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21 STG-44 (Origins)

Better than mp 40

22 M1911

The base version might not be something special but when pack-a-punched it can be very useful plus till round 5 it is a good money maker.

Its nothing non pack a punched but pack a punch it it will be better then the ray gun

Dis is DUMB especially who put better than ray gun the only problem with ray gun is the splash damage and the mustang and sally is HELL compared to the splash of the ray gun and it runs out of ammo in 1 or 2 rounds like ray gun is way better mate.

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23 Staff of Ice

This is the best staff in the game it is more powerful then the wind and lightning and it can't crash your game like the fire staff.

This is the best high round gun in the game

Best staff in zombies

You can literally sit inside its charged shot and all the zombies die around you.. why is this not top 5?

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24 HK-21

This gun is overrated

25 Drakon

Line em up and put em down with the drakon, ELO and pack a punch along with double tap, then you are set for rounds beyond 30.

The SVU's close cousin.

In my opinion the best sniper in zombies because of high damage one hit kill for a WHILE and semi auto unlike locus and svg.

Yes personit is best

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26 Wave Gun

Wait wot I forgot about this gun lol its actually great but super hard to get

Why is this not higher on this list
It is like a thunder gun and a ray gun combined into 1 weapon
PaP version just adds ammo but the ammo on later rounds is very helpful

2 guns in 1 (thunder gun and double 1 zombie kill per shot wonderwaffles

It is the best

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27 SMR

They had to make the accuracy bad because the it would be too OP without it

This weapon is so bad

The worst gun ever if there was worse it would fire blanks I mean it's damage is worse than m1911 but has better multiple if I get fires ale and get this wepon I wait for it to go away I mean the gun ultimately sucks

It’s so good

28 Python

Why is this so low? I love pistols cause you can use them when down I at least have to have 1 pistol in my 2 or 3 guns I have. You can't protect who is reviving you with the starting pistol and 1/2 on most rounds. I love it when paped cobra is beast

This should be much higher

This gun is a beast can get you to round 50 paped great one shot and great paped

It's funny
My favorite wonder weapon (wave gun) and the python (my favorite gun) are next to eachother
Moblie, powerful, and just an amazing gun

29 Haymaker 12

Kind of like it I mean it mows down hordes but after that you have no ammo

The AA 12 of Black Ops III Zombies, respectively.

Good but runs out of ammo too fast I don't know how people don't notice that fact. I think that the 205 brecci PACK A PUCNHED is better hence the pack a punch part because it doesn't waste ammo NEARLY as fast and has higher damage so 205 is better than haymaker.

30 Cobra
32 Scavenger

It's In Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Only It's One Of My Favorite Guns In Zombies, I Think I Would Rather Choose The Scavenger Over Any Wonder Weapon! Its Amazing With Its Explosive Purple Bomb!

It's a one shot till late rounds so I do t understand why it's so low when there are guns higher on this list that aren't even close to as good

33 Dingo

Absolutely shreds zombies up in the rounds! Especially pack a punched. Had loads of ammo and if you have speed cola that's even better.

Best machine gun in BO3. Easy headshots. Even better with speed cola and pack a punched!

34 M1897 Trench Gun

Fun gun to use a little hard to make money with but in the later rounds its an all around pretty good gun

35 MG42
36 Death Machine

I love this gun should be in more zombie maps

Too slow. It sucks that I can't use this because there is not stamin up on MOTD

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37 Mauser C96

It was one of the best starting pistols to date

Such a good gun

38 M1927

Good reload but not good for damage

This gun is like the ppsh! How is it not on here its one of the best weapons on MOTD

39 M27

It was a solid gun. It should've been in more maps

40 War Machine

Dude. what?!?! Whoever added this and thought it was funny to vote for is not that funny

Who added it this weapon sucks

Pro pack a punched war machine for the win

The war machine packed is almost the same as the sallys its horrible upachkd but if you can deal with it for a bit till you get enough to pack it its amazing

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