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21 SMR

I want to open by saying, this gun isn't a 'top 5' gun. But it is a pretty well rounded gun. I don't like how the stats read this gun in bo2; it's not accurate. It actually can have a moderately high fire rate, the reload rate is slightly faster than other AR weapons, and kills in two-three hits at long range with a silencer. (Two hits without) It does have a slightly higher recoil than the FAL, but the kick has a pattern. It's hipfire is a very tight spread with is a plus, and shoots through walls with impressive damage. So, it doesn't dominate obviously. But it is a very good gun and I believe many fans of automatic could adjust well to this gun. Of course, it's all opinion so there will always be those who disagree with me.

Had my best round ever with this gun, 37 kills. I think it's only this low because no one ever uses semi-auto guns.

This is a bad gun some people use but I don't LOL

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22 Combat Knife

I got my very first 75 kill streak with this... is so op. I mean like 10 swarms in one game? I'm shocked no one else is using this

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23 RPG V 1 Comment
24 MK48

First LMG I unlocked, I decided to start with the HAMR solely because of zombies, but I sswitched around Prestige 2. Great weapon for maps like Standoff where there are snipers behind walls. I found it best to add EDTech, Fore Grip, and FMJ.

25 Ray Gun

It's cool but I heard the ray gun mark 2 is better

It's the best gun in Call of Duty bo2

26 Crossbow

Crossbow combined with ballistic shield, becomes a beast

27 SWAT-556

Definitely underrated in this list it absolutely destroyed slums with only a red dot and a fast mag

I use this gun with ACOG, Silencer, and Select Fire. It is absolutely wonderful and definitely underrated!

You should definitely give it a shot. First game I used it I just wanted to try it out but thent went absolutley ham I got like 30-4 FFA

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28 KAP-40

Got owned by some people with this thing, if you can't wait to load your primary weapon, get this badass gun and keep on teabagging on noobs! Tip: when you switch weapons, kill your nearest enemy and switch back, the gun you are loading becomes automatically loaded! I always use this glitch to give me the advantage! This gun is definitely underrated on this list.

Damn this is a death machine with ballista as primary weapon. Just quickscoping with ballista and if I lose ammo I just "snap pow rantan" win!

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30 Chicom

If u have select fire on this gun it's a beast I went 38-4 on Kill confirmed

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31 M4A1 V 1 Comment
32 B23R

This gun is sick. I have gone 24 and 0 in search with a swarm vsat and dogs

This weapon give me a BIG deja vu to the m93 raffica from modern warfare 2 and its just a beast for me the best secondary love playing with atachments like : ext. Mags or silencer

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33 Shield
34 M1216
35 Tomahawk V 1 Comment
36 XPR-50

Terrible, I got this gun gold but it was more stressful than the rpg


Put select fire on this 2 hit kill weapon to cause mass death and destruction

People are stupid. By far the strongest gun as well as most difficult to use.

Select fire or not 100% the best hands down nothing beats it

It's a killa because

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38 KSG

Do you guys even know what the keg is this should be in top 5

The KSG is the best shot gun it can shoot long distance in a one shot kill

Amazing shotgun if you hit your target. Always a one shot kill

I get out shot by this all the time.

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39 Tac-45

It reminds me on the usp from modern warfare but with more power really love it my second choose for a secondary

I have a whole class dedicated to a tac... and I get kills enough said

Good accuracy
Good damage
Fast fire rate
Not long reload time
Good with suppressor
Should be at least in top ten

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40 Executioner

If U don't use this with a sniper then its OK but I recommend it cause when u get it max level use dual wield because shoot twice and BOOM! their dead. I found thus gun good but sometimes u get killed instantly with a shotgun like the remington but u can kill SMGs at close range.

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