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41 Splatters 1
42 Lurker at the Threshold

Please listen to all the parts this song is just pure... Buckethead, that's the best way I can describe this beautiful masterpiece will take you to musical nirvana. Besies who doesn't like Ctulu

43 Trails of Moondust

On 156...that's disgusting.

44 Hearts Delight
45 Shadows Between the Sky
46 The Flooding of Pain
47 The Redeem Team

You will listen to this song once, and it will get stuck in your head forever. Just listen to that riff...

48 The Rising Sun

This song gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. Deserves to be higher on this list. Definitely among my personal top 5 Buckethead tunes. Simply amazing melodies & out of this world playing from the man.

You gotta be kidding me... Check this out. It deserves to be in top 10.

Just absolutely love this one, can just play it over and over again

This is one of his best. Definitely deserves to be in the top 10

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49 All In the Waiting
50 Ghosts of Broken Eggs
51 Hollowed Out
52 It Smells Like Frogs
53 Gold Dragon Part 4
54 Swomee Swan

So much emotion has been poured into this song. Definitely one of Brian's greatest.

55 Frozen Brains Tell No Tales

Awesome guitar work, the riffs and the random quirky pieces of catch phrases, then the solo comes blooming in with "HE'S GOT A BUCKET ON HIS HEEAD! "
Beautiful song.

56 The Way to Heaven

This should be in the top 10 at least! I have no idea what songs like "We are one" and "padmasa" are doing up there. I wonder what experiences made buckethead write this song. The song title is very thoughtful. When I listen to this I wonder if I'll go to heaven or not.

Really good song, it expresses a lot of feelings. - thealternative

I keep going back to this one in my collection of BH songs. Great intro, should be higher.

57 For Mom

It's a touching piece, One of the best in the category of slow and sentimental ones.
Please try it out

58 Carpal Tunnel Slug

Nice song, mixes between slow and clean, then, fast and distorted. Has a high quality guitar solo.

So damn catchy and variable

Very interesting piece.

59 Mrs. Beasley

This is one of his saddest songs. Every time I listen to it I can feel my heart beating (and not in a good way). It's a very sad and very emotional song. I would recommend it if you haven't heard it. Even you will feel his emotion. - Gigan

60 Jump Man
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