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1 What I Go to School For What I Go to School For Cover Art

This is actually pretty bad compared to all there other songs, some of their weakest lyrics and trying to be funny when it is not

Oh come on it was their first ever song and it's better than the cover by American boy band who changed it to crush on school girl.

If you listened to this inking it there best song, you would not listen to the rest of the album/band

Are you kidding me?!?! This should be nb 1

2 Crashed the Wedding Crashed the Wedding Cover Art

Love this song great tune great guitar bass drums and singing this song should be number 3 not number 5 vote this one up the list

This song should be number 3 really good tune great guitar bass drumming and singing vote this one up so it gets higher up

I'm so rushed off my feet by this song. Ere's so much I need to. Just so so right for me.

This is called you said no

3 Year 3000 Year 3000 Cover Art

This song is awesome! Every Busted fan knows that it is, also I don't know how 3am is so high on the list, it's a great song an all but not one of the best Busted have made.

The synth is good enough to be 0th on this list... Not to mention the creativity that is never reached with today's "music"

How is this last? It is their best known song.

Best and first song I ever heard of theirs.

4 Air Hostess Air Hostess Cover Art

WOW, this song is amazing :) I love it so much :) why oh why is it not number one, I'm now gonna go ill myself.. I LOVE IT!

The combination of the music with funny lyrics and a creation of a fantasy world all lie within busted number 1 song "Air Hostess".

1st busted song I ever heard and still listening to it since!

Still loving it in 2015

5 Thunderbirds are Go Thunderbirds are Go Cover Art

This song is practically about friends that should always be there by your side no matter what and to always be on the good side because good always triumphs evil

Why isn't this there?!? This should either be number 1 or very close, it's probably there most well known song ever produced!

Needs to be higher, why isn't it in the top 10!? This has too be one of their best songs ever! Such catchy lyrics too!

Busted I like your song thunderbirds are go

6 Sleeping with the Light On Sleeping with the Light On Cover Art

Absolutely LOVE this song, so meaningful and and has a really really good (not too sure how to say it) harmony? I think. They all come together and it is just amazing! Should be top along with You said no and Air hostess and Crash the wedding :):) love busted so much.. Why did they break up? :(

This song should be on top every time I listen to it I think about the girl I love

This is by far my favourite. I love it so much, it's just so beautiful and cute!

Are you kidding me! This song more better than you guys vote above!

7 You Said No You Said No Cover Art

Come on! It's their first number 1 single!

Come on! It's teir first number 1. This should be first


8 Who's David Who's David Cover Art

Their best song by far! Can't believe it's not higher, it deserves to be in second place at least...

The lyrics of these songs really gives me goosebumps, awesome song ever :) a must hear, wish busted do a reunite

How is this not in the top 5 on here? One of their best songs, easily and it never gets old.

I absolutely adore this song! Words can't even express! It should definitely be in to 3 come on?!

9 3am 3am Cover Art

My top 5 would be:
1. What I Go To School For
2. Year 3000
3. Who's David
4. 3 AM
5. Loser Kid or You Said No
I hope Busted come back at least to tour, they were immense back in the day, one of my favourite bands. Busted 4 life!

This is so underrated. It should be number one. Also, "Why" should not be last.

Same thing went in ma life

I became their fan by listening' to this song...its music is this song and yeah, it should definitely be number 3 at least

10 Meet You There Meet You There Cover Art

One of there most passionate songs with true meaning, that my friend is what you call real music

I think meet you there should be higher up it is by far my favourite and their reunited your name!

Such a meaningful song and very relateable

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11 Falling for You Falling for You Cover Art

This is an amazing songs should at least be in the top 5

Love this song! Should be higher up in my opinion!

An amazing song should be higher up

12 Loser Kid

Loser kid is truly heart wrenching because the song sounds like it comes from a personal perspective and it can be if you connect to it

Underrated. Should be at least in the top 5, I bet most of you guys voting here haven't even heard this song. Listen.

Absolutely amazing should be higher up

13 Nerdy Nerdy Cover Art

This song is so cute! Great message for anyone out there who's nerdy laugh out loud I know I am! Hahah

14 Losing You

A ballad to remember, I have never heard one like it, they took 'calm ballad', and made something totally new; 'fun ballad'!

It should be up there with Sleeping with the Light On... Its amazing, beautiful song

One of the best "slowies* of all time! My favourite Busted song, along with sleeping with the light on, why the hell isn't it higher!?

15 Britney

This song rocks

16 Fake Fake Cover Art

I don't know my this isn't in the top 5 it's my favourite Busted song

17 Dawson's Geek
18 Better Than This Better Than This Cover Art
19 She Wants to Be Me She Wants to Be Me Cover Art

The lyrics are genius, this song never fails to make me smile.


This is an amazing song I'm obsess over busted still I'm 17 haa there so gopd

20 Teenage Kicks Teenage Kicks Cover Art
21 Can't Break Thru Can't Break Thru Cover Art

This song deserves the #1 and like 5 stars reward.
But seriously? 19? I wanna talk to the admin right away!

It's a song at the level of
What I go to skool for. OKAY
So please listen before you votee...
Is as soothing as lp NUMB

22 Everything I Knew
23 One of a Kind
24 Last Summer
25 Over Now Over Now Cover Art
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