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21 Doctor Doctor Doctor Help Me Help Me Help Me

This song is awesome. One of my favorites by them. Unique start off and super catchy!

22 James Brown James Brown

My mind was blown hearing this song, I swear. Why isn't this on the list yet?

23 Back Stabbin' Betty Back Stabbin' Betty

This song is dope! And it has a good ending so even better

It is awesome. Hands down a head banger

24 Judas Judas

Great bass play added in with an awesome beat with great lyrics. Awesome fast song!

Its such a wild ride its hard to believe its roughly 3 and a half minutes long.

This song is the definition of cte. The craziness and lyrics are what cage the elephant are-a wild druggie band who really do have meaningful meanings ad lyrics

25 Tiny Little Robots Tiny Little Robots V 1 Comment
26 It's Just Forever
27 Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold V 1 Comment
28 Sweetie Little Jean Sweetie Little Jean

Great song with awesome story. His vocals sound amazing! One of my favorites on the new album! Can't wait to see them in Frisco

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29 Too Late to Say Goodbye Too Late to Say Goodbye

Their newer albums are underrated, of course, but to me Melophobia and Tell Me I'm Pretty stand above Cage the Elephant's debut and sophomore albums in an almost transcendent fashion, even if they're not as popular. Too Late to Say Goodbye is one of the best tracks either album has to offer, and certainly one of the best songs the band has ever come up with. Its lyrics convey a story of a tragic, dangerous, and painful love, which is symbolized by fire throughout the song. Can't we all relate to loving something that's bad for us? The song has so many layers and even aside from its lyrics, it's a masterpiece, with a powerful melody that emphasizes the danger of the Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque romance.

Other favorites of mine are pretty well represented (Shake Me Down, Come a Little Closer, Cigarette Daydreams, a few others), but Too Late to Say Goodbye gets my vote because of its lack of popularity which belies its incredible impact.

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30 2024 2024

One of the best songs in Thank You, Happy Birthday. Not the best by far but deserves more attention.

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31 Japanese Buffalo Japanese Buffalo

Should be in top ten for sure!

32 Black Widow Black Widow

This song deserves more recognition

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33 Free Love Free Love
34 Sell Yourself Sell Yourself
35 Sabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Tiger

Best song on this list! best band in this world! so raw and just heavy. I wish they were still that grungy. don't you agree

Seeing Cage the Elephant close with Sabertooth Tiger at the end of Firefly was just unbelievably awesome! Headbanging, screaming my heart out, and Matt crowd surfing was the perfect way to get ready for Modest Mouse.

All Cage the Elephant songs are great but this one should be #1

36 Monkey Disease Monkey Disease
37 Teeth

"Are you into the beat, Are you into the beat? I can feel it in my teeth." Great song about rolling on molly and the poetry at the end is just downright crazy. Love it!

One of the best to see live. Matt goes crazy

38 Indy Kidz Indy Kidz V 1 Comment
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