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141 Formless Present
142 Captain EO's Voyage
143 Look Up There

Long guitar solo, nice pike all in all.

144 The Coats of Claude

Gotta be kidding me! I had to enter this masterpiece as a new item to the list! Go download & listen then say that guy was right

One of B's best solos, really, the solo starts when you don't expect it, nice and peaceful, and shredful with innovative signature Buckethead goodness.

145 Bayou By You
146 Thank You Ohlinger's

One of his greatest songs, but is little known due to its status as being in the middle of a large group of successive pikes. The song has beautiful chords and progression and just makes a person's ears happy. I believe this song is especially a great song for people who are not used to hearing Buckethead to hear, as it is not too experimental, but still has a distinct feel.

147 Waiting Hare
148 Escape from Inbred Mountain
149 Golden Eyes

MY favorite Buckethead song.

150 Beginning Purification
151 Maggot Dream

One of his best songs, under his secondary alias, Death Cube K. Truly an emotion-capturing piece.

152 The Embalmer

Nice blues solo, haunting stuff.

153 H.D.Autopsy
154 Space Cadillac
155 The Butcher's Last Dance
156 Telescape 2
157 Launch Pad
158 The Cape of Good Hope
159 City of Woe
160 Atlantis Found
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