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61 A Miracle of Surrender A Miracle of Surrender
62 Plastination Station Plastination Station
63 Broken Mirror Broken Mirror

This is one of the most emotional songs I have ever heard. It's one of the rare songs that have actually made me start to tear up. It's also off of one of the most emotional albums called A real diamond in the rough. It's also the 2nd best on the album the 1st best is Separate sky.

64 Ghost Host Ghost Host
65 Backwards Footprint Backwards Footprint
66 Night of the Slunk Night of the Slunk

From album Monsters and Robots... Its electrifying
Another song is Asylum of glass!

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67 Machete Machete

I have been a huge fan of Buckethead for years. I listened to all of his songs and own half of his albums and I believe that Machete it the most emotional song he has composed. Every time I hear his bends I am overcome with a feeling I cannot describe with mere words. Buckethead is a true musician and the master of the guitar.

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68 Earth Heals Herself
69 Warcraft
70 Ballad of Buckethead Ballad of Buckethead
71 Spell of the Gypsies Spell of the Gypsies

Too good riff, expressing moods by guitar.
The guitar god. What a riff played with ease and simplicity beyond imagination.

72 The Fairy and the Devil The Fairy and the Devil

One of my favorite songs!

Sublime. Wish it was longer.

73 Electric Sea Electric Sea

The emotion in the guitar playing is consuming. You really do feel like you're out in an electric sea. Incredible.

74 Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie) Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)

This song is absolutely astounding. It reminds me of times I've longed to experience once again that just make me feel happy. It's a completely beautiful song, and this was my inspiration to play guitar. To this day, I can play full songs fromIi believe 3 of his albums.

75 Lebron Lebron

Originally written because of buckethead's feelings of awe from seeing James LeBron the famous NBA basketball player. This is such an uplifting song and should definitely be top 20.

Great song that is my 2nd favorite on that album, My favorite on that album, and my all time favorite by buckethead is LeBron's Hammer.

76 Crack the Sky Crack the Sky
77 Nun Chuka Kata Nun Chuka Kata
78 Lebrontron Lebrontron
79 Er Er

Such an emotional song. The new Soothsayer. Dedicated to his mom, Nancy York Carroll. I love Buckethead and I thought no song could ever come close to Soothsayer, but after hearing this song (well the whole album really, but this song in particular) I'm not so sure anymore. A thirteen minute masterpiece that showcases all of his shredding abilities and conveys so much emotion.

This solo made me cry, for real, in most of his solos, he has a bit of chill like "I'm not gonna shred yet." it usually has that build up.
This has a small build up, and opens into some awesome guitar work, the ending when the drums pick up make me wanna cry and smash something because it's so awesome.

A 14 minute solo of pure emotion. Dedicated to his mom, this is Buckethead's best.

One of the best songs I have ever heard in 30 years of listening to music.

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80 The Android of Notre Dame The Android of Notre Dame

Holy jeez, this song really hits the spot. It's more progressive rock than his usual songs, but it seems to stay collected. It keeps an eerie feeling that is also REALLY catchy, and man... Those solos...

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