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21 Meltdown

A pretty fun map. Lots of great areas for me to lock down easily! Too bad every time I go here they give me garbage teammates feeding the enemy team. Otherwise one of the best maps.

This map is really underrated, great gameplay. - benhos

I don't prefer this map in a game

This is a real good map. Nice vantage points for snipers and awesome in hardpoint!

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22 Magma

Why the hate? I love this unique map!

I can understand the hate for this map, but this map just fits my mid-range playstyle. Also has some of the easiest spawns to predict in the game.

I really have absolutely no idea why everyone hates this map. I'm a TDM player with about a 1.5 k/d yet every time I go here, I basically slaughter the lobby and get vsats (rare for me). Let alone the fact it's actually a pretty good map visually.

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23 Vertigo

Best map because there are no good camping spots. I am not being sarcastic because campers are the worst player. Also, it has pros and cons about both the edges of the map and the middle.

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24 Downhill

One of the easiest maps to spawn read in the game. Nice and big, boring for most but if you know spawns it's easy to go on streaks or feeds.

25 Cove

Love this map, in my top 5. Always got good here I don't know why people don't like it. Spawns are relatively easy to read as well

Hate it. Spawns are impossible to read, people literally spawn right behind you. I'm a 1.5 kd player but I go negative every time I play here. Definitely worst dlc map.

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26 Buried

Buried is a zombies map not a multiplayer map

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27 Origins

This is by far the best multiplayer map, especially because of the zombies

Get your facts right it's a zombie map not a multiplayer map

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28 Mirage
29 Frost

Really underrated. Great for kill confirmed when using a silenced rushing class


30 Aftermath

I never understand why people hate this map, it looks like your average infinity ward map. Considering it's a bleak enviroment with bleak colors with a ton of crap scattered all over. Whatever this is still one of my favorite maps!

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31 Pod

Heehee on the voting screen it looks like "POO"

32 Dig
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