Best Bruno Mars Songs Off the Album Doo Woops and Hooligans


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1 Just the Way You Are

Heart touching song, bruno mars you are amazing, awesome just every thing good in the world I can imagine

This is my favorite Bruno Mars song aside from Somewhere in Brooklyn

Bruno mars your so amazing, just the way you are.
God bless & More power!

Amazing song. Love it.

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2 Grenade

The song touches my heart every time I listen to it

This song should be first

Best song I ever heard❤it's so touching😊

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3 The Lazy Song

This, Grenade, and Just the Way You Are are my childhood! I remember watching the music videos, especially this one, with the monkeys! - PandasNGaga

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4 Count on Me

I remember singing this song for my kindergarten graduation! - PandasNGaga

This is a beautiful and heart touching song that gives anyone the true meaning of love and friendship. It gives us a touch of reality and fantasy that is meant to be heard everywhere in the universe.

Bruno Mars I love you for this song!

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5 The Other Side UListen to Sample
6 Talking to the Moon

As much as I love other songs from this album, this song stands out the most. It is a breathtaking song showcasing some of Bruno's greatest vocal performances.

It's such a pretty song! I didn't hear it until recently, but I love it! - PandasNGaga

Btter than any

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7 Runaway Baby

Amazing song - 23MACCAja

This is a funny song.
"There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it."
I love it! lmao - TheFourthWorld

I just love how upbeat this song is and I things its kinda funny when I first listened to this song with one of my friends we laughed and now we listen to all the time when we are together

It was VERY cool Instrument, And ROCK! Runaway Baby

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8 Marry You UListen to Sample
9 Liquor Store Blues

�"���" not a good song

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10 Our First Time

No offense to the comment above, but you just wrote hate comments yourself!

Boo hiss worst song mars has ever made besides money make her smile

Shut up that is an amazing song by Bruno Mars and nobody should hate him he is amazing don't bother posting if you're just going to say mean things because he is a great songwriter and singer and you have no right to say anything about him money make her smile is a great song and your stupid don't waste your time writing hate comments!

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11 Somewhere in Brooklyn UListen to Sample
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1. The Lazy Song
2. Just the Way You Are
3. The Other Side
1. Talking to the Moon
2. Count on Me
3. Just the Way You Are
1. Just the Way You Are
2. The Lazy Song
3. Grenade

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