Best Call of Duty Black Ops Perks


The Top Ten

1 Scavenger

Always the best... - sryanbruen

The best for smgs with little amo. - MrDungeonMasta

Good with m60 extended mag giving so much ammo you would be invincible - zeekeeper

2 Sleight of Hand

I just can't go without. You don't know how much it it changes my style of gameplay when I play with this perk. FAST RELOAD AND AIMING DOWN THE SIGHT will insure you winning most of the fights

Probably the most beneficial perk. Fast reloading and ADS speed. Also, if you to find somebody stupid enough to use warlord, you can pick up his weapon, and go on a massive streak

A faster reload in a tight situation and faster aim speed for the fast encounter. - MrDungeonMasta

A must have for run and gunning

3 Steady Aim

M60 with this GO RAMBO just kidding but awesome

Instant semi accurate fire. - MrDungeonMasta

4 Ghost

Practical to ben invisible to UAVs, Black birds, chopper gunners, gun ships, attack helicopters, and infra red scopes - MrDungeonMasta

5 Flak Jacket
6 Warlord

Two weapon attachments always come in handy - MrDungeonMasta

Really great with pro, but it would be nice if you could carry 2 'willy petes'

7 Ninja
8 Second Chance

Its just so satisfying to kill the enemy who killed you. - MrDungeonMasta

9 Hardline

One less kill for a streak and a re-roll on a care package can't be that bad - MrDungeonMasta

I just love this perk. I use it for most of my classes. If you love killstreaks, use this perk. It'll do you good.

10 Hacker

To see enamy equipment position youself correctly out of danger of certain threats. - MrDungeonMasta

The Contenders

11 Lightweight

The best perk for rushing classes... Like mine: MP5K+ballistic knife+lightweight pro=WIN!

You are faster and don't take damage from falling. - MrDungeonMasta

12 Hardened
13 Marathon

A longer sprint to get to good points faster or to run awy in certain situations. - MrDungeonMasta

14 Tactical Mask

Pro version helps so much

15 Scout
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