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61 Combee

This Pokemon has a very cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into Vesiquen, a very powerful bug Pokemon, and Male Combees do not evolve (as of this writing). Sadly Combees have a very limited move set but they do learn the move Bug Buzz, which is a powerful Bug move.

This Pokemon is a bee-like Pokemon that has a cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into a very powerful bug Pokemon called Vesiquen. While Male Combees do not evolve (as if this writing). Combees have a very limited moveset but they do learn Bug Buzz, which is a powerful bug type move.

62 Surkit

Great typing! Water AND bug

Surskit is just... CUTE. Cutest pokemon ever.

If only it had an alternative evolution with a water stone or something. Bug/Water would be really great for thoswe bug catchers, who specialise in bugs...

Whoever put this Pokémon on the list spelled its name wrong...

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63 Metapod Metapod

(Sarcastic comment) best Pokemon ever! Everybody loves this green utterly useless Pokemon with it's lovely harden move which makes it a pain to kill for weaker Pokemon ( non sarcastic comment ) deserves to be extinct I HATE METAPOD!

Harden? Best Pokemon in the game.

I challenge a trainer then he brings out Metapod. I'm surprised when he can actually use Tackle!

Better than Magikarp

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64 Skorupi Skorupi

Should be number 1 really


Last place. good.

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