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41 Super Ponybeat - Discord (EuroChaos Mix) - Eurobeat Brony

In my opinion, it's much energetic but at the same time, it's a lot more organized. It also has a more entertaining interlude than it's remix. The original is the best and nobody (or nopony) can change my mind about that.

42 Pegasus Device - Slyphstorm

It's a great song, and it's impressive how the events and themes from the Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device fanfics have been worked in, and it's the same for how it's incorporated the lyrics of Rainbow Factory and Awoken in a way that draws the Rainbow Factory saga together.

I thought this was a great song like the fan fic and it kinda gives us a little detail on the pegasus device.

43 Beyond Her Garden - Glaze
44 Winter's F***** Up - Animated James
45 Twenty Ten - Moving On
46 Devil In Me - General Mumble & Tellab
47 Mic+tomb+glaze - Beyond Her Tomb
48 Yourenigma - He's a Dragon
49 Acousticmandobrony - I'll Fly Higher
50 Acousticmandobrony - Kindness
51 Fluttershy's Wish - 34103070674978532046

Short song, good song

52 MLP FIM - Hush Now Quiet Now (Extended) Nor Wake Up Try Get Up - 34103070674978532046

Better than expected and super cute

53 Me and My Girlfriend - My Version of Sweetie's Big Race by Shercloppones - 34103070674978532046
54 Acoustimandobrony - Generosity
55 Anthropology (Lyra's Song) - Awkward Marina

It's a very catchy song.

56 Nightmare Night - Woodentoaster
57 Love Me Cheerily - TLTS and WT

Can't even spell Cheerilee right? Come on.

58 One Trick Pony - Jackle App and Mic the Microphone

An amazing track by two amazing guys what else is there to say?

59 Cyril the Wolf - Luna (Millennium Alone)

Just so beautiful and magic

60 Rainbow - Koroshi - Ya/Feather
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