Best Cake Songs

The Top Ten Best Cake Songs

1 Comfort Eagle

Whenever I ffeel like crab sick I think of this song and vomit everhwere

big bravo to cake for composing this epic

This is my favourite cake song, rock n' roll lifestyle and shirt skirt long jacket are also songs this is an awesome band, more people should get into them! - dragon13304

2 Short Skirt / Long Jacket

The chuck theme song, need I say more?

3 The Distance

Sounds like me playing NASCAR thunder 2004 at watkins glen. I finish 4 laps down every time

What a fantastic song. Like seriously

I listen to his every day :3 - SpyroZap99

4 Frank Sinatra

Just a really great song

5 I Will Survive

A phenomenally underrated cover of a classic song

6 Never There
7 Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
8 Italian Leather Sofa

While the trumpet is simply astonishing, the ambience that is delayed in the different part of this song just amazes me.

Absolutely amazing trumpet performance in this nugget.

9 Friend is a Four Letter Word

One of favourite songs of all time!

10 I Bombed Korea

A superb song with thoughtful lyrics. Deserves to be rated highly.

The Contenders

11 Shadow Stabbing
12 Satan Is My Motor
13 Sheep Go to Heaven

I wish people would not just vote for songs that are played on the radio. Sad to see that those make the top 2.

Playing my panpipes bro. As soon as you are born...

Good stuff for the uncloven

14 Long Time
15 Jolene

It's just the perfect Cake song, it has all of the elements that make their music great...great riff, great story, true emotion...

This song is rich with emotion and exciting guitar riffs. It's perfect. The best Cake song out there.

It is not possible to assemble a list of top Cake songs that doesn't include Jolene.

16 Mexico
17 Waiting
18 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
19 Arco Arena
20 Opera Singer
21 Commissioning a Symphony in C

Love, love, love this song! Cake has a way with words that I rarely find in other artists. Man, they need to come out East more.

Really a cool song. Good solo, a bit strange lyrics, awesome chorus. Somehow I find it a bit uplifting.

22 Hem of Your Garment

Probably the grooviest cake song and one of the most grooviest songs ever. Funky bass and guitar, gives the song a real catch!

This is my favorite Cake song! They have wonderful tracks full of energy and amazing music, but this one just does it for me. It's awesome, I used to listen to it as a kid and jump on my bed!

Great short instrumentals in this song. This one is very catchy and you'll find yourself singing like a poor pauper before you realize it.

23 Wheels

Fantastic song. Love the line about the overweight Americans wearing their patriotic jumpsuits.

24 Sick of You

Best song EVER!

25 The Guitar Man
26 Let Me Go
27 No Phone

This one is very fitting for our modern living. This reminds me of the need to put down the electronics and enjoy nature, family and real life!

28 Love You Madly
29 Ruby Sees All
30 Stickshifts and Safetybelts

One of my and my wife's favorite Cake songs. We still have a truck with a bench seat and love to cuddle up close. It's songs like this that make me realize the distance even car makers are putting in relationships.

31 Palm of Your Hand

My Favorite Cake Song, it is very nostalgic and beautiful.

32 Mahna Mahna
33 Guitar
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