This song is awesome and although he just only sings the chorus, the chorus was definitely the greatest part of the song. He definitely fits this song so well great choice!

Bruno mars and Eminem together... What more can someone want from a song...

The best song ever... Not just by bruno mars
I have never heard a rap song better than this, and its because of bruno mars! IT SHOULD BE ON TOP!

The best song ever! The tune is so catchy, and it's not sad nor happy. It's a mix of both, which makes it good for any mood.

Great song... Amazing rapping by Eminem and the chorus from Bruno Mars capped it off perfectly... Awesome work

Just the love this it also has ma idol Eminem also in it just love.. Can't pass a day without listening it

My favorite Bruno Mars song is this song called Lighters! It has been since I was in seventh grade!

I really LOVE this SONG.. The lyrics of it is so meaningful and its melody and harmony is excellent..

I am voting just because its by Eminem.

Bruno Mars + Eminem = AWESOMENESS

This counts as a bruno mars song? Imma vote for it. The chorus is nice and love Eminem

Love them both together. They are awesome musicians and performers. That's talent!

The two that sing this together make this song awesome, but Bruno is the highlight.

Eminem + bruno mars = awesomeness!
this song is amazing

Nice song with bruno's great voice and Eminem and royce's rapping

Presence of Eminem made me feel good & Bruno did a tremendous job

I love this song...this song is my favorite song and 2 is grenade...

This is a song loved by every body this should be third place.

In this Eminem is there and royce the 59 bruno all done so well

I love this song! Pretty much the only Eminem song I like.

I really loved it everything is great in this song

It was the best song me and my friends had ever herd.

Realistic song, emotional, it makes me cry

Hey! This is no. 1 laugh out loud! Song awesome!

This is the best song ever! I just can't get enough of this song. It is so good and so catchy. I love the other songs also but this is the best I think by far
So until the make something better, lance