Top Ten Best Bug Pokemon

Please vote for the best bug pokemon from the kanto to sinnoh region.

The Top Ten Best Bug Pokemon

1 Scizor Scizor, known in Japan as Hassam, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Scizor is just plain awesome. His unique typing of bug and steel give him 10 resistances! Scizor has a gigantic attack stat, along with good defense. Sure, it doesn't have ridiculous speed like its pre-evolution scyther, but to me, scizor is much better scyther. I'm not sure why, really. Oh yeah, scizor looks AWESOME! Just look at those wings! Its pincers! Its just so.. UNgrrRR! I love Scizor! Best bug type ever!... (just keep it away from fire).

He kind of looks like a krabby and a beedrill smooshed together

The best looking bug type Pokemon ever, it has strong attack stat as well as his defense. It can sweep a lot of Pokemon and he has one of the best abilities witch is technician (increase weaker moves by 1.5 times) plus he look so epic with his pincers and his exoskeleton is like awesomeness and epicness combined. I have my own scizor and sweeps a lot I mean a lot of Pokemon I called it "The Red Orbit"... Again the best bug type ever

Scizor is definitely one of the best bug types ever: cool look, immune to poison, lots of resistance, great attack, good's just really awesome. It has huge pincers that crush things to puny bits and it's wings, even though they aren't used for flying, they regulate his body temperature (okay well nobody really cares about that but whatever.) His X-Scissor and Metal Claw is super good, killing everything easily.

2 Heracross Heracross, known in Japan as Heracros, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Although yanmega has higher base stats overall, heracross is the strongest bug. Yanmega has 5 weaknesses and 4 resistances, whilst heracross has 3 weaknesses and 5 resistances. He has amazing attacking stats and very powerful move choices, as well as decent defense and speed stats. He also has the ability guts, which raises his attack by 50% when it has a status problem, only strengthening it. It also has swarm, which powers up bug type moves when it's health is below 1/3. Imagine mega horn with his ability and its amazing attack stat. Now that's gonna deal some real damage!

Heracross are large beetle-like Pok�mon covered in a blue exoskeleton. The most notable feature is the large, pronged horn protruding out of its forehead. Heracross has two antennae with spherical tips to the sides of the horn, and elliptical eyes with yellow scleras. Heracross has small spiky extensions on the forearm segments of its exoskeleton, and two claws on its hands. Heracross has a single spiky extension on each thigh, and one pointed toe on its feet. -

Mega heracross just sweeps with 185 attack (mega rayquaza is only 180), and mine sweeps with skill link bullet seed + rock blast (base 125 each and rock blast covers fire type)

Such a cool and awesome pokemon. This should be number one. Seriously, how can people not realize how cool this awesome pokemon really is? It is so much better than Beautifly in every way. HERACROSS RULES!

3 Volcarona

What? Only number 4? Preposterous! Volcarona is the epitome of powerful bug types. It will put any other bug type in its place. The only type that Volcarona could possibly fear is Rock, but because of rock-types typically having low speed and low special defense, there really isn't much to worry about.

Volcarona is an overpowerd bug type with an extremely high special attack along with its best move quiver dance it can destroy every bug type on this list

I don't know why Volcarona its at 24. Its stats are great, it is bad ass, it can learn Quiver Dance, and even if you have to wait until level 58 to get it, it is one of or maybe the best bug Pokemon ever. Volcarona has it's own cave, and is more of a legendary then Genesect.

Volcarona already has high special defense and decent speed. Now combine that with quiver dance and you've got a very powerful sweeper. It also has a powerful signature move in fiery dance which has 80 power and has a 50% chance to increase special attack. This thing is op it has an amazing design it looks so beautiful.

4 Scyther

why the hell is scyther the pre-evolved form of scissor? he's so much better!

Scyther should be higher on this list because it helped me a lot in competitive.

Scyther is the best ever! Not only does he look totally awesome, but he's so fast and damn false swipe is dead useful. Probably my favorite non-legendary Pokemon of them all. (Mewtwo rules)

One day there will be a pokemon episode where it is revealed Tracy's Scyther died... RIP

5 Ninjask

Shedninja is better still a fan though bug types are awesome

It's really good but in some circumstances, Shedinja is better - fwed

Ninjask is literally the fastest pokemon (besides legendary pokemon). With baton pass and an ability that only further boosts Ninjask's speed, it is one of the best, if not the best, supporter pokemon. Ninjask also has a pretty solid attack stat, so it can use choice band as well.

Ninjask is one of the fastest Pokemon ever. And I LOVE fast Pokeon. Plus he just looks so cool. - TheStupidHobo

6 Galvantula

I have fond memories with this pokemon because in my first play through of black and white, this thing was my mvp. Electric type pokemon are also my favourite type and this thing is my 3rd favourite electric type, besides Jolteon and Electivire. And later on when I got into competitive battling, I often found Galvantula on my teams. Galvantula is an amazing sticky web user and threatens many defog users with compound eyes + thunder. It can also be used as a special attacker with a sold 97 special attack and 108 speed. Overall, I love everything about Galvantula, including its design, typing, movepool and stats.

I'd say Galvantula is a pretty good bug type, with it's ability, and is really fast. However, there are some types it will be creamed against, unfortunately, otherwise he would be great.

Bug and electric? Best type combination ever I've ever come across with always taking fire starter. Plus his ability is very helpful.

It is very fast, and with a focus sash, it can do a lot. In my opinion, he's the best sticky webber

7 Yanmega

Prehistoric honing missile that will KO you just by buzzing. Obvious weaknesses make it a liability, but is perfect when you need a sp. attacker to wipe through some tough enemies. One ability makes it basically guarantee to attack first but it has tinted lense which makes it's weak not effective attacks double in power. NO WEAK MOVES. Couple that with its speed stat, Yanmega is terrifyingly lethal. Keep it away from rocks, that is it's biggest weakness as rock moves are common.

Yanmega is a large, dark-green dragonfly. Each of Yanmega's segments have a red spot on it while the last segment has a black thorn on it. Yanmega has two black triangular plates on the back of its thorax and another plate on its head. Yanmega has red and white wings. Yanmega's eyes are red with a "Y" shape in each one. It can also be said that Yanmega has the appearance of a plane. -

I think yanmega is a very underrated Pokemon and it deserves to be in at least the top 5. It has two great abilities (tinted lens and speed boost) and it has ok speed and great sp. attack. With tinted lens you know you are going to hit hard every time and speed boost lets you out speed a lot of Pokemon. Pair that with its awesome looks and you have a good Pokemon. Very weak to rock types though.

I think the only thing holding back Yanmega from devouring everything in competitive is it's weakness to stealth rock. Both of Yanmega's abilities are extremely powerful. I prefer tinted lens, as nothing is louder than a bug buzz that isn't held back by even type effectiveness.

8 Scolipide

Best bug boi. Decent typing, good movepool, amazing attack + speed.

Literally the BEST pokemon, carried me through pokemon black

A very underrated pokemon with great stats, a great movepool, and a cool design.

Scolipede is my personal favorite bug type Pokemon. Not only because of it's incredible speed and learnable attacks, but also it's ability to wreck any psychic and grass type in one shot! My Scolipede has entered the Hall of Fame, and won link battles multiple times.

9 Pinsir Pinsir, known in Japan as Kailios, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

A wonderful bug-type Pokemon, it's gotten me far in every game I could catch it in. You may be wondering, how and it's simple. He's amazing. He was able to one-hit legendary Pokemon 20 levels under them. He's the reason I save before legendary battles and why false swipe is a move. He can easily beat Scyther while he Sword Dances, Beedrill and Butterfree shouldn't even be fighting him. In other words if you came a generation after him you are too late. Also, he can learn fighting moves since gen 1! He'll beat the elite four, Mew-Two, anything that you throw at him will faint with the right training.

For one pinsir is better than heracross because it is mono type witch has less weaknesses and because heracross do to its dual type it is 4x weak to flying if it is around your level it will faint I'm talking about heracross in this part to any flying type move that does damage and pinsir only has a 2x weakness to flying heracross is pretty cool but pinsir is better plus it can learn submission, brick break, revenge, x-sissor, guillotine, superpower, thrash, vital throw seismic toss, focus blast, mega punch, mega kick, body slam, double edge, giga impact, hyper beam, stone edge, and focus punch this thing is definitely strong and that's an under statement.

A bug type that can learn numerous fighting type moves as well as guillotine, you better prepare your anus when battling one of these bad-ass beetles.

My fourth favourite bug type ever

10 Genesect Genesect, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Genesect is by FAR the most OP Bug Pokemon, and one of the most OP Pokemon in general. A Base 120 power move with no recharge time and the ability to change types? The fact that Genesect got banned to uber says enough, and it has good speed with both offenses being 120. The only Bug Pokemon that really can take down Genesect is Volcarona since Volcarona is faster (99 compared to 100 base speed, almost no difference), but scarfed Genesect can fix that and take advantage of Volcarona's bad physical defences, since Volcarona is unlikely to be scarfed and Quiver Dance takes time to set up. Not a lot can counter Genesect IN UBER TIER, except for possibly Ghost/Steel Arceus and Dialga but even those are at risk. Seriously, Genesect has the potential to wreck any other bug Pokemon in this list.

I'm surprised so many people are forgetting Genesect. Granted it's not like he is only fantastic bug Pokemon with the likes of Scizor, Volcarona and Heracross around but Genesect is still the best bug Pokemon. Beside the obvious advantage of 600 best fit for a legendary it has just the right movepool and ability in Download to hit everything extremely hard and run various play-styles including as a scout and a anti-lead. Heck, it is one of those Pokemon that come closest to have no counters, no small feat considering it has no sleeping-inducing moves.

Didja know how the cannon on his back was formed? he didn't grow it, team plasma put it on there

Somebody tell me why genesect is not higher on the list? He is an OP man made reborn fossil pokemon now as a mythical. He is completely militarized and has a giant proton back cannon or whatever it is. Genesect is so powerful it only took one of them to go against mega mewtwo Y and nearly win. The only reason it didn't win is because another genesect be him. He is also the same type as scizor but much better so why so low?

The Contenders

11 Leavanny

This Pokemon is good but it just has a horrible typing. 2 4X weaknesses to Fire and Flying and also weak to rock, bug, poison and ice. - Hellohi

Leavanny is my favorite bug type, because it brings back my childhood memories. I remember it in my Black play through, and it was a star player, plus the first Pokemon I had reach level 100. Plus, it was shiny!

You can find a Sewaddle at the very beginning of the game, but when you fully evolve it it has great moves and stats! Not number one, but definitely deserves to be higher.

It may have lot's of weaknesses, but It doesn't keep me from loving this Pokemon. I like it's concept and mother like personality very much :).

12 Beedrill

I like Beedrill because he start at weak pokemon and on final form he get
stronger and Beedrill have bad ass mega form

Beedrill pretty much took me all the way to the end in Pokemon Blue with pin missile. Much butterfree since Beedrill has higher speed and attack and ACTUALLY LEARNS BUG TYPE MOVES IN GEN 1. Beedrill can also learn pursuit which gets rid of the psychic effectiveness and brick break/rock smash which gets rid of rock type. Beedrill is the probably best deal as far as Pokemon you get early in the game. Beedrill is an essential asset to any bug team, and definitely my favorite.

I AM TERRIFIED OF WASPS. Being terrified of drills that can pierce your body IS COMMON SENSE. Beedrill (especially its mega) is so terrifying that it's badass. Vikavolt is good too but Beedrill wins because of the fear factor (pardon the pun)

this is cool because it has a cool name and come on its got drills fore hands and it is a bee (henc the name beedrill LOL = )

13 Vespiquen

One of the most uniquely designed pokemon ever! Should be much higher on this list.

Dude I love this is in my top 5 most favorite bug pokemon. This gigantic bee is one of the best defensive pokemon ever created and isn't that bad with attack power. Plus with moves like Heal order and Defense Order it is really hard to beat...Even if u have a pokemon like Charizard going up against it is still going to be difficult to beat...I have faced this situation in PVP battle where I had my charizard going up against one and I was struggling. I wish this was higher on the list but pretty much every bug in the top 10, should be there...Except for ninjask. Also...PEOPLE THINK THAT BUTTERFREE IS BETTER THAN THIS TANK?!...THANK AGAIN PEOPLE...THINK...AGAIN

one of most reliable tanker in pokemon world... plus the elegant and sophisticated look rocks! I love the balloon gown ;-p

When I read her stats, I freaked out. First of all, high defense. Okay, that's not impressive, but then... Fell Stinger, DESTINY BOND (you die your opponent die with you), Confuse Ray, Poison Sting, Toxic, Fury Cutter, Power Gem, and stuff like that. But most importantly... THREE OP SIGNATURE MOVES. Attack Order is basically Slash upgraded. Defend Order makes you invulnerable. Heal Order was the same as Milk Drink (Oh man, NOBODY likes Milk Drink)... when you're trying to eat some berries to get some HP, Vespiquen had Unnerve, which stops you from doing that... wow, it was so OP it can rival Genesect. I still don't understand why it was so low :(

14 Butterfree

Butterfree is tough! I had it as a part of my party. I would never, I mean NEVER let go of it!

Butterfree is totally underestimated. It used to be my league powerhouse in leaf green. With compound eyes as it ability, it can spam sleep powder with higher accuracy. Then I teach it dream eater to make it really strong. The best butterfly pokemon ever.

My favorite Pokemon of ALL TIME! My friends give me a lot of stink for having Butterfree on my team, but I just have to have it.

Butterfree resembles a vaguely anthropomorphic butterfly. Unlike true insects, it only has four legs, which are a pale blue color. It has a nose-like structure which is a similar color. Butterfree's body�s coloration is a darker purple-blue. It has large veined wings which are white with black markings. These markings can help distinguish male and female individuals. It has large compound eyes which tend to be a reddish color. Like members of the order Lepidoptera, Butterfree�s wings are covered in fine scales. Its legs are covered in fine hairs which aid in the collection of honey. -

15 Armaldo

Armaldo is the Best Bug Type, the Best Fossil Pokemon, and the Best Pokemon.

I agree that Armaldo should be at least in the top 10s. Its one of the greatest fossil Pokemon that there is. Both rock type and bug type can sure take a lot of types of Pokemon. It takes lots of patience to train anorith to armaldo level but it's worth it. When I was facing Steven, his Armaldo wasn't easy to defeat so I vote for Armaldo!

Should be in top ten. Rock-bug type can take down any grass, flying, fire, or ice type. Plus massive attack and defense.

he is a bug but he is a rock type to

16 Durant

Durant is very fast, very strong and if you give him 1 hone claws, he may sweep enemy team.

Steel AND Bug, couldn't ask for a better type arrangement! And his attack is OP!

Actually, a fire would delete it so not really. A ghost normal however... - fwed

So strong don't underestimate his size he is strong - TENTACRUEL

So strong with hustle

17 Shedinja

In its home region, only two gyms have an advantage rock and fire. BUT, you can't get shedninja till after the rock gym letting you only worry about the fire gym which comes fourth. The same with the elite four, two have advantages, but with good speed, attack, and phantom force, the second elite, ghost type user, should be a clean sweep.

Shedinja is a beast with it's ability but the1hp is a backfire when confused but I use one on my team and so far it kicks the souls out of its opponents pun intended. And is my favorite type BUG now I'm hoping for a BUG-DRAGON I'd use that any day but to rap it up shedinja is a boss and I'd definitely would give it a try.

Shedinja is amazing! With the wonder guard ability is it on of the most durable Pokemon in the game! If given a focus sash to hold it can withstand even super effective attacks. Also, with the super attack, it crushes opponents.

Best ability and can reck noobs, excellent support learning quick 2 part moves to get the jump on your foes. If only it had more hit ponts

18 Masquerain

This guy is cool...that's all I need to say

Masquerain's design is amazing! Also it's actually pretty good too now that it got it's speed and special attack buffed in gen 7. And it's movepool is great too. It even learns ice beam.

even the name sounds cute - spongelover

Love the watermelon - Gergoli

19 Ariados

Ariados should be in the top ten because it is a pretty good Pokemon and it is one of the few bug types that can learn sticky web.

Ariados is a spider-like Pok�mon in appearance. It has a red body with black stripes and an unhappy face on its abdomen. Ariados has four yellow legs with purple stripes; its fifth and sixth legs seem to have been moved onto its back. -

Useful in battle, decent stats, and it looks BADASS, easily the coolest and best designed bug Pokemon in the whole game. It's only problem is it's speed.

I just love it because it was my first Pokemon I ever caught in my gold version. I used it through the whole game and found it very useful.

20 Shuckle Shuckle, known in Japan as Tsubotsubo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

In my opinion, Shuckle is one of the best Pokemon. But he relies too heavily on other Pokemon to actually be good on his own.

For example. If you were to teach Shuckle Bulk up to max attack and defense so that when you use Power Trick you can take a hit. He has such little health that he would be dead in a couple of turns.

I suggest using Follow Me or Baton Pass so he will be prepared to take on other Pokemon.

Shuckle is unbeatable in a double battle with my gallade! Gallade uses trick room while shuckle uses power trick last in that turn, then next turn he basically can kill anyone he wants in one hit and goes first!

Power trick room. Double battle, Shuckle and Dusknoir

With the right move set shuckle is the best

21 Golisopod

It has great type coverage that could tank any mon while having great attack and defense stats. The only thing that really nerfs it is its ability Emergency Exit and its weakness to Freeze-Dry.

Why is this so low? It's basically the bug equivalent of Gyarados. Loads of heavy hitting priority moves, free switches and revenge kills, great bulk and attack. People have been begging for a bug/water type that wasn't Surskit for a long time now, and we finally get this bruiser!

So bulky and hits super hard. I used hum to beat everything in Sun.

Probably one of the best revenge killers.This guy packs a powerful punch and can definitely take a hit, both physically and even specially. Once that somewhat annoying ability activates, use that oppurtunity to send out a better pokemon. Overall, he definitely is one of the best gen 7 pokemon. With a good movepool and access to the most strongest priority move in first impression, you're doomed if the pokemon you send out is weak to it

22 Beautifly

I love her design and she can be really strong if you train her she is amazing and underrated!

I've been reading a lot about bug types but honestly I'm resetting and playing Pokemon sapphire with this guy on my team. Maybe it's the looks but in game considering all its weaknesses it would be a challenge to have but seriously beautifly has some good qualities to it, even if it is outshined by a lot of others. Give her a chance guise :3

Dude, go for it. I've got Beautifly on my Ruby team and although it struggled early on, once it learned Giga Drain and Gust it became a powerhouse on my team. Beautifly is even better in Sapphire because it learns Grass attacks giving you a huge advantage over Team Aqua

I caught my first beautifly back when I first bought Ruby. It was my second Pokemon and I do not regret catching it. It was a major powerhouse on my team. If I ever was stuck trying to defeat a psychic type I could send her out to use moves like Thief or Sikver Wind to finish the job. BEAUTIFLY IS THE BEST!

23 Accelgor

It should be at least in the Top 10. It has amazing HP, Special Attack, and Speed. Also, the design is so cool - Pokemonfan10

Accelgor is awesome it's like a bug ninja so cool

Good for cleaning out teams in the end game

I love accelgor such a sneaky bastard

24 Vikavolt

I also voted for this at electric types but there it was like, 30th

thank god it's here

Wondering why this is lower than galvantula... same typing but levitate and awesome special attack

Really good pokemon good to have on team and it would be really cool if it had a mega

The best early game bug type there is. No argument.

25 Venomoth

The awesome Psychic Moth! It learns Quiver Dance and has an amazing ability (tinted lens)! Plus... It's just such an awesome poke- don't believe me, ask Sabrina- she has one (her only non-psychic type)!

Venomoth is the all time best insect pokemon. It has giagantic base HP for an insect and one of the few insects that actually learns Psychic.

to be able to use psychic type moves on a pokemon which is not psychic it self is cool

26? The hell? This thing is badass! Quiver Dance + Sleep Powder + Bug Buzz + Sludge Bomb + Tinted Lens +

26 Paras Paras, known in Japan as Paras, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Paras is beast because he can poison, paralyze, and put to sleep enemy Pokemon. Plus he learns he learns all different types of status moves at a lower level.

He so bad ass I accidentally voted for him

I like how its above its evolution

I just catch Paras because I'm interested in him. Then I realize he can learn Cut so I bring it everywhere.

Time after time, it got so strong it even learn Solarbeam and then I bring it to battle Kanto's Elite Four and Gary with 5 other Pokemon and surprisingly won.

Best bug ever

27 Caterpie Caterpie, known in Japan as Caterpie, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Uh caterpie...

It's so cute somebody should push it up

Caterpie should be the best bug because logic.

Caterpie is the most adorable Pokemon in the world

28 Parasect

... Essentially a zombie...
Points for creativity...
(Hides under bed scared)

So underrated. This guy is a fantastic staller, and if you don't choose Bulbasaur, Parasect is almost a perfect replacement! How is Paras, the pre-evolution, higher than Parasect? - Meko750

Parasect learns spore more questions?

Isn't Parasect already in this list? - fwed

29 Karrablast
30 Crustle

Crustle is awesome he also has beast defense AND HE CAN LEARN SHELL SMASH that is a very good move still I don't think he will make one but I think that he is a very very good bug type

A Bulky Pokemon that can be an absolute monster if used right. Works best if you have multiple Pokemon on the field as most trainers avoid targeting it.

Why is crustle so low ?

This guy is a tank - fwed

31 Cutiefly
32 Vivillon Vivillon, known in Japan as ビビヨン (viviyon) is a dual Bug-Flying type Pokémon in the Pokémon series. It is often criticized for being number 666 in the national Pokédex. This is pretty odd, as it resembles a butterfly.

In my opinion, Vivillon is one of the most elegant and beautiful bug type Pokemon. Shame that it's stats are kind of lackluster without a boost from Quiver Dance.

Vivillon can easily set up after sleep powder with quiver dance and sweep. My favourite bug, and bugs my favourite type

You see this thing? This thing is a beast. Literally. Put this in a rain team with Hurricane and you are good to sweep.

She is the most elegant and beautiful Bug type including Beautifly and she even had patterns, isn't that great?

33 Mega Scizor

If scissor is first then mega scissor should be before it

Whats wrong with the top tens mega scizor is evolution of scizor so it should be 1. - Mayank00-

How is scizor better than mega scizor?

They are the same thing - TENTACRUEL

34 Mega Beedrill
35 Escavalier

I have to pick between scizor and escavalier because they both only have one weakness. escavalier has 25 more defense, 5 attack and 5 sp defense. He lacks speed so why not give this tank a counter? Also he can learn drill run (ground) to take out fire types. Scizor is better only because he has an omega form.

Escavalier should be MUCH higher on this list. More so in the top ten.

They work very well together

Even though I love scizor I have to say escavilier is a better mon. It is a decent tank with its 105 defense/Speical defense and can work very well with assault vest due to it having the move fell stinger and other good and usable STAB moves

36 Ribombee

Ribombee is also a cute butterfly Pokémon

Aww. So cute!

37 Dustox

Bulkiest Quiver Dancing bug out there. Shadow Ball with STAB Sludge Bomb has awesome coverage, only 10 Pokemon resisting it. Give it Iron Defense.

Plus it looks like a lavender rabbit-fairy :3

These crazy Dustox Pokemon get Bug Buzz, Silver wind, Sludge Bomb, and Toxic which is a nice move if you use a defending move which I think quiver dance works excellent for that use so that can be a great combo!

I actually like this pokemon because of its early learning of confusion when it evolves. Its good to have early on unlike a bunch of other bug type pokemon and deserves more praise.

In my ORAS play through I destroyed Sidney with bug buzz. If u trained it right it can be really scary Ike when I destroyed a online Deoxys with constant Bug Buzz and Moonlight

38 Scolipede

It's a better version of ninjask if you ask me more bulk speed boost and swords dance swords dance once then into protect then baton pass

Isn't this already at 9 why is there a second one? - fwed

So huge and awesome, I think it's a beast

I actually think #8 fits Scolipede.

39 Ledian

Ledian resembles a large, mostly red ladybug. It has two black antennae, a black neck and a black spot in the center of its forehead. Its two eyes are large, blue and slanted, reminiscent of the stereotypical alien. Its four arms are like those of its pre-evolved form Ledyba: black stalks with cartoonish white fists at the end. Its two legs are similar to its arms, but end with large red feet. Its back is red in coloration, with the undersides of the ladybug-like wing covers yellow. -

cute... very cute!!!!
love it a lot...

It has the move set Substitute, Focus Punch, Swords Dance, and Baton Pass. Master move set right there. I mean come on! - gorilladanny

Ice punch, thunder punch, drain punch, and psy beam. I always thought having one as a power house was fun.

40 Araquanid

Like, the hell? This beats the crap out of everyone to be honest, it should be way higher, there are other bug types that are higher on this list that are way worst than this one

Spam the crap out of liquidation. Enough said.

It's ability. Nothing more to say here.

Fire weakness is countered too - fwed

41 Kricketot
42 Forretress

Even though it is really vulnerable on fire attacks, it is the only type that could do super-effective on this bad boy. The rest are 1x or 1/2x.
With lagging tail hold item, Gyro Ball is obviously a viable choice and great STAB. Bug Bite for another STAB. Add Rapid Spin to counter Spikes, Seeds, etc. Add Explosion to the mix which would kill 99% of the time. Carried me and my team on Heart Gold.

Come on, really guys? Forretress is OP and he definitely shouldn't belong at 33, I mean just look at his STAB defense!

Forretress must be higher in the list. He can put hazards and do rapid spin and have nice defenses

I like how those eyes that stick out and stare into your soul

43 Kriketune

cool... from the sinnoh region...

He is a very nice bug pokemon

They are so awesome! They can play beautiful music and they're awesome scythes are like katanas.

Why is kriketune way down here it's a beast. first Nando uses it in all of his battles and contest plus he made it to the Pokemon league and the contest finally. Second it learns sing at level 18 and and can bug buzz and even perish song, plus it can learn almost all tms.

44 Joltik Joltik, known in Japan as Bachuru, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I Like Joltik, okay? It's fast and evolves into galvantula which is super powerful. - Swaggy11



45 Mothim

Mothim has four tan-colored wings, two large and two small, with orange circles adorning them. The wings split to three at the tip of the larger wings and splits in two at the tips of the smaller wings. Mothim has a black head, with orange eyes and two red and gray antennae above his head. Mothim's body is also black with a patch of orange on the underside and his legs are gray. He also has a small black tail that splits into two. It doesn't matter what form Burmy was in before it evolved; Mothim will always look the same. They also will have a small gray stripe running down their back. -

cute and strong pokemon.... also like this=)

Believe it or not, Mothims are really good. They learn powerful attacks like Bug Bite at low levels and are really good additions to one's team.

46 Pineco

Pineco is literally my favorite Pokemon of all time. He's adorable, will drop from trees and blow up in your face, and just hops around everywhere. The absolute best

Common! Who doen't like an exploding pinecone? Number one Right Here!

Pineco is one of my favourie Pokémon...

47 Chespin Chespin, known in Japan as Harimaron, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This isn't a bug type! 1

Lol. Chespin-bug

This is a bug type!

Please stop this 2 cent research. Chespin line is NOWHERE near a bug type. - Hellohi

kill me

48 Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

I don't think this should count because it's practictly a Normal type but the plates are what changes the types, and you won't believe this but my Blaziken defeated it in (1) High Jump Kick, !

My durant one-hit it. I am disappointed.

Didn't know he was a bug type to.

Can change types

49 Gliscor Gliscor, known in Japan as Glion, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Super strong helpful and one of the strongest

not a bug type, but I still vote for him

he's a bat bug boi with some power

MandJTV best pokemon well bug type - TENTACRUEL

50 Weedle Weedle, known in Japan as Beedle, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

So, you're trying to tell me my mate weedle is worse than caterpie? You are gonna have a bad time...
He is better than him in every single way, he learns Poison Sting, String Shot and Bug Bite? Caterpie gets tackle instead of Poison Sting leaving him at an obvious disadvantage as while he is using tackle he has to deal with being poisoned and my attacks whatever they may be.

If you have ever once thought in your life that weedle is bad, actually think about it for a minute he's not the worst bug type like everyone says, that is in-fact caterpie.

Way cooler than caterpie

Stronger and cooler than. Caterpie

Smoke weedle everyday #weedlenation

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