Best Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Maps

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1 Der Riese

This is a great one for beginners and can be quite the fun experience for an expert zombie slayer. Plus, the radios are freaky and the song, "Beauty of Annihilation" by Elena Seigman, is just beautiful.

I love all the old school wall guns. And it's pretty fun to try to get the Collector trophy on ps3

Yes I agree this is a really good map I love to camp and train and this map you can do both

Camping on the catwalks and using the WunderWaffe during the dog rounds was amazing. Such nostalgia.

2 Kino der Toten

Kino is almost the perfect zombies map. There are lots of places for players to train zombies without going too far from one another and making it possible to always pick your friends back up after being downed. There are all the necessary perk machines to make it to late rounds plus there is Mule Kick to help players out even more. Pack-a-Punching weapons is not too hard on this map either because you are safe in a room overlooking the hordes after teleporting. The only downside to this map, in my opinion are the crawlers that explode; however, compared to other zombie maps the crawlers are really not that bad.

Ascension is great, but this is just so fun that I don't even know how Der Riese is in front of it. It's great, but not half as good as kino. I will always think this is the best map.

I think Kino Der Totten is great. It is quite big map and corridors are wide so zombies will not trap you if you know what I mean. It also has that amazing weapon thundergun which makes game even more interesting and funny.

My friends and I know this map so well to the point where we could remake the whole thing if we were asked to. I simply love this map.

3 Mob of the Dead

By far one of the absolute coolest and most intense map of all the series. Has a new link so that they can include more story lines for the future. The guns and perks are fun to get and the characters are funny. Not to mention they have more than one game mode!

This map is very near and dear to my heart. The characters, the gameplay, the Blundergat all make this one of the most innovative zombies maps yet. The map looks amazing, and it actually sends a chill down my spine every time I come across the deserted cell blocks and corridors. The Easter egg wasn't overly difficult or complicated but was so much fun to do! Brutus was an amazing zombie boss, who was actually able to do more than just kill you. The Hell's Retriever and Blundergat are also 2 of my favorite weapons to date. There's so much fun to be had with this map and so many secrets to find in the zombie infested Alcatraz.

By the way, Ray Liotta as Billy Handsome. 'enough said.

This map is beast not to mention a thousand things to do. And it has a tommy gun! I only play this map and origins because they each give their own zombie experience and provide hours of gameplay while kino, der reise, and call of the dead are all straight forward maps with no storyline or experience and only an hour before you get bored of the same thing over and over.

This map is a great map for people who are just starting to get acquainted with the zombies experience. That said, it is challenging enough to attract even the most hardcore zombie player. With all of the cool things to do around the map and the overall atmosphere of the map, I am proud to say that this is one of the ultimate zombie experiences to date.

4 Origins

I just love the characters the game play... Just everything about this map screams EPIC! The intro movie is stunning and the new LMG is amazing! Plus the new Mystery box and pack-a-punch looks so cool! The new perk-o-cola really helps out if your short on money and the juggernaut zombie ads a good challenge to the map. Plus the staffs and super fun and the easter egg provides an amazing zombies experience unlike another map before. I love this map!

Great storyline bringing back the best group of zombie slayers again. Also there isn't a better weapon in Call of Duty zombies history than the lightning, fire, ice, and wind staffs, which is the main reason I can't get enough of this masterpiece.

In the end it is the best all around map because it never gets old. You can cylce through the staffs so that there's something new each time. You always have something to do because of the staves, upgrading them, the thunder fists, challenges, g-strike and last but so not least the awesome Easter egg, by far the most original, interesting and fun map.

By far the best map in my opinion. Everything about it is great! The staffs are amazing and it's so fun to play with friends, the only problem some people have with this map is that it's confusing and you have to know how to get the staffs.

5 Ascension

The Chronicles remaster version is my all time favorite map.

The best map for trains! It is a very balanced size. Not too big and not too small. Space Monkegs are very annoying, but still a great experience!

Amazing map for trains, fun, and pure insanity. Ascension was the best looking map of all time, but also the funnest of all time. Everything about this map showed Nazi Zombies at its finest.

Greatest map ever! Space Monkeys are annoying at times yet they keep the map hard so you won't get bored. You have one of the greatest places for training and of course the THUNDERGUN.

6 Call of the Dead

This map was epic. I loved the iconic characters that you played as and how the zombies would zip-line when chasing after you. PhD flopper was extremely effective because there were so many places to dolphin dive from and running from an angry George Romero was always nerve wrecking. Best intro movie in my opinion as well

wtf its the biggest newest funniest hardest and scariest

You get rid of George and this is the best map, but I hated him because he would ruin my trains and was just annoying; I get what they were trying to do, but it wasn't effective. They should have offered a "No George" mode.

This ma is the best map in the whole zombie thing it is big hard and don't get me started about george he ups the cool ness by 100%

7 Moon

The biggest map on Blops, Moon was very unexpected. It is far, far from perfect, but it is still worth playing sometimes!

That stupid astronaut bastard

This map is the boss because its simple, straight forward, but it is is has a boss, is exciting, and your on the...nevermind, just think about it

Yeah its by far the most annoying map but it has my vote for the vibe it brings. Plus it's the only map anyone can hack!

8 Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache is by far the most well done, epic, and most engrossing zombie map yet. It is the map that has taken the best things out of Origins, Mob of the Dead, Ascension, the Giant, and the Moon, and put them into one such as an amazing atmosphere. Very good training and camping spots, as well as the best, most beautiful and overpowered weapons of all zombie history, the Ancient Bows. This map represents the pinnacle of zombies, and is everything that Treyarch has learned from before put into one, creating this masterpiece of a map.

The bows are so OP it's beautiful, part of a larger Easter egg that I can't fully do, but they make the map so enjoyable and somewhat easier

This map has the most things to do. Unlike Tranzit, it's not tedious, it's something that zombies fans haven't seen in a while... FUN!

This map is the perfect difficulty. The bows are fun to get. Great atmosphere. I always wanted a castle map for zombies!

9 Nacht der Untoten

The smallest map and the most easiest to get around in. You can get to very high rounds especially with friends.

Just fight threw some zombie rounds, go to the mystery box by unlocking the door with "Help" written on it.

(Do not unlock the staircase, in the first room you spawn in. It backfires later on.) Then all of you grab power weapons (preferably machine guns.) and then you clear the staircase right next to the mystery box, and then just go to that are with the grenades, all of you just camp there. You should also have a player or two buy the grenades and throw them at the door where most of the zombies come from. Grenades are unlimited. (Some zombies will come through the barricaded window right next to the door.) But if you unlock the staircase in the room you first spawn in, it leads directly to the room with grenades. It will be much harder to survive if you unlocked that staircase. But if you did not then no zombies will come through there. Conserve ...more

This is the very first zombie map that came out and I find it the funnest. The atmosphere really proves that you are surviving from a zombie attack and since the map is the smallest one you have to be smart about where you are going to hold off.

The very first zombies map. It was small, simple, perkless, and an amazing thing to add to WaW! This is where zombies kicked off and, even being extremely simplistic, never seems to let you down!

It is very good with challenges and is simplistic enough where all you need are good weapons and descent skills to get better at especially if you but the stairs and the other way to the box(Don't buy the door that says HELP) that door will kill you, because if you go around for box and keep a crawler or one zombie you'll be fine. If you are like me and train zombies don't open the HELP door because then the zombies instead of going up and around just go through there

10 Buried

Buried is the perfect map because you can get seven perks without having to do anything super hard, its easy for beginners but presents a good challenge when played the right way. When people say the the ghost stealing your money and the PaP being far away makes it too annoying but it makes it more of a challenge as you have to set up for going in which can be really easy and quick or really hard and take you until round 20. Also the Remington New Model Army is the perfect handgun, better than the ray gun and the ray gun mark II (also introduced in this map). All in all, it is the perfect map for any experienced player looking for a challenge or any noob looking for easy map to say he made it to a high round on.

This map sucks because trash zombies players can make it to round 50 easily and then think they are good at the game. - Totalbeasto001

Buried best map there'll ever be very addictive lots of places to explore and do and some tight spaces and big spaces that's is what makes this map the best

Looks very fun can't wait untill it comes out, and with the raygun mark 2, the witch like girl, and the giant guy that can destroy zombies if you give him candy.

Amazing map. I loved all the new ideas such as drawing your own weapons and the crazy giant adding a lot more variety than previous maps.

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11 Shi No Numa

One of the first maps, this one introduces Hellhounds, the flogger, and pros that spawn randomly. A load of fun once you memorize each section of the map!

Classic map. Great setting with entertaining characters. Very simple, which is what I like. I dislike the complexity of later maps. Also had great spots to hold down with your friends, or you could run around and stay alive. This map is what sold me to Zombies. By far the best for me.

I love the huge open spaces which are perfect for training in. Also, the enclosed hallways really help and the zipwire, perks and box are the icing on the cake!

I love this map the atmosphere is awesome and is just a fun map not too challenging

12 Nuketown Zombies

The map is awesome, and suit for the average survivor looking for a challenge. The cars and trash scattered around make it hard to move, but simple once you get the hang of it.
No lava!
The map can be surprising, considering that you never know when-or what perk will fall from the sky!
You can jump out of windows and into the sky! (But also the ground. )
Creepy and surprising clock that makes a creepy sound every 100 kills! (We need some horror, guys! )
The shed that has a free power up!
No major Easter eggs...
Maybe if you could remove the War Machine grenade launcher, it would be better.
More game modes!
One last con, the perks take too long to fall, like one time it took 7 rounds to wait until the quick revive perk fell.
A major Easter egg, yo!
Perk-A-Colas should have a certain, and not random, round to land on the ground.
How about more game modes?
Over all, the map is awesome!

The map looks epic and the nuke in the distance just blew my mind the first time I saw it

So fun, I know the map Nuketown from multiplayer. So it is easier.

Best map to learn zombies on. It's easy and has cool weapons.

13 Revelations

The map is a little bit sloppy on the movement and how to get around. They could have brought back more maps and done a little bit better of a job on it. The Easter egg was pretty weak as well. They could have done a lot worse though.They included fun wonder weapons and made it not too difficult to get set up on the map. All in all, great map.

Its beast bruv


It's only just came out and hasn't even hit Xbox and it is already the best map, In the map it has different sections of two maps from each game

Nacht Der Untoten


Kino Der Toten

Shangri La

Mob of the dead


Der Eisendrache

Zetsobuo No Shima

And one of the coolest pack a punchs yet which is good considering gorod krovi you get to ride a dragon

Oh the thundergun is back finally after 5 years

14 Town

Great map, with pack a punch, six perks and a good size, this map should at least be in the top 10.

It's just perfect in every way

What is town doing here it is awesome with packapunch and loads of perks and the map is the perfect size.

This map has a really good setup and it is smaller and easier to get around. Best map in bo2

15 The Giant

Just got The Giant and I haven't played shadows of evil since. This could be one of my favorite maps and in my opinion better than the original.

Great remake of one if the best maps!

Such a fun and open map some cool Easter eggs

Nice remaster

16 Verrükt

Come on guys, this map introduced the perks and it's behind five. Besides, it's so fun with friends because you're separated in the beginning and try to find each other and has a great place for training.

The original zombies map to have power and perks. How is Green Run even on the top 10 list but this isn't? Plus the creepy noises in the backround make you wonder if there is just zombies here.

It has already been mentioned on this list

"Verrukt and Gorod Krovi walk into a room and chat."
Gorod Krovi: There's nothing in your map, just perks, so boring.
Verrukt: Pay your respects to your elders. Without me there would be no perks.

17 Gorod Krovi

Gorod krovi uses principles of mob of the dead and weapons from older elements and combines them in a way that just makes it the greatest map. It's a simple map with chores to do in order to get pack a punch just like in MOTD and you get to ride a dragon! Just like in MOTD there are challenges to that rewards you with a weapon such as the gauntlet of siegfierd, we also have the fan favourite PPSH-41 brung back after 7 years! The brand new mark 3 which is super fun to use and the new awesome shield in which you can use as a weapon, as well as the time challenges which reward you with swords. Let's not forget the interesting mysteries that have been solved such as Peter Mccain and also Sophie in the computer, as well as the best boss fight yet, Nikolai 1.0 in a deadly robot machine! The content and simplicity as well as climate that Gorod Krovi brings is so perfect for CO-OP and that's why gorod krovi will be one of the most played maps in zombies, therefore making it one of the ...more

There is just so much to do and so many weapons! The map is challenging yet not a chore like Zetsubou. Amazing map.

This is amazing nothing to hard but not to easy just perfect. Also The PPSH


18 Verrückt

The hardest zombie map and surely the scariest one! Very difficult to make it to high rounds, but a very creepy experience too.

I find this map really fun to play on and whenever I go tryhard on it I get well good games. It has awesome atmosphere and I like how your in a asylum its just fitting for a fun zombies experience.

Underrated zombies map, first to introduce many core staples of Call of Duty Zombies, such as perks-a-cola machines and power. Creepy setting. Solid layout. Gets better the more you play it

Most challenging map with the creepiest atmosphere. Never boring and not over complicated like a lot of the later maps.

19 Die Rise

Apart from the possibility of falling to your death quite regularly, this is probably the easiest map to set yourself up on. The AN94 on the wall just makes things so much easier straight away, and you simply don't need to hit the box until the higher rounds as a result. There are sooo many camping spots, made even easier with the trampolsteam to block zombies coming out of windows behind you. Waiting for perks to arrive is just part of the challenge of the map for me, and it isn't an issue at all. You can get to the bank and gun locker right at the start of the map if you wanted to, giving you an even easier head start. The only downside is the fact you can die quite quite often from falling. If you're paying attention it's not bad, but when you're on the run from a hoarde of zombies, or simply want to get around quickly, sometimes to don't hit the run/jump button quite hard enough, and you simply just fall off the edge, completely undoing all of your hard work in the most ...more

My 2nd favorite after ascension its loads of fun awesome wonder weapons and no super boring transition areas plus new awesome wall weapons and of course who's who

It's a fun map, but the characters suck, and you must train. Plus if you die or skip something on accident, you have to walk around the whole map, and land some jumps and stuff. It was a good idea, but these problems were just extremely annoying.

With Narrow corridors and a sense of verticality, Die Rise adds a whole new sense to the zombie community. It punishes players for not watching their step when they fall down elevator shaft or of the building itself. It provides unique buildables as well as as well as making you wait for your perks. It introduces new zombies that provide a challenge but reward you well.

20 Shangri-La

The newest zombie map; It's classic with new innovations.

Come on! A mine cart, awesome weapons including a shrink ray. A water slide! Napalm zombies. It's a temple. Pretty hard map to play though

Awesome map I like the way it's like Indiana jones style and there's great boss zombies and my favourite wonder weapon just the atmosphere is just unbelievable

Pretty difficult to play and the Easter egg is pretty difficult. This is map is not for the casual zombie player.

21 Bus Depot

If you like a challenge. This is a great thing to to try.

Only Jesus can play that map.

I have a really bad itch.

Most amazing map ever so much to do how could horrible maps like kino and der riese beat this

22 Ancient Evil
23 Shadows Of Evil

This map is probably so low because people haven't seen this on the front voting page and nobody really votes anymore so nobody see's this, but if people were to vote then this would be at least in the top 10 if not top 5. This map takes zombies to a whole different level, and I mean A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL. It has the biggest/longest Easter egg ever and it's one of the most challenging maps ever made. It takes skill and strategy to succeed on this map.

This is a very interesting map. It has some very good wall guns and unlike the other maps the mystery box isn't completely filled with bull guns. This map is also one of the more difficult maps so it takes more skill to survive. The theme of the map is very cool and the song matches perfectly with the theme.

I thought this map sucked but then I learned all the stuff you can do and it is awesome. Its not the best map in my opinion, the best map is Origins, but Shadows is a great map with a lot of cool new things and it is really fun and interesting. This map also introduced Widow's Wine which is a great new perk.

I like Shadows however I feel as if opening Pack-a-Punch isn't exactly tedious, but very boring. Other than that this is pretty much Mob of The Dead 2.0.

24 Green Run

Transit is awesome you get 4 different locations and also get to visit Nacht Der Untoten, the bus was an awesome feature which let you get about the map easier, the idea of teleportation was great and the bus was also a good feature, even running around in the fog was good fun because there were always lots of funny moments that happened. The Easter egg is also pretty fun to try and do, I've been close to completing it a couple of times now and have still never been bored of it once!

Yea this map is awesome truly addictive I know the map OBH there are so many secrets in it and the characters are cool and I love the new perk TOMBSTONE I love the GALVA KNUCKLES the TOWN and DINER are my favourite places love how you can make things such as the TURBINE and ZOMBIE SHIELD the easter egg is fun and lengthy the cool new electrical boss a bus that WORKS along with CALL OF THE DEAD and SHANGRI LA this is the BEST MAP EVER! Also don't forget the amazing song... Love it simply LOVE IT!

Very fun and addictive. There are so many areas to train in and so many Easter eggs to be found. I just love the tower of babel. Other than the denizens, this is the perfect zombie map.

This one is very underrated. I love making strategies with friends and all, but the denzens are very annoying. Also, it seems like there's a lot of space, but most of it is taken up completely. There's also not many options and the jet gun takes forever to build. The denizens are just a minor annoyance, they're never gonna actually kill you.

25 Zombies In Spaceland

I can and have spent hours and hours in this game. It's big enough and intuitive enough to have a lot going on. The theme park element is fun. The wonder weapons are nice. The visuals are great. And the Easter Egg is fun and challenging. All in all, my favorite.

I think it's better than the AW and BO3 zombies I played

It's just a fun colorful map to play on

Got me back into zombies

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