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21 The Other Side The Other Side

Amazing can't stop listening BRILLIANT the combination of the 3 is great. This is what music is about. Well done Bruno, Cee-lo and B. O. B going to be huge I think you should make more in the years of your career

This song is just legendary... it has what I believe to be the 3 best (or 3 of the very best) artists of modern music.
how can anyone not like it? its a no. 1 4 me DEFO!

I keep listening to this song all day long.. more than 100 times.. great song..

The only reason this isn't top ten is because it never really caught on on the radio

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22 Money Makes Her Smile

I don't wanna talk too much. ! Just buy this song and dance with it all day long!

This song is amazing, dunno why is not on the top, I like songs like this, PLEASE LISTEN IT '-'

23 Rocketeer

I think grenade is the best but I think this song should definitely come 2nd its a great song! By the way I'm a massive fan of bruno mars!

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24 Lost

Wow I love the beat and lyrics to this song! I love Bruno! Its beat is so zesty your going to want to sing along to this song every time you hear it!

Am I the only one who likes this song. Please if you have not heard this song listen to it if you like grenade then you will love this one too. Awesome song, thanks bruno mars keep making music.

This Song spells A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! Just wanna listen to this song again and again. Bruno Mars has a lot of talent, wish this song would go higher.

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25 All She Knows

AWESOME! SPLENDID! ADDICT-ABLE! This song is his best and I mean it :-P. Well guys give it a try you all will definitely love it. And it doesn't deserve to be at 20. Oh! Come on. - dontmesswidme

I'm just shocked to see this amazing addicting loving song at such a distance... Hey guys, just listen to this song.. You ewill sure learn that this song deserves to be in top 5..

This song is a blast! It's so awesome. This song deserves to be on top. You guys must listen to this because if not, you're gonna miss one of the best song in the world.

That makes me crazy

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26 All I Need
27 Today My Life Begins

Really great song... The best song to be heard during leisure times, this song just makes my mind free...

Such an inspiring song. I listen to this when I feel stressed out! The tune and lyrics are amazing, one of my favorite mars songs!

I love this song. It will totally lifts your spirits up. Take my advice and listen to it when you are travelling. It sounds the best then. Really great lyrics and we all know how great singer mars is. If you need some motivation, this song is what you need. Awesome! Just listen to it once, and you will fall in love with it..

I just love this song, can't understand why it isn't in top ten!

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28 Moonshine Moonshine

This song + driving at night = pure bliss

Best song of Bruno Mars, it takes me back instantly to the 80's

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29 Somewhere in Brooklyn Somewhere in Brooklyn

This song is the best! It's so fun to sing along to and it has a catchy upbeat tune. I love his voice in this song!

LOVE THIS SONG! AWESOME CATCHY UPBEAT TUNE! This song, Count on me, just the way you are, talking to the moon, grenade, marry you, it will rain, the lazy song, BEST BRUNO MARS SONGS!

Somewhere in brooklyn is a legendary song! It is fun and I just adore it!

Is really underrated: should be top 20 at least.

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30 Move On

I know this song does not deserve to be in the top 10. But I still like this song the lyrics of this song is so good that it can make me cry sometimes. I've been trying to listen to all bruno mars songs out there on the net so I found this to be a really good romantic song

I love this song it made me cry for some reason and I keep on hearing it a lot

One of his personal best in my opinion, altough I think it has not taken its deserved credit

31 All About You

This song is perfert for couples or anybody who's in love. I just love this song it just makes me wanna dance and smile all day imagining myself married to the man I love and this song played on on our wedding. you ve got to listen to it guys its an amazing song

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32 Liquor Store Blues Liquor Store Blues

so perfect! I mean... its bruno mars and then with the son of bob marley? its brilliant... thanks for this great song...

It's the best song ever! All my friends really like this song I mean all the other songs are great and all but this one is fabo! You go bruno you rock you should make more amazing songs like liquor store blues. I love you bruno mars!

Nice song... Thumbs up

So unique compared to mars's other works, the song puts you in a good mood while still being a kinda depressing song

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33 Who Is V 1 Comment
34 Our First Time Our First Time V 1 Comment
35 Ladies Is Pimps Too
36 Powerful Star V 1 Comment
37 If I Knew If I Knew

If they only knew this song I'm sure they love it too.this is the song that touch your heart

Such a sentimental and over all great song! Relatable and has the best rhythm and beat!

If the people would listen to this song...

It's like a throwback! Love it!

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38 Never Say You Can't

Very emotional song, its about his dad

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39 Don't Give Up

Are you nuts
You didn't listen it
Just listen it
Then decide where it stands

40 One Love
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