Best Bug Type Pokemon From Unova


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1 Volcarona

Best pokemon in bug types... And am glad that I have this pokemon... Its very tough to catch it... Its the best fire type also in non legendary... I love this pokemon... Very good it it should be legendary... Very much awesome...

VOLCARONA is awesome. It's moveset can own anything. Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz and Morning Sun! AWESOME!

Finally a burning insect. They actually used their head for once.

It was hard to choose because every single bug type in this generation is awesome but volcarona is the best.

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2 Galvantula

Great bug type for sure, a good setter of Sticky Web, but defeat Arceus? No way.

Why no one has voted for galvantula he is electric type and can defeat arceus also

Completely beast speed and sp. attack, and can learn thunder and thunderbolt

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3 Scolipede

Scolipede is maybe the best bug Pokemon ever. He has crazy good poison attacks

Speed Boost and stat boosting moves along with Baton Pass is what makes this thing great!

Scolipede is far better than that ugly butterfly. - micheal.baldon

4 Durant

This should be number 2. this thing sweeps like mad and it actually is better than its "hunter" heatmor.

5 Sewaddle

I find it ridiculous that this thing is higher than Leavanny...

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6 Joltik
7 Leavanny

I just love Leavanny a human-like pokemon I just love the group of human-like pokemon E.g bisharp
And I also like its type bug-grass LOVE IT!

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8 Genesect Genesect

Genesect reminds me I shockwave from the original transformers. I love the fact that's part steel. I'm also a big transformers fan

This is only #13? It's steel-bug combo make it one of the best defensive walls in the game! Just don't counter him against a fire type. - Epicsauce45

HOW is this not first or second in the list? Its an amazing Bug type with great offensive, defensive and speed stats

This pokemon is awesome another bug steel after scizor it beat mega mewtwo although in the game is diffrent but still is awesome plus it's a legendary pokemon

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9 Crustle

Give him shell smash then either x sissor or rock blast and it will sweep

10 Escavalier

With excellent defenses and attack you can use it like a bulky swords dance user that's annoying as crap to deal with

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11 Karrablast
12 Dweeble
13 Accelgor

Speed and good looks whats not to like?

14 Whirlipede
15 Scyther

What the heck scyther isn't from unova! (I still like him though)

I think scythed is good but it's not from I ova ):

16 Swadloon
17 Larvesta
18 Shelmet
19 Heracross

Heracross is the best cause he can learn fighting and also it can learn hyper beam

1st of all, Heracross is a physical attacker, no one would run Hyper Beam on it, 2nd of all, Hyper Beam is a bad move, and 3rd of all, HERACROSS isn't FROM UNOVA.

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20 Venipede V 1 Comment
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1. Volcarona
2. Genesect
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1. Galvantula
2. Durant
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1. Volcarona
2. Scolipede
3. Accelgor

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