of presidents and somehow pulls it off

32 Pippin

If you saw the most modern version of this, you'd be blown away. The story is great, the actors are amazing, and the acrobatics are stunning! The show in itself is just so impressive. Deserves a top ten.

33 Chess
34 Cinderella

The music in this is so good. I love In my Own Little Corner.

Impossible things are happening everyday! - punyraisin

35 Oliver! (1961)

Have you ever watched it? It's the best musical ever, Ice age even used their song, Food Glorious Food

36 Dreamgirls

One of the best, brilliant powerful songs and great acting!

37 Dear Evan Hansen

I started crying during song 1 when I saw it, then never stopped crying until a week later. This musical is really incredible.

I fell in love with Jared x Evan... They are so cute together!

Wow. That is all I can truly say for this musical. One of my faovrites; probably listed at third or fourth (Behind Hamilton, In The Heights, Les Mis., and probably Wicked. ) It brings such a diverse audience in, and when they leave, they are emotional wrecks and tearing smiles.
The beauty of this musical is truly fascinating. Just how Hamilton teaches kids History, how In The Heights teaches Spanish, and how Les Mis. Teaches slavery, this teaches people how to truly express emotion and how to be honest.
Truly one of the best musicals of all time.

38 We Will Rock You
39 Anything Goes

The fact that I had to add this to the list is sad beyond compare, and it should be way up at the top at least 20-25. It is a classic, and no matter which version you listen to, Patto LuPone and Sutton Foster, or whoever, are all amazing. CLASSIC!

40 A Chorus Line

ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY KIDDING ME?! A Chorus Line is a classic, and a PULITZER PRIZE WINNER! Being thirteen, I heard my mom talk about it all the time, so I decided to watch a video of the show. It's incredible! The actors portray their characters perfectly and the dancing is spot on. The musical numbers are a classic as well. definitely should be in the top twenty, if not higher.

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