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21 Tranzit

TranZit was, in the eyes of the developers, a new way to challenge the zombie fans. They knew how devout their fans were in the early predecessors (World at War & Black Ops), so they decided to take it to a different direction. With the same basics applied to the map, they also added new material as well. That is, being the bus, the buildables, new environment, and the new characters we see in the game. However, while the fans were excited to hear that Treyarch has once again added ZOMBIES into the game, they didn't know what it would be like once they played it. Ultimately, without TranZit, the story wouldn't have continued without a new beginning--TranZit was the map that continued the story that the fans know today. Like Nacht Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten, also Shadows of Evil, every story has a Beginning... And an End. That is why this map is so intriguing because of how different it is compared to most maps. Because it was the Beginning of a new story. The map has mixed reviews ...more

I liked this map, there was a lot do and yes it was pretty difficult it still managed to be fun at the same time which makes me like it even more.

Transit is sick

No this should not be here tranzit is terrible map the buidables suck the jet gun is crap the denizens are annoying you have to go all the way to town to get jugg pack a punch is hard to get this is the worst map ever and it does not deserve to on this list

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22 Revelations V 2 Comments
23 The Giant

This is the best remake of Der Reise by far, so much fun and a huge step up from a legendary classic.

Revamped der riese with better graphics and weapon attachments. Makes it way easier with attachments on the guns, and being able to pack a punch weapons twice for fireworks and blast furnace.

Best remake of Der Reise by far. Love the new textures and the gobblegum on this map make it so much easier. I would put this as my number 1.

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24 Gorod Krovi

A very fun map and the ending cutscene is my favorite of all of them!

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25 Turned Diner

Pretty good unless it is 1 on 1 then its hard

26 Alcatraz
27 Zetsubou No Shima

It's a hard map I really like the difficulty

Fun. Good place to train. Big camping spot easy Easter egg. Buildables.RIP Takao

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28 Outbreak V 1 Comment
29 Exo Zombies
30 Dead Ops Arcade

This map doesn't get enough love. It was something different to work with and it was lots of fun. The only downside was the system of donating your lives to nooby players who kept dying leaving you with 0 lives despite yourself not being downed once. All in all, if you've got a good enough team you can have a lot of fun on this map.

It is easy to pass


Maps add me on ps3 milan66- please give it ill get you to 15 prestige and gold gunz unlited money black ops pz -_-

31 Farm

It's pretty big.

Pros:lots of perks mystery box and wall weapons

Cons:no packapunch and mystery box death spot because zombies come from sides

This map is great, simple, and the smallest. Could be the mosgchalle

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32 House (Nintendo DS)

The hardest map in history

33 The Plantation
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