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41 M60E4

This gun is super underrated. Can shoot through almost anything without needing to use impact, 100 round clip means no worrying about reloading. Use "attachments"Add the grip and you have a range almost of a sniper rifle. Heat vision scope. Makes unstoppable too

I think this is the best weapon because me and my friend slay the juggernaut in less than 10 seconds

Because of large magazine good firerate and high damage its best weapon for survival mode

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Best secondary weapon combining with an AR. Seriously, if those players just love camping behind something and never come out to face you, stick a smaw missile into them, and they are done. Better aoe than rpg, better accuracy, and it's so cool to launch it. Why not?

43 Knife

Ok picture this your just sitting there camping like a newb and all of a sudden some guy rushes you with a shotgun what are you gonna do your gonna knife him the knife has saved your ass so many times it deserves to be number 1

Everybody underestimates this, but it has saved your life so many times and you never remember about it

I, m not going to say that this is the best weapon in the game, but it is definitely the most fun to utilise. It takes skill, strategy, and stealth to use the knife successfully, which isn't normally evident when spraying down an enemy with an LMG. Unlimited ammo, no recoil, light, and fun, what's not to love about it?

Its nice especially when it saved you a bunch of times

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44 Model 1887

It's like the KSG from Black Ops 2. It's got awesome range. I like to just go around sharpshooting everyone with it. It's also the Terminator's gun, and you have to agree that that's awesome. - AirwolfKITT

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45 RPG-7

I agree the second bullet can come as a suprise for the enemies it has saved my life like a 100 times I rush the corner with my rocket launcher still out and then the opponent is blasted away leavus you in low healht however

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46 Javelin

Good for cutting enemies off acts like a mini moab without emp if you can actuall y hit someone

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47 Predator Missile

Its pretty much a free kill every time you use it best weapon in the game it never said it had to be a gun

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48 MP5 MW2

The second best SMG from MW2 I wish it would be better in MW3


The RSASS is the best "one shot one kill" every time... It deserves to b in the top 5, also its a great quick scoping rife
-Slieght of hand pro
-quickdraw pro
-dead silence
Unleash the BEAST within!

Please rethink the rsass no its not a one shot kill tryed it myself only good if you can shott those bullets at the same spot very fast 2 is enough maye 3 if you are unlucky

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50 Stinger

Very good for drop zone and trolling I always love it when people rage just because I used a stinger on their assasult drone or helicopter it had a glich related to it that it could have been used on juggernauts but I guess it was fixed after tmartn showcased it

51 Minigun

This gun can only be found in a veteran

52 Frag Grenade

Good for grenade spots that you know

53 Throwing Knife

This weapon is good paired with a riot shield can also be used well with a gun, the pure speed of it can get you a kill after deflecting a whole clip with your riot shield, as the person reloads BAM! Throwing knife kill. Feels good to use this as it isn't the simplest way to kill someone like with a grenade or a gun. It takes time and skill to learn aiming it right and knowing when to use it. I have got over 100 kills with this weapon it has saved me many times when I have emptied my clip and have no time to reload, 9/10 times your opponent isn't expecting it.

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54 Glock

It's a very good gun for close range combat but not close enough to knife

55 Claymore

Has saved everyone's life at least 100 times! Put it behind you when sniping and tick.. Boom!

The best explosive ever for trolling you leave it unseen easy kill

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56 Osprey Gunner

One of the best kill streaks in the game you can destroy people and it's fun

57 Bouncing Betty V 2 Comments
58 Sentry Gun
59 Riot Shield

I use this only in the multiplayer map - hardhat, it is great for heading down the tunnel where there are always lots of enemy's. I recommend using dual MP9s as your secondary weapon, then you can kill everyone once your through the tunnel!

60 AS50

WHY THE HELL IS THIS NOT HIGHER THAN THE BARRET?!?! Its zoom is less, so its more versatile, its more accurate, and Iv never had to shoot someone twice.! Shot kills 100percent of the time. Yes, it has a lower fire rate and a smaller mag, but no pro sniper needs as much bullets and such a high fire rate as the barret! BEST SNIPER

How is this not higher? I suck with the Barrett and I hate the MSR. Hit markers are almost extinct with this sniper! Doesn't even need any attachments. It's beast. Period. Although it's mainly for long range hard-scoping.

May not have long ranged sights but it sure is good when combined with a accurate shot and a person who really needs to shoot quickly at enemies charging at them

This one of the best guns in the game top 5 for sure

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