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21 MSR

Amazing sniper and a godly quickscoping weapon. If you are a seasoned sniper, you will feel right at home with this deadly weapon. If you see someone with it, quickly kill them or your done

By the best sniper in the game. It is smooth and has fast reload time why is this not here.

One of the best sniper rifles you'll see in Call of Duty history love the gun

Who's the idiot who said this was worse than the L118a? Probably all the noobs who don't want to work to get to level 66. One shot kill above the waist, wicked fast for a bolt action, and better accuracy. I use this all the time and go 40-5 ffa.

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22 Striker

Very overpowered weapon even after the recent patch. Great rate of fire, high damage and great range make this the ultimate noob killing weapon!

Best shotgun ever unfortunately the reloading takes a while

The best automatic shotgun in Call of Duty history

Awesome to use for juggernauts!

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23 FMG9

I know that these guns are very overpowered akimbo, but would you choose these godly guns or another machine pistol knowing that it wasnt the best? These guns akimbo are the strongest things in the whole game and they kill people basically instantly.

Although not everyone likes them and they don't like dying from them, you have to admit that these guns should be first!

Are you kidding me? This thing is unfair with amkimbo and steady aim and I love it to death

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24 KSG 12

Put kick and extended mags and your good to go
With this weapon I once got three EMPS in one game - Aslo

It is a fact that this gun is the strongest shotgun in the game and there is no wondering why. It packs a massive punch and the range and precision is outstanding. Great pump action shottie.

This shotgun has the tightest pellet spread of any shotgun in the game, and has as much ammo as the striker (I think).

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25 MG36

Great all around, damage, fire rate, capacity, even good iron sights.

I think it should be higher it is a monster. With thermal and grip it is amazing.

Awesome gun, chuck kick and rapid fire and your unstoppable, with a 100 round clip its easy to mow down enimies. Awesome gun, alright iron sights, some might want to use acog or something :D

Best gun in my opinion only gun I use in survival

26 MP9

This is the best secondary weapon in the game but you need to level it up first to get 2 of them (akimbo proficiency) When I did this, I managed to get a kill streak of 7 from just using this gun, not even using my primary. When you have two, they have an incredibly fast firing rate and best for those distances where your enemy is too far away to knife, but two near to aim at with a normal gun. I would totally recommend this gun and the time it takes to get it to weapon level 5 is worth it.

This gun is literally better than most primaries. Throw on a silencer or extended mags and your pretty much garunteed a positive game.

Best secendary in the game hands down. Great accuracy and damage even though the gun can sometimes be hard to control. But Absolutly beast at close range! Slap a silencer on there and its just as good as the G39c.

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27 Semtex

One time, I through a semtex anywhere, THEN it stucked on an enemy, then TRIPLE KILL!

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28 G18

A good secondary not the best in the game but a very fast fire for finishing people of, this gun has saved me more than a few times.

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29 Desert Eagle

They should have made it the same it was great in Call of Duty 4 but now the noise is not the same and its been dum done the magnum has taken its crown.

30 Five Seven

The handgun for pros. Large magazine, low damage. Only use if you have the trigger finger for it.

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31 C4

Very good for domination if you want to protect the flags

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32 XM25

I like to call this this the Christmas gun because with some extra ammo it gets pretty easy to dominate with this. XM25/Xmas

33 AA-12

Fully automatic shot gun with very high damage. I've gotten 10 kill steak in team deathmatches. How is it not in the top ten?

Fully auto shotgun and it annoys people. Some call it n00b I call it pro.

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34 PM-9

This gun goes through a lot of ammo and has very poor range, but with extended mags and kick it can piss a lot of people off if you're just running around a small area. It's almost like having a rapid fire MP-9 as a primary, sort of. Just stay out of long range situations because you'll die if you try to go head to head with almost any AR or LMG from medium-long range. Overall I do like this gun and I got it gold because I like the mobility it provides.

Ever since the update it's so good everyone uses it now I'm gonna try it when I'll get it because I'm prestige 3

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35 Skorpion

The best secondary to use! Its not cheap like the FMG9's and its stronger than the mp9. Put on akimbo and you will easily tear up the enemies.

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36 P99

The P99 is a great stealthy pistol, given that it's 007's firearm. And they base a lot of the guns in games off movies. - AirwolfKITT

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37 .44 Magnum

The most powerful secondary weapon in the game that isn't a launcher. With akimbo, it's golden! - DunnaNunnaBatman

With double this thing kills the enemy before they kill you

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38 USP .45

If no body ever tried this gun out please try it out because once I got a 6killstreak with this pistol

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I hate these things cause I always get killed by them and then they mess up the entire game when I play Kill Confirmed. I can never get 25 kills to get one, that for me is impossible! Way too overpowered!

This ruins my game because after its detonated I start losing hard even in the new matches I have bad luck for 3 rounds

Mother of all bombs what else. Do I have to say

so op

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40 USAS 12

Usas 12 is amazing gun with grip and extended magazine you can got a moab easily with overkill steady aim and sleight of hands
Is faster than any other weapon and with one shot you die or you got red the screen.
I don't know why is not in the list

This gun is amazing I have gotten so many moabs with it and extended mags also have it in gold

I agree it shoudl be higher then aa12 I tested both weapons I got more kills with the usas12

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