Autistic Game Critic Episode #18 - Bully

bobbythebrony Hello everyone, Bobsicles is here with a new game review. This time, the game is Bully. Bully is a game similar to Grand Theft Auto, except it's a kid at private school and the violence is toned down a notch. I personally think it's a fantastic game and while it's not perfect, let's jump in and take a look.

Bully, like I said, is similar to Grand Theft Auto. It exist in the same universe as the Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt games, as it's made by Rockstar Games. The overall gameplay is similar too. It's open world, you can beat the fudge out of people and you can steal vehicles (Scooters and bicycles). It's unique in the fact that you don't use guns. You use items that a juvenile delinquent would use. You also can skateboard, which I like as I skateboard in real life. Basically it's GTA in a teenage high school.

There are some annoying things in the game. One thing that annoys me is the prefects. You do one little thing, such as beat up children and sexually harass girls, and they surround you and tackle your ass. It's so annoying as you just want to screw around but at least you can get away. Another annoying thing is the detention. Having to mow the football field is so Damn tedious and redundant. The fact that you have to attend classes annoys me but at least you can ditch class, as long as you're not caught by the prefects or police. The game also goes overboard with the stereotypes.

So who is the main protagonist of the game? Well that would be Jimmy Hopkins. A short, violent bald teenager, he is described as having bad hygiene, bad smell, and a bad attitude but also having charismatic charm that gives him slight advantages. His mother drops him off at Bullworth Academy and, while initially an outcast, he climbs to the top of the food chain. He must defeat his main enemy, the douchebag Gary Smith.

Let's talk about the cliques. The first are the bullies, led by Russell Northrop. They are the first group that you face and, after defeat, become your closest allies throughout the game. In the first chapter, they will attack you whenever they see you but they can be easily defeated.

Another clique is the nerds. As with the modern stereotypes, the nerds are weak losers who will easily cry, run away and wet themselves. The only female nerd, Beatrice, is Jimmy's first love interest though it goes nowhere. The nerds can fight back but not very much. One slingshot to them and they will run away screaming.

The preps are another clique. They are the stereotypical snobby rich kids who love money, boxing and themselves. They think they are better than everyone else until they get the fudge beaten out of them. Their leader, as with the nerds, is so forgettable that I can't remember their names. The only female prep, Pinky, is another of Jimmy's love interest.

Then there are the greasers, led by Johnny Vincent. They are the kids wearing leather jackets who hang around the auto shop. They are stronger than the bullies, nerds and preps but are still no match for Hopkins. The only female greaser, who is kind of hot, is another love interest. Lucky man.

The last of the main cliques are the athletes. Like the stereotypes, they are large, strong, dumb and love picking on smaller students. They are the stronger clique and may take some time to knock them out. If a crowd of them surround you, you might wanna skate away. The only female athlete, the sexiest character ever, is another love interest. Hot damn!

Well there we have Bully. It's a marvelous yet frustrating game which is still fun to play. If you find it, give it a try unless you're easily offended and oversensitive. Overall, this game gets a 9/10 rating. This is bobbythebrony saying til I see you again, watch your step.

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Good review - Martinglez

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Love the game! I hope there will be a sequel. - Delgia2k

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Good review. Bully is one of my favorite games. - nintendofan126

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I saw this game but didn't buy it, next time I see a copy of it I'll buy it. - Skullkid755

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