Best Brony Songs

The Top Ten Best Brony Songs

1 Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)

Discord one of the coolest characters and this song is fully reflected - pashafli

I had this song Stuck in my head for hours

This is my absolute favourite song, and has been for years. This fully reflects how we bronies and pegasisters can take something as simple as one character and make something as this song. Listen to it and just try to not bang your head along in time to the beat.

It is not just a top brony song but a top all time song.

2 Party With Pinkie - Aleks S.

So joyful and happy song! Many positive as in the show. - pashafli

Love it! Alex S is one truly best brony musician in the fandom.

3 Lulamoon - Psychgoth

Awesome song - bobbythebrony

4 Beat It - Blackgryph0n + Michelle Creber

I absolutely LOVED the PMV!

Awesome - bobbythebrony

5 Magic - The Living Tombstone

Great - bobbythebrony

6 20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp

This is best brony track of all time! 20 % cooler! - pashafli

That's the most dynamic brony song

Awesome - bobbythebrony

7 I Am Octavia - Eilemontyva
8 Sister Hate - The Living Tombstone and Mic the Microphone
9 Tomb and Mic Mashup - September

Fallout Equstria on the story. Very beautiful song, with an interesting story. One of the best songs of armor, as taken from the fanfiction - pashafli

10 H8_Seed+Glaze - Awoken

Improved everything about Rainbow Factory which was already a great song.

What brought me into the fandom. Good song, plus the sentimental value

Vinyl - This is a very good dub.

Great song. Much more interesting than Rainbow Factory because it has a storyline, and it's its own story but fits in well with Rainbow Factory, Pegasus Device and their fanfics.

The Contenders

11 Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Dream Mode)

Really beautiful song that definitely needs to be appreciated - pashafli

12 Amazing Pony - Thorthenorseman
13 Acousticmandobrony - Loyalty

Loved it so much

Wait, what's this doing down here?

One of my first introductions to brony msic and still the best. I still sing the song to myself everyday, even now.

14 How Applejack Won the War - Sherclop Pones
15 Twitch - Flutterborn

Its AWESOME! Essentially, it is a perfect mix of dubstep, my little pony friendship is magic, and skyrim!

Very beautiful song in terms of music. There's even no need to write anything - pashafli

16 General Mumble - She's a Pony (WoodenToaster Remix)

Main song for any brony! - pashafli

17 Pinkie Pie Swear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks

One of the most striking examples of how you can make a cool remix. - pashafli

18 Rainbow Factory - Glaze/woodentoaster

As popular as many of the items here. Are we only putting nice, happy songs on the list?

Absolutely adore this song! Well sung as well!

At the rainbow factory... - MrBrony8675309

The song that got me back into FIM, and also my very VERY first fan made song I listened to. Also helped me get into music. - PinkFloyd87

19 The Gypsy Bard - Friendship Is Witchcraft

It's a good motivational song in general.

A sad song with a deceptively happy tune.

20 Avast Fluttershy's Void - Woodentoaster
21 Aviators - Friendship

Aviators is the best group, and this is their best song! ;D - pashafli

They shouldn't be rated all brony musicians make better music than most modern artists

This should be in top 5, this song is amazing

22 Tomb+mic+lulz+glaze - Beyond Her Tomb

Totally underrated. Best brony song EVER.

Just look at the lyrics

23 Lullaby for a Princess - Ponyphonic

Because the music is great for a fan made song

This is so beautiful - bobbythebrony

So amazing and well made

The emotion in the lyrics and tIhe sad love that speaks from the music.It makes this one of my all-time favourites.

24 Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Alex S.)

Without a doubt the best remix of the Luna song and the best pony song I have ever heard. The vocals are amazing and emotional at the same time and fit perfectly with the songs sad setting, the dubstep drop is quick paced and doesn't take away from the song at all, and everything is pieced together into musical perfection.

25 Acoustimandobrony - Loyalty

Most brony songs are dance mixes. While I do love those, rock will always make the better song!

This is just beautiful...

Such an amazing song and A real tear jerker

26 Its Great to Be Different Forest Rain

I love this song and that's all I have to say about it. I can't think of anything to say about this song that isn't positive.

27 Glaze and Mic - Nightmare Night
28 Winter's F***** Up - Animated James

Huehuehuehuehuehue what an amazing song!

29 Vivere Nocte, Vivere Lunae - DuskShine

Brilliant orchestral/electronic instrumental of the best new lunar republic songs

I WROTE THIS... Seeing it so far up makes me overly happy

30 Join the Herd Pop Vocals - Forest Green
31 Baasik and Blackgryph0n - Crusader (Are We There Yet)

This song is absolutely beautiful. I love how well they capture the CMC here, and how they wrote it so even a non-brony can enjoy it... without realizing it was a brony song in the first place. I'll never get tired of it. This is the theme song the CMC deserve.

32 Dbpony - Daddy Discord
33 Rarity My Rarity - 34103070674978532046

Sad that not many knows this one and Fluttershy's Wish

This should be higher! Although, it is nowadays 34103070674978532046 sings whilst playing an instrument.

Too good to be true

34 Colt and Mare - 34103070674978532046
35 I'll Be Waiting - MandoPony
36 Super Ponybeat - Discord (EuroChaos Mix) - Eurobeat Brony

In my opinion, it's much energetic but at the same time, it's a lot more organized. It also has a more entertaining interlude than it's remix. The original is the best and nobody (or nopony) can change my mind about that.

37 Interrobang Pie Invades Equestria - Icky

Cool use of video game sounds!

38 Beyond Her Garden - Glaze
39 Replacer, Feather, & I - Until the Sun

A brilliant song. Really emotional, and a great reflection of Dash and Fluttershy's friendship, but horrendously underrated.

This song is too over looked, it has so much emotion to it and just is a work of pure genius.

40 Brony Metal Medley - Bronyfied
41 Yelling at Cats - Becoming Popular

Very cool and energetic song - pashafli

42 The Living Tombstone - Stuck In Time
43 Kindness - Acoustimandobrony

Definitely the best Mandopony song, and my favorite in the fandom.

44 Anthropology (Lyra's Song) - Awkward Marina

It's a very catchy song.

45 Pegasus Device - Slyphstorm

It's a great song, and it's impressive how the events and themes from the Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device fanfics have been worked in, and it's the same for how it's incorporated the lyrics of Rainbow Factory and Awoken in a way that draws the Rainbow Factory saga together.

I thought this was a great song like the fan fic and it kinda gives us a little detail on the pegasus device.

46 Twenty Ten - Moving On
47 Devil In Me - General Mumble & Tellab
48 Mic+tomb+glaze - Beyond Her Tomb
49 Yourenigma - He's a Dragon
50 Acousticmandobrony - I'll Fly Higher
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