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1 Break Ya Neck


Man this must be one 1 cause it deserves it - Aafeen

All I can say is the mix of Dre beats and Busta rapping is a good thing.

Better than Eminem in case of speed

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2 I Know What You Want

"Can't even express the word how Mach the kid (world) love you"... When you think about melody that's the song

Words cannot describe how awesome this song is.

Cause Mariah carey sounds amazing and makes the song HOT!

Perfect match

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3 Touch It

AWESOME song BUSTA RHYMES is the best rapper in the world no one except DMX are the best rappers

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4 I'll Hurt You

It has Eminem, that's worthy enough of making it the best.

Amazing song there both good but Eminem definitely has the best verse

Deserves a higher spot. Busta's flow is infectious. And the song features the God Eminem. Reason enough.

Busta Rhymes and Eminem go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

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5 Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check

Original version is better than remix

The remix was perfect. The hook of this song is sick

How the heck is this not number one

The coming was hands down Busta's best album. It's a combination of his youthful exuberant attitude (quirky jump around lyrics common to "leaders of new school") and his more mature serious older attitude. Woohah and everything remains raw are my favourites.

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6 Why Stop Now

One of his fastest. The beat's hype as well

This song is awesome its got an awesome beat and
Busts rhymes speaks so fast and he kills it

Hello sir
My best song

Awesomest song ever heard.. ! :D :P

7 Where's My Money UListen to Sample
8 World Go Round UListen to Sample
9 Arab Money

We get arab money yeah...

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10 Look at Me Now

It's a fire blinded piece

Man this is not possible it should be in top 5.
He has the most catchy lyrics in that song well... Understandable

Considered to be one of the fastest raps ever what on earth is it doing down here

Best song by chris and busta

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11 We Made It

Amazing song and Linkin Park are the best

Linkin park + Busta Rhymes = Awesome song

This must be in number 1 - Rahin-Ahasan

Really pumps you up!

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12 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

This song should be #1 its one of the hip hop songs ever made!

Can't believe this is only 15th. Got to be top 3, if not top.

Greatest song haters can suck ass

Innovative and simply brilliant!

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13 Can You Keep Up

This song is literally the fastest song by two of the fastest tapers in the world (twista is faster by the way) it should be no1

We can't keep up... So fast

Damn Fast

14 Calm Down

Eminem and Busta Rhymes show they still got it. Every time these guys collaborate its great.

Brilliant song, Em kills it!

Fastest rap of all time

Busta & Eminem. That's all! - amit1515

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15 60 Second Assassins

The fastest rap ever

Simply awesome, one of the best demonstrations of fast rapping!

This is real hip hop

Nice fast verse but Eminems is faster.

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16 Gimme Some More

People, this song is the best to be 'in a different state of mind'. Try it... I've never heard something so well put together as a whole... This should easily be in the top ten!

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17 In the Ghetto UListen to Sample
18 Worldwide Choppers

Tech N9ne busta rhymes, how can it get better

It is worth 1st

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19 One

Too classic...I love this type of rap

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20 What's It Gonna Be?! UListen to Sample
21 Dangerous

This I much better than put your hands where my eyes can see them.

Nice song, am still loving it

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22 Fire

I mean I really like look at me now, touch it, and tear the roof off along with break ya neck, but this song never fails me! If I'm bored, I'll listen to this song and it will make me wanna dance - dragonfly99

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23 Let's Go UListen to Sample
24 Respect My Conglomerate UListen to Sample
25 Thank You

Great song, takes a while to learn but all in all has nice easy flow able words; laugh out loud, good song to start learning how to take your flow to the next level

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26 Flip Mode Squad
27 Extinction Level Event (The Song of Salvation) UListen to Sample
28 Coffin UListen to Sample
29 Victory UListen to Sample
30 You Can't Hold the Torch

One of the best by far!

J Dilla + Busta + Q Tip = Magic
None can touch this combo.

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31 Don't Get Carried Away

This wasn't in the list what! This is perfect!

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32 #Twerkit UListen to Sample
33 Scenario UListen to Sample
34 Hail Mary
35 Tear Da Roof Off UListen to Sample
36 Iz They Wildin' Wit Us & Gettin' Rowdy Wit' Us

Busta and Mystikal kill it! I think each drop their fastest verses of all time in this song.

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37 Drummer Boy


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38 I Knock You Out
39 It's a Party UListen to Sample
40 C'mon All My N***az, C'mon All My Bitchez
41 Abandon Ship UListen to Sample
42 Been Through the Storm UListen to Sample
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