Best Call of Duty Maps of All-time

Out of all the Call Of Duty multi-player maps ever created, which one was the best map of all-time!

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1 Terminal


Definitely the most balanced and fun map.

Very balanced. Sniping routes mixed with close quarter assault rifle and smg fighting. Long lanes with flanking routes allow for unique search and destroy. A great map

This map is just perfect! I don't know why but it's just right. Best Call of Duty map in history.

2 Nuketown

Best map ever so much fun

Whether you're playing 2010 or 2025 you can always count on nuketown for non-stop action and heaps and heaps of kills. Best thing of all is that there is nowhere to camp. Not to sure about zombies though, it gets a bit dull after a while. All in all, a sick map

I didn't really played that much on modern warfare but tell me how could it be better than nuketown, people who don't have nuketown should consider them selves as bad luck in Call of Duty

Always a way to show whose boss in this map it's fun and it has non stop action you can't get better than that. Flat out awesome.

3 Shipment

This is the smallest map ever!

Manic fun. Knives only.

Take rust from MW2, half it and you get shipment. It's just a square map with cargo dropped in it yet it is so fun to play and if you were a good enough player you could a K-D of around 100-40.

4 Rust

Truly my favorite.

Nuketown doesn't even beat it for me! I really wish this was in later games. - sryanbruen

Hardcore headquarters on this map is non stop craziness - EPICMANMARC


5 Highrise

My all-time favorite map! Fast action game play, dozens of attack options, air support galore, great for rushing, sniping, assault rifles, it has everything! What makes a great map is when you remember something special about it, a spark that you get whenever you play it: knowing exactly where to go and where to hide! Two base warfare? That hidden rooftop area? The crane on the side? Remember hiding from that AC-130 when its in the air? That's Highrise! - Revelsa

6 Firing Range

Has the perfect amount of highs and lows.there's so many different strategies and it's not over complicated but not super simple. It's just plain fun

Considered ti be the best map of BO1 by many, Firing Range has just the right amount of action without the fear of being surrounded. This map could play like nuketown or jungle, depending on how it was used. Perfect for every game mode.

I love this map! It's not big or small. It has openness to it yet it has lots of close combat areas. I guess it makes sense; a firing/training range would really have it all! - Graham

I always go to a certain spot in the map and snipe everybody.

7 Favela

Great fun to be had here. Private football matches. Knives only. I wish ALL the maps could be made available to ALL the releases. That would be amazing.

Amazing map for sniping, rushing EVERYTHING

Fun for everything from mike Myers in private match to droping nukes in multiplayer

8 Crash

Loved this map. Call of Duty 4 maps should rank from 1 and on in order

Best map hands down especially Christmas crash

Best all round map of Call of Duty. hands down

The best

9 Bloc

I remember loving this map on Call of Duty 4.

I used to,HATE this map at first but it grew on me and became a favourite.

10 Gustav Cannon

Cool map. amazing for snipers and lmg players

The Contenders

11 Afghan

Made me feel like an actual sniper picking off scavengers of a wrecked airplane

Number 2 behind rundown you skumsacks

12 Dome

Remember playing WaW Wii on this map! Good times.

Small and fast

I'm assuming were talking the WAW version here... Mw3 map by that name was fun also but not my favorite, or even in my top 5. Dome is still the best 1v1 map ever in my opinion. Wasn't bare like Shipment and more playable than Rust for non 1v1 matches. And no spawn trapping like Nuketown because there went sentry guns and such.

My favourite map on mw3, and favourite map on all Call of Duty games. MW3 gets a lot of hate, never really understood why, I had blast playing it, especially on dome.

13 Nuketown 2025

Awesome should be top the future version of nuketown whats better than that should be above the normal nuketown better cars, Easter eggs and all the best

Just the same as BO1 nuketown

14 Summit

Decent Size Map, great Search and Destroy Map

15 Hijacked

Good for snipers and short range weapons! awesome looking and just flows very well

16 Crossfire

Perfect for snipers and also viable for short range combat. Lots of areas perfect for intense engagement

I think its the most amazing and tremedous map ever created. Its the place where all classes can see actions even pistols! If you ever play there you will understand. The adrenaline is so high because there is a big road that seperates the two teams and there you can see gunfire range from pistols and shotguns to heavy LMG's and knifes while every single second you got 2 greades going off and rpg's flying across the road! Just magnificent. Deserves 1st plse!

17 Bog

Best map by far

18 Whiteout
19 Mission
20 USS Texas

Necessary in BO4

This map is awesome

21 Raid

One of the bests

How is this so low on the list

22 Backlot
23 Scrapyard
24 Castle
25 Wet Work

All the COD4 maps were great. Flash bang.frag. Rinse repeat.

26 Standoff

Standoff Top 10 obliger

27 Estate


It is a good map because it is good for sniping

28 Skidrow

The centre provides great ground war and tdm and the back a great SnD

29 Solar
30 Jungle

Jungle to me was amazing because of the 3 major choke points and how you could get a good team strategy for any game mode. The differences in elevation and using the bridge to cut across the map laterally were why this map was my favorite in BO.

31 Downturn

How is this even in this spot? Downturn for the win

32 Overgrown
33 Cliffside
34 Seatown
35 Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break is an American television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring, that was broadcast on Fox for four seasons, from 2005 to 2009. The series revolves around two brothers.

Great show

36 Strikezone
37 Instict
38 Strike
39 Octane

Even though ghosts is crap, I think this map is great, with sniping and close quarters being fairly balanced

40 Carrier
41 Nuk3town


42 Vacant

Our favourite map when playing 4 player split screen. Great fun with a shotgun and a rocket launcher.

This map had a great atmosphere that was sort of every. Love how there is a contrast between the dark and claustrophobi inside and also the open outside

43 Hazard

Great sniping map, great for search and destroy and the only map in black ops where you can shoot from one spawn to the other

44 Ambush
45 Courtyard
46 Convoy
47 Riot

It is my favorite Map on advanced warfare and plays well

48 Studio

A Remake of firing range so why the hell is it 56

49 Instinct
50 Combine
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