Raul Menendez


Menendez is on a whole other level than the other contenders. With him, you could actually have some form of sympathy. He was also more organized than than the other contenders, and, after one ending, even becomes a martyr, something none of the other contenders accomplished. The fact that he become a martyr after being killed in the game shows that he was loved by his Cordis Die followers.

Come on, not only was this guy a badass, but you could sympathize with him for his tragic backstory, he led an entire army to take over the world and created a deadly cyber attack to wipe out the U.S.A. and China. Not to mention the fact that he goes commando a lot.

Makarov and Shepard were bad people, ill have to admit. But Raul menendez is just pure evil, but still maintains a side to feel for him. Just the way he's a step ahead of everyone, killed many fellow comrades, and uses your men to betray you is just the tip of the iceberg. Raul menendez. Wins in my book if you ask me.

He wasn't an evil but a villain. He had a big heart and it was all for his sister, he was a real good guy and professional in his job and he knew what's he doing, something I don't understand is why did he wanted to annoy David? He was just a kid when woods killed Jossefina, even Hudson, Alex mason and the entire America were innocent! Makarov is a bloody bastard he deserves to be the first villain, but Menendez is very tough and powerful, he might tried to destroy the world but he had a reason, something I think Makarov didn't even think about it.

Raul Menendez was not only one of the most evil villains in Call of Duty history, he was also the most relatable. He didn't hate the USA for the sake of hating it, he had reasons. The Americans did so much damage to Raul that he just can't help but release the dictator within him, which resulted in complete destruction. Menendez is the man. I want to see him come back in a future game.

Bruh, How? Like how is he less evil than Makarov? He had the most mature thinking skills than any Call Of Duty character. He nearly wiped out all the playable characters. He had 2 billion people following him. He had such power that he could attack the US and China at the same time. And the most important thing? You can't just imprison him. If you do so, he would release viruses and escape. That's how he killed Woods. If you think killing him will just do it, the Cordis Die would cause uproar. There was just no way you could stop him...UNTIL AND UNLESS Call Of Duty provided a way to stop it.

Should be number 1 with no arguments. Your judging simply off of who is the most evil bad guy, not the better overall bad guy. Menendez is clearly the most interesting bad guy of all time, in Call of Duty.

Menendez was the kind of Villain you wanted to sympathize with which made him all the more evil. You felt bad for him even though he was committing atrocities which makes him a more dangerous villain

To be honest, I don't think I need to say why he's the best. Play B02 and BO Declassified. Pay close attention to his storyline. This guy is a mastermind. Makarov is evil, yes. But Raul is smart, cold, and loving of his innocent sister who Woods killed. He is a tragic villain through and through. But what makes him such a good antagonist is that, in the end he wins. No matter what, Menendez won. How? Well, Treyarch released a timeline of the Black Ops games a while back stating that it is canon that Menendez gets killed by Section at the end of BO2. Meaning that in the end, Cordis Die rioted, burnt the White House down and caused years and years of civil unrest in the US.

Then in one ending, If he is spared his virus shuts the US down and he murders Woods, one of his longtime goals. He wins. Plus, no matter what ending you got, he still severely damaged China and America with his drones (which he stole from the United States), and this damage was bad enough to were the D.E.A.D ...more

Raul Menendez actually had motives, unlike Makarov who was just saying "RAH I'm EVIL" Raul had a heart, Woods killed Josefina, Raul's sister, with a grenade, so Raul actually had motives to do the things he did he wanted vengeance and revenge for Wood's killing his sister. This sets Raul apart from the other villians.

Mendendez, in my opinion, is the best villian in the Call of Duty series, mainly because he could be symphathised by the player. Another good point is that he wasn't from any of the 'main villian countries-Germany or Russia. The fact that he was from Nicaragua-which made me actually look up Nicaragua on the Map!

Out of every villain in call of duty history, Raul was the only villain who got me so pissed off because he always had a plan to back up his other plan!

I finished it and Menendez is so evil like straight up he took over the ship and then he destroyed almost half the world thn he had people working for him and some people from the team plus he had a choice of killing or wounding the general

Raul is my favorite villain because he is very interesting and one crazy person

Master of manipulation, expert strategist, skilled fighter and you will always feel that he still has cards under his sleeves.

I think Raul Menendez deserve be the best evil, makarov not better than him

What THIS dude get shot in the face, blown up and gets shot 1 million times and he doesn't die, he destroys the whole U.S. A he kills one of the most bad ass people ( Alex Mason ) he bloody smokes his own dad tortures Hudson to death and should I keep going this list is getting long? Lol

He messes with people and if you have ever saw his face it looks like a true villain.

Menendez took control of us drones and was always a few steps ahead of his enemies

Compared to makarov menendez is far more brutal

Makarov was just boring, menendez for the win

Almost attacked the hole world

Raul menendez deserves to be higher with makarov, he was pure evil, smart and had a decent backstory. If you choose to shoot him instead of harper he will kill you.

Raul was amazing but nowhere near as good as Makarov. - NoobTuber

He is a basted he killed all your team mates