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1 Situasi

This song has brought them to mainstream. I never get bored or tired to listen to this song. such a energetic voice by Sam and I think this song will be evergreen until forever!

This song should be bunkface top song EVER!

This song brings it own nostalgia for me..

This song is mkanvub spirit ps mkanvub is not a religion

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2 Silly Lily

I think the Bunk Not Dead album is not where bunkface came from...
I really like this song and the songs from Phobia Phoney album...

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Very catchy song.. but still have the punk rock influences.. love this song very much!

3 Through my Window
4 Darah Muda

The best song ever

With the acoustic rhythm.. love it so much.. u are the best bunkface!

5 Dunia
6 Revolusi

Love the chorus part

7 Ekstravaganza
8 Fine
9 Prom Queen

Awesome song.. very energetic voice from sam.. they re really punk.. really love bunkface and all their songs.. I'm bunkers and bunk not dead. rock until the end.. LOVEYOUBUNKFACE.. bunkface should be the best band in Asia!

10 Warnai Dunia

A latest song by them - rcrean67

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11 You and Me
12 Panik
13 High School Rocker

Ohhh this song really inspires me to be a high school rocker! yeahhh bunkface give me spirits to chase my dream and hope will comes true! yeahh a high school rocker, bunkers..

14 Masih Di Sini

Should be in top 3! the lyrics really inspires many people.. energetic song! TERBAIKKK! !

15 The Insider

The Insider is the best new song from bunkface through their last album Bunk Not Dead. The lyric is simple but meaningful as they like angry to some organization. Support Bunkface! - hairiedj

16 Kita Perang Kita Menang
17 Anugerah Syawal
18 Rentak Laguku

All song made for purpose..and for this song Bunkface state with their own believe that Rock n Roll should be protect and save this just sing along with 'Rentak Laguku'

19 Malam Ini Kita Punya
20 Soldier
21 Hollywood Just Died
22 Orang Kita
23 Land of Hope
24 Kembali
25 Agenda Jahiliah
26 Jatuh
27 Won't Let You Go
28 Huawei Bestwei
29 Goyang
30 Dunia Baru
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