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Burzum is an influential musical project by Varg Vikernes (originally under the pseudonym Count Grishnackh). It began during 1991 in Bergen, Norway and quickly became prominent within the early Norwegian Black Metal scene. With albums like 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss', 'Filosofem' and 'Det Som Engang Var', Varg Vikernes is considered as one of the leading forces to define the Black Metal genre and to promote it.

However, in 1994 Vikernes was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of guitarist Øystein 'Euronymous' Aarseth and the arson of several churches.

Anyway, this is a list to vote for the best songs by Varg Vikernes under the project Burzum.
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1 Dunkelheit Dunkelheit Cover Art

Quite possibly the most chill Black Metal song ever. But then again it's also been classified as Dark Ambient so the Ambient influences could make the song chill.

One of the most notorious black metal song all time. The lyrics and instruments just go absolutely well with each other.

I like all BURZUM songs (yeah including the new album), but this song is the best. The lyrics are simple, but awesome!

This song is not metal, it's pure philosophy! It's metal meditation music.

2 Det Som en Gang Var Det Som en Gang Var Cover Art

This song written by an 18 or 19 year old teen is of such a high level quality no other band reached still today! Vikernes is the black metal mozart!

It's like something out of the Donkey Kong Country factory levels gone horribly wrong. A perfect black metal song if there ever was one.

There is no word in the universe to describe this masterpiece of darkness and freedom. A hymn to the Black Metal!

Amazing combination of ambience and metal turn this song into an absolute masterpiece.

3 Key to the Gate Key to the Gate Cover Art

The best from the album. This along with Jesus Tod are among my favorite Black Metal songs of all time.

Best black metal song ever made. The passion with which Varg sings and the solo are simply amazing.

Unfathomably passionate, a true display of pure rage and despair, an inspiration and a journey to the European ear.

Awesome songs and that "build up" towards the solo makes the solo even better than it already is. Trully a masterpiece

4 Jesus' Tod Jesus' Tod Cover Art

I don't know why, but this song seriously feels like it would be the theme for some WW2 battle on the eastern front between the Wehrmacht and Red Army.

The Best Black Metal Song in history of music! Still don't understand why it's not number 1?

Love the eerie main riff in this song. Probably, my favourite Burzum song.

This is very fast and beautiful song.

5 Lost Wisdom Lost Wisdom Cover Art

The heavy bassline in this song is just so immensely powerful. It was the bassline in this song that lead me to pick up the bass and learn it.

This was also the first black metal song I ever heard and is what pulled me into black metal.

The heaviest black metal song I've ever heard.. I love that guitar and bass riff around 2 minutes and 20 seconds

One of the best Melodies ever + the lyrics are so Philosophical... A Masterpiece

One of the best songs in all of Black Metal.

6 My Journey to the Stars My Journey to the Stars Cover Art
7 Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown Cover Art
8 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit Cover Art

Atmospheric sound of desperation appeals to me.

This song feels like it has a lot of emotion in it.

9 En Ring Til Aa Herske En Ring Til Aa Herske Cover Art

My first Burzum song, still my favourite! The song is so evil it takes you somewhere else! Definitely my favorite from Burzum but very underrated in my opinion. Definitely better than Lost Wisdom (which is still awesome).

Probably the darkest, most beautiful, most atmospheric and powerful story ever told in song or otherwise.

10 The Reckoning of Man The Reckoning of Man Cover Art
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11 War War Cover Art

War is exactly what Burzum is. Burzum is a war upon society, upon its listeners, upon everyone and everything. War is the perfect song to symbolize this relationship.

12 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Cover Art

Second best song on the album of the same title.

The rawest, darkest riffs.

13 Ea, Lord of the Depths Ea, Lord of the Depths Cover Art

One of my favorite songs ever. The atmosphere that creates this song is incredible, when I listen to it I feel projected into the Middle Ages. This is true Black Metal

At least top 8 should be

14 Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments Cover Art

This music is the one of the most intense sounding and the best sounding one. It is my favorite Burzum music

I love this track. This and Dunkelheit are my favourite tracks from the Filosofem album.

This and Dunkelheit are my favourite Burzum tracks from the Filosofem album.

Should be near the top of this list. Beautiful.

15 Tomhet Tomhet Cover Art

Alright, so I'll admit, HLTO has only clicked with me a few times in my life. However, the atmosphere in Tomhet never fails, and I always feel the nothingness overwhelm me when I play this track.

I don't even knew what does it mean Tomhet. But it means emptiness. And it is right name for it. It takes gravity from you.

14 minutes of journey to the stars..So beautiful Ambience..I can listen to it all day

16 Gebrechlichkeit I Gebrechlichkeit I Cover Art
17 Back to the Shadows
18 Spell of Destruction Spell of Destruction Cover Art

My favourite somg of Burzum. With this one I started to play and get into black metal and use heavy distortion. Now my favourite genre is black metal. I can't even understand the lyrics but who cares..

Great track, one of those songs I just love to hop onto the drums and play every now and then. Honestly my favourite track from this record.

It's Black Spell of Destruction. Anyway, I'm honestly quite surprised that this depressingly hypnotic song is so far down the list. Jesu' Død and this are among my all time favorite BM songs.

19 Black Spell of Destruction
20 Glemselens Elv Glemselens Elv Cover Art

My favourite track from the Belus album! It is not as raw and extreme as his older black metal tracks, but it has this magical feeling.

Best track from the Belus album! It is less extreme than the older tracks, but still has this magical feeling.

Best Burzum song, magical, this song makes you feel like you are in that forest in album cover

Very super song

21 Gebrechlichkeit II Gebrechlichkeit II Cover Art
22 Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat Cover Art

Best ambient song of all time. My favorite Burzum song. 25 minutes of absolute beauty.

23 Hermodr a Helferd Hermodr a Helferd Cover Art
24 Inn I Slottet Fra Droemmen Inn I Slottet Fra Droemmen Cover Art

Disgustingly underrated song, belongs AT LEAST in the the top 10. The ending is one of Burzum's best and most transcendental moments.

25 Budstikken Budstikken Cover Art
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