Best C. Thomas Howell Movies

The Top Ten Best C. Thomas Howell Movies

1 Felons
2 Side Out
3 Cybermaster
4 Stalker
5 Baby Face Nelson
6 The Hitcher

Who doesn't like this masterpiece? - Magnolia

7 Secret Admirer
8 Red Dawn
9 The Outsiders

Why is this so low? This movie is so great, I absolutely love C. Thomas Howell's performance, Ponyboy Curtis is one of my favorite movie characters. - lukestheman4

10 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

The Contenders

11 Soul Man
12 Tank
13 Grandview U.S.A.
14 A Tiger's Tale
15 The Return of the Musketeers
16 Young Toscanini
17 Breaking the Rules
18 That Night
19 Gettysburg
20 Gods and Generals
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