Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Weapons

The Top Ten

1 AN-94

it might not actually be an ak, but that's because this thing has lower recoil than an ak with the same amazing damage on it

How is this thing being out-voted by the type 25? By far the most balanced gun, almost no recoil, and range is a monster with this thing. The 2 bullets firing faster makes it so you can out-shoot SMGs, and the damage output is pretty above average.

As versatile as it gets, this rifle is a beast in multiplayer. Since the first two rounds fire faster, it is wise to "tap" the trigger instead of holding it down to gain maximum damage output. You can customize this weapon to your liking very easily and is useful in any situation. To full appreciate this weapon, you have to play it to believe it.

The reason the is better than scar h is because the sight and the faster fire rate screw damage all you have to do is put elect fire an the smr and it's better than the scar h possible even the an 94

2 Remington 870 MCS

the m870 is quite possibly one of the best shotguns in real life, so it should be no surprise that this carries over to the game

Best shotgun in the game. Its not the best gun, but just the best shotgun in the game. If you like shotguns, go with this one. No sense wasting unlock tokens on any other shotgun. First shotgun unlocked and the best one.

This thing is absolutely just amazing if I want to try to get dogs or a swarm I would use this it got good range for a shotgun it one shot anywhere when you go for the kill one second the guy there the next he's dead

I agree that this is the best shotgun in the game! But useless at long range, so it's a good idea to get a Overkill wildcard and use a SMG or a Type 25 with ACOG sights. Tip: Don't replace the iron sights with anything! The best attachment for this Badass shotgun is the long barrel, releasing a hilarious storm of rage from noobs and even pros! This shotgun is great for campers or runners as it is a one shot kill, but if you are a runner and using this shotgun, jump and shoot if anyone runs into you. This things accuracy is beyond physics at close range, you don't even need to aim, great for beginners!


Overpowered (especially in hardcore) but is still an amazing, and fun gun to use

You can rush spray camp and pretty much do anything with this damn gun. The only downfall is the range... But that's change able with long barrel. Best smug by far and considering bo2 is pretty close quarters my favorite gun. Should be 1 then an then pdw

A great all round gun. A good range, fire-rate, accuracy, damage and if you use fore grip the recoil isn't a problem.

Put a long barrel on this gun and it is easily the best in the game. It has almost no recoil, and can easily destroy enemies from close and long range.

4 Scar-H

It was my first gold gun and I will never stop using it. This thing is a monster

What happened to the SCAR-H? It got buffed, gave it more damage, there's not a lot of recoil.
Damage: 45-33
Rate of Fire: 625 RPM (Slow but high damage makes up for it)
This should be number 1.
The AN-94 is crap.

This was my first gold gun, it was easy since of the damage and moderate recoil. It is pretty well balanced, and is easy to aim and kill people with. An amazing gun, it deserves a spot up in the top 5 I think, but that's just me

this was one of the best guns in mw2, but the issue was that it was a 20 round full auto. in bo2, it comes with 30, problem solved.

5 DSR 50

I've used the DSR 50 and it has the largest one hit kill area of any Sniper Rifle with a shot anywhere above the waist. Despite being out classed in a couple of areas the DSR is my go to Sniper Rifle and is the number 1 Sniper in my opinion.

You got me there! I used the DSR 50 and even though I'm not a boring camper, I can still pick out targets easily! Although it's a great gun overall, its not a suitable choice for quick scopers as it is heavy and aiming through the sights is painfully slow.

BO INCORRECT. The DSR is an okay gun but why is it on top? We all know some SMG needs to be on top. I mean seriosly. This gun need to be number 7 or somthing

One of the most fun guns to use in BO2. Great sniper and a man's best friend for quick-scoping.

6 M27

I wish the m4 was in this game, but this is a really cool replacement, no recoil, decent or good everything else, this, like the m4, should be a go to gun for n00bs

This gun is very OP for new players and pros
Personally you need good attachments for this weapon like FMJ and quick draw and
any sight I go for reflex, but this is truly better than the AN-94

M27 has great accuracy. Plus, the m27 has no recoil at all and establishes long range sights.. The m27 has a faster pinpoint accuracy than the AN94.

This gun is the best, definitely deserves a higher spot. It's fire rate is like an smg with an amazing range. The grip, suppressor, and red dot sight are must haves. Screw the cheerleader, this is my prom date.

7 PDW-57

Awesome clip size, sweet damage at all ranges, and its recoil is more than manageable. It also has the upside of looking awesome and having a really cool reloading animation.

The PDW-57 has an amazing aim you don't need sights. Its has no recoil if you put a laser sight in it your aim and hip fire wont generally miss. The range is good for bo2 maps and putting the FMJ on it makes a difference especially on nuketown every loves nuketown so it will get voted for in the lobby and I find it extremely challenging to loss gun fights against any automatic gun and those are most used

Great gun, first one I got gold. 3,000 plus kills with it great gun overall, recommend it to anyone.

A great short range to mid range gun, enemy will have no chance to withstand it's rapid fire. Also have a very good magazine, it is a true golden monster

8 Peacekeeper

the perfect sub machine gun/assault rifle hybrid, can kill at range, low recoil, good irons, and good rate of fire

This gun really does keep the peace by not being able to kill anything

The peacekeeper is one of my favorite gun first gun to get gold and diamond so yea that's the best gun for me and it has great accuracy. And stability also a great aimer and I love it the scar-h is the second gun I got gold and diamond and so yea that's so wonderful than AN-94 sucks so bad I played with it in multiplayer and first person I saw I instantly died so yea the peacekeeper and scar-h

Great gun and great at all ranges one of my favorite guns


I think for sure the BALLISTA this sniper was always the best and super easy to control and always got the job done so I'm BALLISTA all the way

DSR 50 by far. Deadly from the waist up, while the rest are deadly only from the chest up.

The ballista is the best sniper in the game

The ballista is a boss!


My Opinion is MTAR Assault Rifle best Weapon off all, with needs : Reflex Sight,Long Barrel, Extended Clips. No need Fore-grip.

Should be 1 because it absolutely destroys in zombies especially when paped and in multiplayer it has little to no recoil and with ex mags, laser, and fmg you practically have a laser gun

MTAR sucks in zombies, because of the load of recoil. but guess what, they patched it and renewed it on black ops 2. this gun has minimum recoil and a good iron sight with a medium fire rate. I would rather go with M8A1, but... this gun is better for taking out loads of hackers, cheaters and even masters. I recommend this gun in order to be a Call of Duty black ops 2 expert. *Note: Use either fore grip or quick draw grip. this will let you look around easier while aiming*

This is my favorite assault rifle on bo2 multiplayer!

The Contenders

11 Type 25

Currently trying to get this gun gold. In my opinion it is a very good gun probably the 2nd best AR besides the MTAR. Great at close range due to high ROF and is still amazing at long range due to low recoil. My only complaint about this gun is it's inconsistent time to kill, sometimes it's really fast other times you gotta put a whole clip into the enemy!

Fires like an SMG, handles like an AR

I love this gun so much I have weapon prestige 1 level 6

This thing... Is just so awesome. No words. Too awesome.

12 Vector K10

Best. Gun. In. The. Game. High fire rate, decent damage, good range and accuracy and a good reload speed. Consider it as the MPL from the original Black Ops.

This gun is amazing the best gun because of its decent damage and very low recoil and it's fire rate makes the whole gun a lot better so it's got high fire rate with regular damage and low recoil

Awesome gun, basically no recoil, fast fire rate and just a all round good gum. Got my first quad with this gun as well

Great gun over all, clear iron sights, good range and low recoil

13 SMR

I want to open by saying, this gun isn't a 'top 5' gun. But it is a pretty well rounded gun. I don't like how the stats read this gun in bo2; it's not accurate. It actually can have a moderately high fire rate, the reload rate is slightly faster than other AR weapons, and kills in two-three hits at long range with a silencer. (Two hits without) It does have a slightly higher recoil than the FAL, but the kick has a pattern. It's hipfire is a very tight spread with is a plus, and shoots through walls with impressive damage. So, it doesn't dominate obviously. But it is a very good gun and I believe many fans of automatic could adjust well to this gun. Of course, it's all opinion so there will always be those who disagree with me.

Worst gun of the entire game. It's barely accurate, the bullets go everywhere except where you want them to go. Can't get a single kill with this gun. But, it's still better than the Springfield.

Had my best round ever with this gun, 37 kills. I think it's only this low because no one ever uses semi-auto guns.

If this is not the best Assault Rifle in BO2 or even in the whole Call of Duty history, I don't know what to say anymore. This gun is insane. I've never seen a gun as good as this on any Call of Duty game ever.
First, let's look at the positives of it.
-It has incredible damage
-20 rounds- careful fire and aim, a very good clip size
-Range is very long, you can except 2-hit kill for a very long lange
Then, some negatives:
-Recoil can be a pain in the a**
-Poor in close range, though only two shots are needed.

My class: SMR w/ MMS, Stock and Quickdraw Handle
Primary gunfighter, Perk 2 Greed
Perk 1: Hardwired or Flak jacket
Perk 2: Scavenger and Toughness
Perk 3: None
A killer class.

14 M8A1

this really is the upgraded version of the m16, even comes with an extra bullet in each burst

Definitely underrated on this list In my opinion the best assault rifle in bo2. With its 4 burst pretty high rate of fire and pretty good damage rating it is definitely a beast. If accurate 1 burst headshots and 2 burst body shots.

If you know how to play and your accurate, this gun is a monster especially in long distance gun fights, it's able to kill an enemy in just one burst..definitely should be at least top 5

With select fire its beating the type 25 its just a beast

15 S12

Pretty much the Remington but semi-auto. Beast at close range.

The S12 is the Second most powerful Shotgun on offer and is arguibly better than the M1216 in the game. This Shotgun is my go to Shotgun of choise because of it's faster follow up stots, fast reload, and incredible perfomance when I'm in CQ combat.


Best Call of Duty gun ever

This gun has almost no recoil, great damage and range. I literaly use it as a sniper along with FMJ bullets and the infrared scope I totally wreck the other team and come on top in mine.



17 Skorpion EVO

you know when your diarrhea is really runny? that's what this feels like, it just oozes bullets that drop fools real quick

Damn this gun may have a fast fire rate but as we all know it is a bad ass gun as well as any other gun it has accuracy and reloading speed and it has decent damage and a hella good fire rate.

Extremely awesome with grip, fixes most of the super ultra recoil.

Extremely fast fire rate

18 MP7

great iron sights that work well with the run and gun style for this gun

They don't like it because they don't have the good stuff to use it

It the best gun ever this list is so stupid people just don't know how to use it correctly it number one

This is the best gun I the game I think I don't even have to aim even when there across the map on Turbine or something

19 Combat Knife

I got my very first 75 kill streak with this... is so op. I mean like 10 swarms in one game? I'm shocked no one else is using this

The best weapon, I've got many streaks with this.

Hilariously, this weapon is deadly! I mean you can rape noobs with it as if you're the damn reaper of the game!

20 Ray Gun

It's cool but I heard the ray gun mark 2 is better

It's the best gun in Call of Duty bo2

21 Five Seven

If you have a rapid trigger finger you can beast with this weapon. I actually got 107-0 with this weapon.

This and a modded controller or a trigger finger is a beast put this with the fal

Current Combat Record for Deadliest weapon at 5,990 Kills
PS3 - bullridersix - TRY ME

22 Chicom CQB

This gun sucks first of all it sounds like a fart machine when you fire it it's a burst gun not that I have a problem with burst guns but when tried to use this gun I got owned by noobs that's very disappointing when everyone says it's a good gun and it also sucks in zombies when I first got the gun I thought it was a good gun but then I noticed it took 5 whole clips to kill 1 zombie

The Chicom CQB is an outstanding gun to use.
Go for a 'Stealthy Engineer/Hacker' build with Silencer and Reflex Sight, accompanied by Black Hats, Smoke Grenades, EMP grenades etc
Love this weapon!

You can put out a ton of lead if you have a fast trigger finger

I have used this forever an have prestige 1 lv 3 BEAST when you get select fire

23 MK48

Best gun for long and short range, high damage, very stable, works best with target finder.
Use FMJ with it and you will never lose a match.

First LMG I unlocked, I decided to start with the HAMR solely because of zombies, but I sswitched around Prestige 2. Great weapon for maps like Standoff where there are snipers behind walls. I found it best to add EDTech, Fore Grip, and FMJ.


this is basically (and kind of literally) the scar-h but you lose some mobility for a lot of extra rounds, damage, and range. make the trade

I am a real best while using this gun as well as using the DSR50

It is pretty good deserves top 10

Terrible recoil!


the fal, regardless of what cod game it is, is always a perfect gun, great to finally get it in full auto like real life

How is this not in the top 10?! This thing is an absolute MONSTER. It has super high damage and a great fire rate when full auto! It's better than the other assault rifles you get early in the game.

Put a hybrid scope on this and you have a more flexible sniper

Put select fire on this 2 hit kill weapon to cause mass death and destruction

26 Tac-45

It reminds me on the usp from modern warfare but with more power really love it my second choose for a secondary

I have a whole class dedicated to a tac... and I get kills enough said

The only handgun I use. I love it.

Good accuracy
Good damage
Fast fire rate
Not long reload time
Good with suppressor
Should be at least in top ten


This gun is EVERYTHING! Long range, large variety of attachments, CRAZY damage, large ammo capacity, a bit heavy, but pros outweigh cons!

This gun has to high of a fire rate and too heavy so you have to camp with it and I HATE camping it's so boring! I would never use this weapon!

This was the first gun I used in bo2 it has big mags and good sights for your first gun this is great

28 SWAT-556

Definitely underrated in this list it absolutely destroyed slums with only a red dot and a fast mag

I use this gun with ACOG, Silencer, and Select Fire. It is absolutely wonderful and definitely underrated!

Very good gun decent ROF great accuracy high damage

You should definitely give it a shot. First game I used it I just wanted to try it out but thent went absolutley ham I got like 30-4 FFA

29 Death Machine

Need I even say anything?

30 KAP-40

Got owned by some people with this thing, if you can't wait to load your primary weapon, get this badass gun and keep on teabagging on noobs! Tip: when you switch weapons, kill your nearest enemy and switch back, the gun you are loading becomes automatically loaded! I always use this glitch to give me the advantage! This gun is definitely underrated on this list.

Best gun ever!

This should be in the top 15 I went 30-0 in ffa 5 times in nuketown

Damn this is a death machine with ballista as primary weapon. Just quickscoping with ballista and if I lose ammo I just "snap pow rantan" win!

31 Tomahawk

One hit kill.

32 Ray Gun Mark 2

My favorite gun

best thing

33 RPG

Gotta love that RPG..

34 B23R

This gun is aw3some! 3 round burst all th3 way!

This gun is sick. I have gone 24 and 0 in search with a swarm vsat and dogs

This weapon give me a BIG deja vu to the m93 raffica from modern warfare 2 and its just a beast for me the best secondary love playing with atachments like : ext. Mags or silencer


35 Shield
36 M1216
37 Chicom

The Chicom is a great gun. I put fast mags long barrel and quickdraw and I can dominate nuketown every time.

If u have select fire on this gun it's a beast I went 38-4 on Kill confirmed

THIS. GUN. IS. AMAZEBALLS. no further comments

38 M4A1

It was cut and replace by the M27.

39 EMP
40 XPR-50

Terrible, I got this gun gold but it was more stressful than the rpg

41 KSG

Do you guys even know what the keg is this should be in top 5

The KSG is the best shot gun it can shoot long distance in a one shot kill

Amazing shotgun if you hit your target. Always a one shot kill

This gun helped me rank up loads I just love it so mutch

42 Crossbow

Crossbow combined with ballistic shield, becomes a beast

43 Executioner

Low range
High recoil
Low reload
Small clip

Has low accuracy but the damage is really awwsomeee!

If U don't use this with a sniper then its OK but I recommend it cause when u get it max level use dual wield because shoot twice and BOOM! their dead. I found thus gun good but sometimes u get killed instantly with a shotgun like the remington but u can kill SMGs at close range.

44 Bouncing Betty

It’s ok and is much better than the claymore


Good in Hardcore

46 Sliquifier Gun
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