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21 Ted Thompson

Should be number 1 I have a replica of teds jersy TIME FOR SOME SMASH-MOUTH -Ted Thompson

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22 Wade Martin

Wade Martin is awesome. He's a red-head and I honestly feel pity for him about his family. His mom and dad divorced, and his dad is the reason why he's so intense at all times and could be raged quickly. He have lots of problem, and if I were his real friend, I'd help him out. I just feel sorry for him so much... he's cool... I'd help him...

He is awesome and really cute.. well he's the hottest guy in the game!

He's so handsome one of my Many boyfriends I love him

I feel bad for him... and he is really cute lol

23 Bif Taylor

I wonder how many seven-year-olds I could beat up! Aren't you like 18, and that's why it's funny

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24 Ricky Pucino

The most totally, frickkin', cool greaser of all time... and a pro with bikes... should at least deserve to be at number ten in this top ten list. I'm sorry, but I have to admit; Ricky is more awesome-er than Jhonny (I mean isn't he a psychopath?! ), and especially Pnut, come on! I really love when he steps on other people's head and spit on them, and also when he offered to help us even when we're not that close to the greasers... his friendlier I have to say...

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25 Pedro De La Roya

He is the best little kid in the game.I want him to fight Sheldon. - GoldenRocket

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26 Gord Vendome

He's probably the cutest guy that you can kiss and makes me laugh so much.I don't know how anybody can dislike him.

27 Bucky Pasteur
28 Christy Martin

She's got to be the most attractive girl, without a doubt!

She's my favorite of non-clique students and my favorite girl in game. Red hair, green eyes, prette face, for the win


29 Parker Ogilvie

Parker Ogilvie (at least in my opinion), is the nicest prep I've ever known. I mean, he even gave a dollar to a beggar. Even when he loses a dodgeball game, he'll just say "I hate to admit it, but they're pretty good." He's not that snobbish compare to others, as he is wanting to make more friends, like this quote: "Why can't I buy friends? I mean, I have the money,". I believe that he was just pretending to be annoying a bit like the rest of the preps because he might be afraid of losing his relaitionship with the preps. He is ONE of my MANY favorite characters in Bully. Although as I said before, this is my opinion. If I was in that game, I'd gladly b ehis friend, secretly id I must too. And even go out with him.

Well, he did give money to a beggar, and that's a nice thing for a Preppie to do! Parker definitely deserves to be closer to the top

30 Nelson Muntz Nelson Muntz Nelson Mandela Muntz is a fictional character and the lead school bully from the animated TV series The Simpsons.

Two words ha ha makes me laugh so hard


Nelson's Words:

"Stop endangering yourself, stop endangering yourself! "
"Haw-haw! "
"Trust me, the insurance is worth it" (for haw-haw insurance)

31 Davis White
32 Thad Carlson
33 Constantinus Brakus

My 4th favorite character

What a likable character. he is the most relatable non clique member

34 Ms. Phillips
35 Dr. Crabblesnitch
36 Troy Miller

Are you hurting yet! Laugh out loud - Artattack

"Butts are gonna roll! " LOL


37 Bryce Montrose

As annoying as he can be, I still adore most of his lines which when he says things about 'good breeding' and the 'typical pauper... in poor taste'. Yeah, I still love him. He's one of my favourite characters, even if he's a jerk. It's my opinion anyways.

Plus, he's even much stronger when in boxing uniform and his healthpoint is as much as Bif (or Derby, I forgot. )

38 Chad Morris
39 Justin Vandervelde
40 Lola Lombardi

So hot! Would like to bend her over and show her a good time.

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