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61 Gory Head Stump

Its cool. I like it.

62 The Ballad of Jerry Mono
63 Andrew Henry's Meadow
64 Telling Number
65 Asylum of Glass

If this rank 40 song got stuck in my head I fear what damage soothsayer do to me...

66 Stretching Lighthouse
67 Plastination Station
68 Machete

I have been a huge fan of Buckethead for years. I listened to all of his songs and own half of his albums and I believe that Machete it the most emotional song he has composed. Every time I hear his bends I am overcome with a feeling I cannot describe with mere words. Buckethead is a true musician and the master of the guitar.

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69 Blue Slide
70 Botnus

Honestly the only metalcore song I can stand.

Really nice heaviness, one of my personal favorites.
The live versions beat the studio in my opinion.

71 A Miracle of Surrender
72 Night of the Slunk

From album Monsters and Robots... Its electrifying
Another song is Asylum of glass!

Love this one, and sooo many more!

73 Earth Heals Herself
74 Broken Mirror

This is one of the most emotional songs I have ever heard. It's one of the rare songs that have actually made me start to tear up. It's also off of one of the most emotional albums called A real diamond in the rough. It's also the 2nd best on the album the 1st best is Separate sky.

75 Ghost Host
76 Backwards Footprint
77 Warcraft
78 Crack the Sky

Why is this so underappreciated? Simply one of his best songs! I don't think his songs need to be long to be good.

79 Ballad of Buckethead
80 Spell of the Gypsies

Too good riff, expressing moods by guitar.
The guitar god. What a riff played with ease and simplicity beyond imagination.

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