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41 Araquanid Araquanid

Spam the crap out of liquidation. Enough said.

It's ability. Nothing more to say here.


I have never ever heard of this pokemon. it is probably a sun and moon pokemon. I have not heard of any sun and moon pokemon and I'm not kidding. I have played all pokemon games except for sun and moon. wot is this thingy wotevero

42 Spewpa

A cocoon, but he learns PROTECT instead of harden, awesome huh?

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43 Burmy V 2 Comments
44 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

I don't think this should count because it's practictly a Normal type but the plates are what changes the types, and you won't believe this but my Blaziken defeated it in (1) High Jump Kick, !

My durant one-hit it. I am disappointed.

45 Wormadam Wormadam

Worm a damn indeed, if you thought Burmy couldn't get anymore badass think again as you just screwed up. Wormadam is a 3 FORM Poke and the mate isn't even a legendary, if you don't think that's cool you have some problems of your own. The types are Grass, Ground and Steel while still retaining a Bug Type.

Do you know who else is a Steel/Bug Type? Yep, Scizor, you know who is a Ground/Bug type? It's Nincada. Guess who's a Bug/Grass type, like six other Pokemon. So, consider this poke instead of them alright?

Wormadam sucks. a lot. one of the worst.

46 Wurmple Wurmple

Wurmple is just a unevolved Pokemon of dustox and beautifly

I love wurmple it is my favourite Pokemon

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47 Gliscor Gliscor

Super strong helpful and one of the strongest


48 Parasect Parasect

... Essentially a zombie...
Points for creativity...
(Hides under bed scared)

So underrated. This guy is a fantastic staller, and if you don't choose Bulbasaur, Parasect is almost a perfect replacement! How is Paras, the pre-evolution, higher than Parasect? - Meko750

Parasect learns spore more questions?

Your trying to catch a parasect you throw a pokeball he cut it in half you throw a great ball it happens again etc.

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49 Sewaddle Sewaddle

Cute, adorable and an awesome Pokemon you can't help but love

Sewaddle should be at number 1

Sewaddle does not deserve a spot is terrible.

50 Venonat Venonat

Venonat will wreck you into another dimension. You wont be needing drugs anymore.

He's bae u know

Venonat + Evolution = Venomoth = Life

51 Illumise V 1 Comment
52 Chespin Chespin V 2 Comments
53 Nincada Nincada

A deadly ground and bug type that can take and deal quite a bit of damage

54 Cascoon

Why not it's a cute little guy I say best cocoon ever so fierce for a cocoon!

55 Flygon Flygon

Excuse me but flygon is a dragon and ground type

Flygon isn't bug...

56 Volbeat

The cringe is real

Lol I like how the band's logo appeared. ROFL

57 Combee

This Pokemon has a very cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into Vesiquen, a very powerful bug Pokemon, and Male Combees do not evolve (as of this writing). Sadly Combees have a very limited move set but they do learn the move Bug Buzz, which is a powerful Bug move.

This Pokemon is a bee-like Pokemon that has a cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into a very powerful bug Pokemon called Vesiquen. While Male Combees do not evolve (as if this writing). Combees have a very limited moveset but they do learn Bug Buzz, which is a powerful bug type move.

58 Larvesta V 2 Comments
59 Surkit

Great typing! Water AND bug

Surskit is just... CUTE. Cutest pokemon ever.

If only it had an alternative evolution with a water stone or something. Bug/Water would be really great for thoswe bug catchers, who specialise in bugs...

Whoever put this Pokémon on the list spelled its name wrong...

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60 Metapod Metapod

(Sarcastic comment) best Pokemon ever! Everybody loves this green utterly useless Pokemon with it's lovely harden move which makes it a pain to kill for weaker Pokemon ( non sarcastic comment ) deserves to be extinct I HATE METAPOD!

Harden? Best Pokemon in the game.

I challenge a trainer then he brings out Metapod. I'm surprised when he can actually use Tackle!

Better than Magikarp

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