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1 Maria

Pretty girl and have a amazing voice

I love you maria

Keep it up! Love you he

Keep going up

Teruskan...dan low profile...

2 Hasdie Hasnan

I like hasdie hasnan, he has awesome vocal, and good song such as pop song and soul, we all your fan always love you hasdie hasnan and always support you

We all love hasdie hasnan

I love you hasdie hasnan

Hasdie hasnan you so amazing voice

Apa lagunya femes ne? masuk radio kah?

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3 Aziz Harun

Beautiful is the best!

Aziz harun is the best for me n I love his voice

Never challenged!

The best tapi I know your luqmans cousin well good luck for all kirim salam luqman 😉

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4 Aly Haziq

Good vocal talented like his voice so much and got very nice songs

Nice voice great tone...

Got very nice song

I love is voice & song

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5 Aie Callen

Handsome ni urg nya

Ani sapa lagi ne? sapa sja kan artis tani ane?

6 Fakhrul Razi

Talented and down to earth singer.

Awesome person & have a great vocal!

Talented and good person and nice voice artis in brunei

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7 Zul Faden

You're the best bro

Always support you, we your fan

8 Qeez Idrus

Unique and strong vocal. Love her

9 Jazz Hayat

You so greatest and nice vocal

Jaz... nice are the best singer...i hope I can meet you on brunei...jaz you are my favorite local artist...

10 Juan Madial

I love you Juan Madial xx.

Wrong Mexican bro

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11 Rapul Rizal

Nice Song And Great Voice..keep it Up Bro

I'm pretty sure that's rapunzel

12 Putri Norizah
13 Neff Aslee

Very best vocal and talented

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14 Udi Luqman

You are best! And have an idea, awesome composer, udi record, love it

15 Hans Anuar
16 Harisya Hamzah

Nice voice! Hope to hear and see her sing live.

Nice Song.. My favourite Local Artist..

I like this singer... I saw her YouTube video clip and realize she is quite sometime on Brunei Music activities.. If I'm not mistaken she was involve on RTB since 1998 but used different name.. Anyway congratulation for your own Song Harisya, Keep it up and wish you be Brunei Top Singer... Amiin.

From Malaysia. I really liked hearing her voice 😍

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17 Payam

You are the best! I'm waiting for your new song payam. great!

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18 Rafiz

Really love "Aku pergi Untuk Dia" song. He can go further in future. Please make an album or single at least.

19 Asde
20 Mayzrel Asran

He's such a good singer - Multi-talented✨

21 Feez Madea

Her voice Sound like money! Good attitude, worka holic, and she had the voice! The best!

22 Eqah
23 Alilah

Great song, great lyrics and great voice...keep it up.

24 Raziq
25 Suzan
26 Nash
27 Madi

Nice song give are vote this artis

The best singer local artist brunei 2013

Nice voice give the vote artis brunei

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28 Hamdy Wardi
29 Ezah Hashim
30 Juju
31 K-Roll (D'hask)
32 Azier Thrasher
33 Calvin Chong
34 Hill Zaini

His voice is so masculine and soulful

35 Mienul
36 Sri Nazrina
37 Kuj
38 Yura
39 Dillah
40 Afiq Wafi
41 Khai

New best singer!

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42 Rico D'vocalist
43 Adi Rani
44 Ash Farizi
45 Jazz Hassan
46 Ak Yusri
47 Fairuzneezan
48 Faiz Nawi
49 Faizul (ABO)
50 Ryan Indra
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