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1 Intervention

Bolt action. Quick scope no-scope king. Slight of hand pro
stopping power pro
and steady aim pro.
With those perks its unstoppable - my111

the intervention has a good aim since it's a sniper and you can shoot your enemies better

I love this gun it aims really well and you can snipe really good on it

faze boyyy

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2 M16A4

This is the best weapon in call of duty mw2. In story mode all you need is the m-16 grenadier with barret 50 cal. then your campaign would be unstoppable. - my111

Put on bling with a heartbeat sensor and nobody can beat you, they can't sneak up on you and you can kill from far away

Best Ever!
Its the best weapon in CoD 4 and one of the best of mw2

Best weapons I ever use in Call of Duty 4

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I just love the gun I hate the heartbeat sensor though - ballaboi17

In the series, this gun was the most acurate in Call of Duty mw2. I havnt played any of the others, but all I know is that this gun will kill anyone that walks in the path of PAIN! - my111

Awesome sweome gun, versitile, but not op. it was a relaible and fun gun to use

This weapon was even better with the MW3 ACR 6.8!
Primary: ACR 6.8
Secondary: MP9
Primary attachments: Two attachments proficiency: Silencer and extended magazine
Secondary attachment: Silencer
Perk 1: Scavenger (already fastest reloading rifle! )
Perk 2: Quickdraw (rifles have a slow ADS time)
Perk 3: Steady aim (make it better for close rang! )
Strike package: Assault
3 kills: UAV
5 kills: Predator missile
7 kills: Attack helicopter

Call of Duty 4 style!

4 Thompson Submachine Gun

So good and fun to use

I love this weapon.

RoF is OP.

6 Trench Gun

This gun is awesome better then others can shoot twice as fast as other guns way more powerful and it reloads fast they call it the death of death shot gun or one shoter

7 Peacekeeper V 2 Comments
8 AK-47

Yes it is number one in military channel. Enormous fame used for the good and bad. Mexican Cartel's favorite toy

In real life it's number one it said on military channel.

Ak-47 is a fast weapon, and simples, Everyon e can use!

9 Kar98k V 1 Comment

Scar was good in every games. very consistent. Best in BO2

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? Ripper

I love this gun in ghosts its really easy to use and you can use 2 diffrent modes that is useful for many types of things like hardcore mode and this gun is amazing it should be in the top 3 - flashgamer64

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11 M4A1

The reason why I chose this is because this gun is awesome and I started playing Call of Duty with that gun

It's my favorite gun on mw2


I LOVE THIS GUN. BEST EVER! (in the mw series)

12 M1 Garand

Great Automatic Rifle. I like when its round are over and the way the clips are changed. Really great for spraying its Bullets. Better than the BAR.

Shouldn't bee here should be higher up m1 is the best gun ever. - salvaged123

Great power

13 Crossbow
14 M1911 (Black Ops)
15 MSR
16 MP5
17 Ballista
18 Ray Gun

Does this count as a regular gun? - salvaged123

oh ya

what? - hham32

19 Commando

Fast fire rate with some to no recoil recommended

Good damage for an assault rifle

20 Honey Badger

1 of 2 guns people use in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the other being the AK-12, the Honey Badger proves useful because of it's integrated silencer. This allows you to remain stealthy without sacrificing a slot in your load-out. The weapon is good as well, effective at mid-range combat, even at long ranges if you attach a fore grip. The Honey Badger is a good weapon, and one of the better things to come out of Call of Duty: Ghosts in my humble opinion...

Oh damn it's a honey badger I mean the name itself is terrifying so it should be number 1 - salvaged123

Best if you want to be a spy

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