Top Ten Best Bug Pokemon

Please vote for the best bug pokemon from the kanto to sinnoh region.

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1 Scizor

Scizor is just plain awesome. His unique typing of bug and steel give him 10 resistances! Scizor has a gigantic attack stat, along with good defense. Sure, it doesn't have ridiculous speed like its pre-evolution scyther, but to me, scizor is much better scyther. I'm not sure why, really. Oh yeah, scizor looks AWESOME! Just look at those wings! Its pincers! Its just so.. UNgrrRR! I love Scizor! Best bug type ever!... (just keep it away from fire).

The best looking bug type Pokemon ever, it has strong attack stat as well as his defense. It can sweep a lot of Pokemon and he has one of the best abilities witch is technician (increase weaker moves by 1.5 times) plus he look so epic with his pincers and his exoskeleton is like awesomeness and epicness combined. I have my own scizor and sweeps a lot I mean a lot of Pokemon I called it "The Red Orbit"... Again the best bug type ever

Scizor is definitely one of the best bug types ever: cool look, immune to poison, lots of resistance, great attack, good's just really awesome. It has huge pincers that crush things to puny bits and it's wings, even though they aren't used for flying, they regulate his body temperature (okay well nobody really cares about that but whatever.) His X-Scissor and Metal Claw is super good, killing everything easily.

Scizor is the best Pokémon apart from blaziken!

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2 Heracross

Although yanmega has higher base stats overall, heracross is the strongest bug. Yanmega has 5 weaknesses and 4 resistances, whilst heracross has 3 weaknesses and 5 resistances. He has amazing attacking stats and very powerful move choices, as well as decent defense and speed stats. He also has the ability guts, which raises his attack by 50% when it has a status problem, only strengthening it. It also has swarm, which powers up bug type moves when it's health is below 1/3. Imagine mega horn with his ability and its amazing attack stat. Now that's gonna deal some real damage!

Heracross are large beetle-like Pok�mon covered in a blue exoskeleton. The most notable feature is the large, pronged horn protruding out of its forehead. Heracross has two antennae with spherical tips to the sides of the horn, and elliptical eyes with yellow scleras. Heracross has small spiky extensions on the forearm segments of its exoskeleton, and two claws on its hands. Heracross has a single spiky extension on each thigh, and one pointed toe on its feet. -

Such a cool and awesome pokemon. This should be number one. Seriously, how can people not realize how cool this awesome pokemon really is? It is so much better than Beautifly in every way. HERACROSS RULES!

Almost the same attack stat as scizor, but much faster, giving it the upper hand

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3 Volcarona

What? Only number 4? Preposterous! Volcarona is the epitome of powerful bug types. It will put any other bug type in its place. The only type that Volcarona could possibly fear is Rock, but because of rock-types typically having low speed and low special defense, there really isn't much to worry about.

The Fire-Bug type combination is just so bad-ass in my opinion, pretty much combining one of the worst types with one of the best. It can learn very powerful Fire-type moves at the same time as learning strategic bug-type ones. Plus, look as those wings. Who could look at those at not see them as awesome?

I had to choose between Scolipede, Volcarona, and Scizor. I had to admit Scolipede doesn't rival the badass of either of them, so he was out of my choice. So that left Scizor and Volcarona. Sorry Scizor, Volcarona WINS. POWERFUL AND AWESOME! And looks strangely cuddly.

Ummm, fire, beats bug.

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4 Galvantula

I'd say Galvantula is a pretty good bug type, with it's ability, and is really fast. However, there are some types it will be creamed against, unfortunately, otherwise he would be great.

Bug and electric? Best type combination ever I've ever come across with always taking fire starter. Plus his ability is very helpful.

It is very fast, and with a focus sash, it can do a lot. In my opinion, he's the best sticky webber

I always loved Joltik. I thought he was one of the cutest bug-type Pokemon along with Venonat. Even though his evoloution, Galvantula, is slightly less cute, he's definitely more powerful, which makes him one of the coolest electric AND bug-type. - SquirtleFan3

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5 Ninjask

Ninjask is literally the fastest pokemon (besides legendary pokemon). With baton pass and an ability that only further boosts Ninjask's speed, it is one of the best, if not the best, supporter pokemon. Ninjask also has a pretty solid attack stat, so it can use choice band as well.

Speed Boost is amazing, just spam Protect and Substitute, and if your Substitute doesn't fade within a turn, use Swords Dance, Baton Pass it on to a Pokemon like Scizor, or Heracross, and then sweep your opponent's team. - noo7na7

Ninjask is one of the fasted pokemon I have! But scisor needs to be 3rd.

Your third fastest or best? Because there's no way Scizor is fast. - BeefJesusSupreme

Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast.

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6 Genesect Genesect

Genesect is by FAR the most OP Bug Pokemon, and one of the most OP Pokemon in general. A Base 120 power move with no recharge time and the ability to change types? The fact that Genesect got banned to uber says enough, and it has good speed with both offenses being 120. The only Bug Pokemon that really can take down Genesect is Volcarona since Volcarona is faster (99 compared to 100 base speed, almost no difference), but scarfed Genesect can fix that and take advantage of Volcarona's bad physical defences, since Volcarona is unlikely to be scarfed and Quiver Dance takes time to set up. Not a lot can counter Genesect IN UBER TIER, except for possibly Ghost/Steel Arceus and Dialga but even those are at risk. Seriously, Genesect has the potential to wreck any other bug Pokemon in this list.

I'm surprised so many people are forgetting Genesect. Granted it's not like he is only fantastic bug Pokemon with the likes of Scizor, Volcarona and Heracross around but Genesect is still the best bug Pokemon. Beside the obvious advantage of 600 best fit for a legendary it has just the right movepool and ability in Download to hit everything extremely hard and run various play-styles including as a scout and a anti-lead. Heck, it is one of those Pokemon that come closest to have no counters, no small feat considering it has no sleeping-inducing moves.

Genesect can pretty much learn any type of move (Except ones that are super effective against rock). He is very fun to train and can be used with lots of different move sets, making him unpredictable.

Genesect is the most swag bug type ever in the black and white film he destroyed everything

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7 Yanmega

Yanmega is a large, dark-green dragonfly. Each of Yanmega's segments have a red spot on it while the last segment has a black thorn on it. Yanmega has two black triangular plates on the back of its thorax and another plate on its head. Yanmega has red and white wings. Yanmega's eyes are red with a "Y" shape in each one. It can also be said that Yanmega has the appearance of a plane. -

I think yanmega is a very underrated Pokemon and it deserves to be in at least the top 5. It has two great abilities (tinted lens and speed boost) and it has ok speed and great sp. attack. With tinted lens you know you are going to hit hard every time and speed boost lets you out speed a lot of Pokemon. Pair that with its awesome looks and you have a good Pokemon. Very weak to rock types though.

I think the only thing holding back Yanmega from devouring everything in competitive is it's weakness to stealth rock. Both of Yanmega's abilities are extremely powerful. I prefer tinted lens, as nothing is louder than a bug buzz that isn't held back by even type effectiveness.

It just looks so awesome in my opinion. Only problem is that it isn't a bug/dragon type.

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8 Scolipide

Scolipede is my personal favorite bug type Pokemon. Not only because of it's incredible speed and learnable attacks, but also it's ability to wreck any psychic and grass type in one shot! My Scolipede has entered the Hall of Fame, and won link battles multiple times.

Scolipide is the best bug type pokemon ever. Super fast and super strong, it's gotten itself into the hall of fame on multipule occasions.

Because of its great speed stat and high attack this awesome bug type has gotten me out of many a close call

Scolipede is my number 1 favourite Pokemon! It has amazing speed and attack stats, great moves and an awesome design!
Who wouldn't love this beautiful pokémon?!

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9 Scyther

Scyther is the best ever! Not only does he look totally awesome, but he's so fast and damn false swipe is dead useful. Probably my favorite non-legendary Pokemon of them all. (Mewtwo rules)

Scyther is a really good bug type Pokemon. Of you are going for a full bug team, it should be: scyther (or scizor ) ninjask, pinsir, butterfree, genesect, and scolipede. This will give you a variety of different Pokemon types so you can match them to other Pokemon, and don't think about moving Scyther, because he is the essential part of this team

Scyther has the blades for arms, Scyther has the dinosaur shaped head, and is a Scyther and a Scizor were coming towards me to kill me I would want the Scizor to kill me first because I would be so scared of what the Scyther will do to me. For bug type Pokemon Scyther is a beast.

I hate Bug types. Except Scyther, which is one of my favorites. Scyther has quite a few perks over its evolved form. In all Gen 4 games, a Scyther is often a permanent member on my team.

While Scyther does have a whopping 5 weaknesses, including a quad weakness to (Stealth) Rock, it is one of those Pokémon that just doesn't give a Bug/Flying f***.

The Technician ability has Scyther's name written all over it. While Scizor has access to the same moves and abilities that Scyther has and then some, Scyther boasts one of the best things in the game:

STAB Aerial Ace (or Wing Attack if you don't have access to the TM).

The Flying type isn't bad offensively, and has neutral coverage with Bug against any monotype excluding Steel.

Aerial Ace is a 60 BP move that never misses. Wing Attack is identical except it has 100% accuracy, but nearly unlimited PP (please nerf.

Since it qualifies under Technician, we can multiply that base power by 1.5x, ...more - easyaspi314

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10 Pinsir Pinsir

A wonderful bug-type Pokemon, it's gotten me far in every game I could catch it in. You may be wondering, how and it's simple. He's amazing. He was able to one-hit legendary Pokemon 20 levels under them. He's the reason I save before legendary battles and why false swipe is a move. He can easily beat Scyther while he Sword Dances, Beedrill and Butterfree shouldn't even be fighting him. In other words if you came a generation after him you are too late. Also, he can learn fighting moves since gen 1! He'll beat the elite four, Mew-Two, anything that you throw at him will faint with the right training.

For one pinsir is better than heracross because it is mono type witch has less weaknesses and because heracross do to its dual type it is 4x weak to flying if it is around your level it will faint I'm talking about heracross in this part to any flying type move that does damage and pinsir only has a 2x weakness to flying heracross is pretty cool but pinsir is better plus it can learn submission, brick break, revenge, x-sissor, guillotine, superpower, thrash, vital throw seismic toss, focus blast, mega punch, mega kick, body slam, double edge, giga impact, hyper beam, stone edge, and focus punch this thing is definitely strong and that's an under statement.

A bug type that can learn numerous fighting type moves as well as guillotine, you better prepare your anus when battling one of these bad-ass beetles.

It's mega looks like a beast while it is a beast! Mega Pinsir is one of the only bug types that can be flying type.

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11 Leavanny

It may have lot's of weaknesses, but It doesn't keep me from loving this Pokemon. I like it's concept and mother like personality very much :).

Leavanny is good! I had a lot of trouble versing burghs Leavanny

My leavanny killed ghetsis's hydreigon

Leavanny is great. In pokepark 2 he is always with a dumb liligant. I HATE THE IDEA OF LILIGANT!

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12 Beedrill Beedrill

Beedrill pretty much took me all the way to the end in Pokemon Blue with pin missile. Much butterfree since Beedrill has higher speed and attack and ACTUALLY LEARNS BUG TYPE MOVES IN GEN 1. Beedrill can also learn pursuit which gets rid of the psychic effectiveness and brick break/rock smash which gets rid of rock type. Beedrill is the probably best deal as far as Pokemon you get early in the game. Beedrill is an essential asset to any bug team, and definitely my favorite.

this is cool because it has a cool name and come on its got drills fore hands and it is a bee (henc the name beedrill LOL = )

A tough pokemon easily accompanied by more bee drill. This pokemon has won many battles in the anime and has also been Owned by ash until he gave it away. Bee drill is my pick.

How is it #12?

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13 Durant

Durant is very fast, very strong and if you give him 1 hone claws, he may sweep enemy team.

Steel AND Bug, couldn't ask for a better type arrangement! And his attack is OP!

What is Durant doing back here? Hone claws boost amazing wall breakers like x-scissors and iron head. The sweeps this thing can pull off are incredible! Mine beat a tyranatar, a few gyms (alone), and all kinds of things that many other Pokemon can't beat.

Even though he is 4x weak to fire, a move like flamethrower can't OHKO him! DEM SKILLZ! be careful if u have his hidden ability because truant is the worst ability EVER.

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14 Vespiquen

All this killer needs is some defense order, heal order, and then whatever you prefer. Maybe toxic and attack order I don't know. There's a lot of possibilities with Vespiquen to keep it interesting and underrated.

one of most reliable tanker in pokemon world... plus the elegant and sophisticated look rocks! I love the balloon gown ;-p

Vespiquen's stats are one of the best for a Pokemon... It's special moves are unique and also very useful in a battle. LONG LIVE VESPIQUEN!

Anybody else have Trypophobia?
I am extremely Trypophobic and even something like Vespiquen makes me a little uncomfortable. Sorry guys, but it is just so creepy.

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15 Armaldo

I agree that Armaldo should be at least in the top 10s. Its one of the greatest fossil Pokemon that there is. Both rock type and bug type can sure take a lot of types of Pokemon. It takes lots of patience to train anorith to armaldo level but it's worth it. When I was facing Steven, his Armaldo wasn't easy to defeat so I vote for Armaldo!

Should be in top ten. Rock-bug type can take down any grass, flying, fire, or ice type. Plus massive attack and defense.

he is a bug but he is a rock type to

Fury cutter swords dance (maybe from a baton pass? ) choice band wrecks everything, It's pretty stupid that his pokedex entries mention how he hunts in water and the fact that he has Swift Swim as it's hidden ability yet it is weak to water. Once again, stupid.

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16 Butterfree Butterfree

Butterfree resembles a vaguely anthropomorphic butterfly. Unlike true insects, it only has four legs, which are a pale blue color. It has a nose-like structure which is a similar color. Butterfree's body�s coloration is a darker purple-blue. It has large veined wings which are white with black markings. These markings can help distinguish male and female individuals. It has large compound eyes which tend to be a reddish color. Like members of the order Lepidoptera, Butterfree�s wings are covered in fine scales. Its legs are covered in fine hairs which aid in the collection of honey. -

My favorite Pokemon of ALL TIME! My friends give me a lot of stink for having Butterfree on my team, but I just have to have it.

That was ashes very first pokemon he caught and its cute! its beast for a butterfly!

I was so sad I almost cried when it left ash

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17 Beautifly

I've been reading a lot about bug types but honestly I'm resetting and playing Pokemon sapphire with this guy on my team. Maybe it's the looks but in game considering all its weaknesses it would be a challenge to have but seriously beautifly has some good qualities to it, even if it is outshined by a lot of others. Give her a chance guise :3

Dude, go for it. I've got Beautifly on my Ruby team and although it struggled early on, once it learned Giga Drain and Gust it became a powerhouse on my team. Beautifly is even better in Sapphire because it learns Grass attacks giving you a huge advantage over Team Aqua

I caught my first beautifly back when I first bought Ruby. It was my second Pokemon and I do not regret catching it. It was a major powerhouse on my team. If I ever was stuck trying to defeat a psychic type I could send her out to use moves like Thief or Sikver Wind to finish the job. BEAUTIFLY IS THE BEST!

Beats up grass type, flies, and evolves from Silcoon at level 10. LEVEL 10!

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18 Ariados

Ariados should be in the top ten because it is a pretty good Pokemon and it is one of the few bug types that can learn sticky web.

Ariados is a spider-like Pok�mon in appearance. It has a red body with black stripes and an unhappy face on its abdomen. Ariados has four yellow legs with purple stripes; its fifth and sixth legs seem to have been moved onto its back. -

Useful in battle, decent stats, and it looks BADASS, easily the coolest and best designed bug Pokemon in the whole game. It's only problem is it's speed.

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19 Shedinja

Shedinja is a beast with it's ability but the1hp is a backfire when confused but I use one on my team and so far it kicks the souls out of its opponents pun intended. And is my favorite type BUG now I'm hoping for a BUG-DRAGON I'd use that any day but to rap it up shedinja is a boss and I'd definitely would give it a try.

Shedinja is amazing! With the wonder guard ability is it on of the most durable Pokemon in the game! If given a focus sash to hold it can withstand even super effective attacks. Also, with the super attack, it crushes opponents.

Shedinja is a brownish Pok�mon resembling an insect's exoskeleton. Shedinja has a white halo floating over its head and a black hole on its back. It is actually the shed remains of a Nincada after it evolves into a Ninjask. However, there is no logical explanation as to how Shedinja gained a "life" of its own. -

The only thing I like about shedinja is that only super efective moves will hit it, but I don't like it because it has only 1 hp

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20 Masquerain

This guy is cool...that's all I need to say

I used on my oras team, well we can just say this it two shotted a mega camrupt without a problem

Not just bug but also water... Isn't that cool

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