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41 Cove V 1 Comment
42 Dead Ops Arcade

I am not good at anything else laugh out loud

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43 Failed

Very complex, not good for noobs and should not be the only zombies map to come with Black ops 3 at launch

44 Stadium

Search on Google: This is a custom map-so yes, it does exist, but it probably doesn't belong on this list

1. This map doesn't exist
2. You can only get this on PC by download.
3. It deserves to be lowest rank anyways.

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45 TranZit

Gotta love how Tranzit is behind 5 maps that don't exist

How do people not love this map, what isn't there to love about, I mean just to start there are denizens also a really in depth Easter egg and how can you not love the main boss avocado

Totally underrated and most definitely in my top 5. One of the first in depth spanned out Easter eggs that perhaps players didn't want to put the time into learning everything.

It had the deadshot daquri perma perk, a perma perk so good it made some guns better than most bo3 guns.

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