Please vote for this song because it says it has 0% votes but I have voted for this before and I really want this song to be in the top ten. It is a very slow and emotional song that really makes you think about the lyrics that were being sung beautifully by Wayne and Mars.

A very good combination of Bruno Mars and his awesome and catchy chorus and Lil Wayne and his slow and emotional rap. Well done both artists for creating a marvelous single.

This song is just AMAZING. And the featuring with Little Wayne is just a type of geniality that I never cold have had. Love this song, I really love it. And you all should just pick YouTube and listen it, understood? Do it NOW!

Best of all his songs and it was because of Bruno Mars and his amazing chorus that made this song as good as it is. Lil Wayne didn't do as great as I thought he should of done

Really great and extraordinary song, a song I could hear again and again... Great music composition, and bruno mars was simply awesome... Hands off to bruno and Lil Wayne!

Lil Wayne is great in this song but Bruno is the reason it is just so superb! He has such a great voice that anyone would want and Lil Wayne has some great rap in him

Best song ever sang by bruno mars the chorus is amazing you should listen to it on YouTube or something and it should be at the top five at least

Tremendous song! It makes me cry... Bruno mars is perfect & Lil Wayne's voice spreads the magic... Come on guys must be in top 5s...

You will really understand who you re after listening this marvellous melodious and true song

This song is the best of everything I've heard... Dis surely has to be de first in the list... The lyrics will move anyones' soul and the music is just too hard to resist! This song made me like Lil Wayne... And made me an addict fa bruno's voice

I don't think those who have voted for the above ranked songs have listened to mirror... Best song on earth!

Just heard this song last night and now I can't stop listening to it. Who new Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne could sound so good together?

~Alpha101. I'm too lazy to log onto my account.

Do you like Bruno mars songs so much!

I like chorus but I don't like video

This can get to the top ten for sure

Please everyone vote for this sonv because it is his best and most impressive. Great catchy chorus and slow, meaningful lyrics. The video clip is just amazing. Just perfect.

Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You�ve been my only friend
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking� to each other again

You just listen to that chorus and you know that this is a legendary song.

Its only works on bruno's angel voice and this part is like so emotional

I have no words for this, escpecially the Bruno Mars part, its epic. Lil Wayne did pretty good too, and together they made an AWESOME song.

LOve this song! Awesome lyrics.. Love BRUNO MARS, You have to love this song.. Awesome rapp done by Lil Wayne.. Better than Lighter.

This song is legendary!
Love it amazing, superb unbelievable great brilliant spectacular... Best ever of bruno mars!

This is my favorite son in the world... It speaks to ya man! I am not a hipi...

Wutt, shouldn't this be first? Its way more meaningful than the rest :D

Can't stop listening to it, Video is perfect and chours si perfection, lyrics are PERFECT Lil Wayne is not so important in this song to me, Bruno makes the song percet!

Lil wayne and bruna mars are awesome man. Also Bruno mars have music skill. This song is so emotional. So bruno mars and lil wayne the best guy inthe world.

What the hell. This is the most meaningful song ever. It should in top 5. Its so good. Totally underatted. Must hear this song guys. Its truely meanigful