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21 Corvus

He was from black ops 3 and was the ai in the dni that the protagonists and antagonists had

This virus drived taylor and hendricks nad and caused the death of all blops 3 characters

Corvus destroyed the whole packed DNI group, for which Taylor, Diaz, Hall, Hendriks, Merrati, Kane includingthe protagonist died due to their anomal behaviour. BUT! It was the actual thrill of the game!

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22 Javier Salazar

This guy nothing like a navy seal as what he was supposed to be a guy who pretends to be a navy seal but he fakes it petraeds his team mates.

He betrays his own Seals and is on Menendez's side. He, if you shot Menendez's on the mission Odysseus, will kill Chloe, if you killed De Falco, and is just generally a traitor. He will also injure Admiral Briggs if you don,t shoot him in the head or leg or arm... I don't understand that he is not higher on the list as betrayal is quite a heavy price to pay.

23 Diego Almagro

"leader of the federation"

24 Ludvig Maxis

There is a rivalry between him and richtofen over taking the world and he was the hidden villain after he takes control over zombies nobody will survive he is also the creator of the zombies

25 Salen Kotch

This guy launched an attack on Geneva, and waged war on the Earth. Not even Makarov did something that crazy

Nearly destroyed THE EARTH! Not even Makarov could do that. Plus he is a dictator.

26 Manuel Noriega
27 Samantha Maxis
28 Alejandro Rojas
29 Joseph "Hades" Chkheidze

Badass leader of the KVA who destroys Seattle and wins match of hand to hand combat against an exo suit. Also the reason Mitchell finds out about Itons.

30 John Taylor
31 Mullah Rahman
32 Waraabe

Waraabe pretty much has a lot of similarities with al asad, both characters being interrogatives with berets that lead their country. have a connection with the main villain, and both get killed by captain price, who of course executes them with a pistol

Waraabe doesent know about makrov but he does know about volk

33 General Hakim
34 Zombies

Zombies can knock a person down to be bleeding out the genral started all of zombies in black ops 1 and 2

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35 Volk

Was Makarovs best friends through Modern Warfare 3 but later died giving status on Makarov to Captain Price

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36 Erik Breighner

He was alive for about 2 minutes in Black Ops 2, but he did work for Menendez, making him a villain, which is what this list is about, so might as well throw him in

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37 Yared

He was one of the Soviet's who helped Dragovich, Steiner and Kravchenko throw Reznov and his men into the Nova 6 filled room. He can also be seen giving his gun to Kravchenko so he can kill an unnamed man earlier in that mission.

38 Viktor Reznov

That was just a man named victor. Reznov died 1963 43 year before No Russian

He's not in no Russian he is reznov

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39 Alex Mason

He is hero in Black ops then villain and then in Black ops 2 back to hero

Alex Mason stole Hudson's porn magazine.

Most of the time he is a good guy, however he did kill Steiner even though Steiner offered to help America and the C.I.A. wanted him alive - zachfriar

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40 Kiril
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