Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


The best Call of Duty ever. The elk things take it to a whole new level and it works brilliantly even though we weren't sure if it would work, but it does. The maps, campaign, options, modes, guns and overall layout are 10/10. The graphics are incredible, even on Xbox 360! My favourite gun is the atlas 20mm, it is huge and I think they did really well making a completely new series set way in the future, it works great and it is so icy better than all the other call of duties!

AW is the latest Call of Duty in the franchise. The campaign was truly original and the multiplayer was great again. However, the campaign went over the top sometimes. However, it was just so amazing and the graphics were perfect. You felt like you were actually there. It felt as if you were the soldier in real life. It didn't feel like you were playing a game. It felt so realistic.

I think Sledgehammer realized that they needed to change up the Call of Duty franchise and they nailed it. I really enjoyed the many more multiplayer options for combat (with the others basically being point and shoot, where this one adds the exo suit's abilities so gunfights can take place entirely in midair).

This one is great because aside from great graphics, game play and campaign, it shows a corporation that fights for the highest bidder and claims the United States is the true enemy. As Gideon put it, 'Twisted throughout history have used the same argument.' It also features a really evil villain, likeable main characters, and a good soundtrack in my opinion.

After playing the campaign, I have to say its pretty good. It should certainly be up higher on the list. The ending still could've used some more work, but other than that, it was a lot better than Black Ops 2 and Ghosts.

Advanced Warfare is Fun in MY OPINION but in Bo3 we should've stayed boots on the ground to be honest Advanced moving should've STAYED in Advanced Warfare. Black Ops 3 isn't Bad But it could've been Better! But, That's Just MY OPINION NOT YOURS MINE!

This has the best campaign and multiplayer in the series. The villain, Jonathan Irons, is the best Call of Duty antagonist. The Exo suits are the best thing about this game. This is better than Black ops 1 and the Modern Warfare Trilogy combined. It and Black ops 2 are my favorites.

This game is really entertaining and really awesome, my favorite part is, that this has a multiplayer customs, and different kinds of games or modes which is really fun to play, so I think this game is really addicting and fun!

I don't know what the hate on this game is for guys. AW brought us a world that Call of Duty never experienced before, y'all should embrace that, rather than complain. They also made what is called a classic playlist for you anti exo people, just saying. There is NOTHING wrong with this game otherwise (maybe unbalance of weapons) but that's all I have. Is this the best Call of Duty no. Definitely not, but it should be up there some

Advanced Warfare revives this dying franchise and delivers some of the greatest online I have ever experienced alongside an extremely strong campaign that stars Sensation Kevin Spacey and the talented Troy Baker.

The first Call of Duty game I ever owned, and it blew my mind! I found it so much more fun and entertaining than any of the ones I played with my friends. Well done Sledgehammer, we'll done. I look forward to the next one you make.

Why is this lower then ghosts? This game might not be the best Call of Duty out there but it deserves a spot in the top 5 its very enjoyable once you get used to the friendly exo movements.

I'm going to keep this short, I like this game because it took a chance at being unique. I love the moment and I can understand if you don't like it but I personally love it, just my opinion.

The Call of Duty advanced warfare is best of the best game from around of the world. I love it and I'm best fun from advanced warfare

Best Game I ever played topping Ghosts by far in terms of guns range and graphics. I can't go back to any game before it without feeling that it was a bit slow and boring. Exos is my most favourite aspect of the game giving a good quick feeling to gameplay, especially the melee (pretty fun just knocking everyone around). I don't know why this isn't in the top 5.

It may be different from most Call of Duty games, but it has lots of jumping and is fast-paced. I don't know about you, but I like jumping around. Also, Kevin Spacey did amazing. - ShuhBanggg

This is a marvelous game the campaign was excellent and the multiplayer was flawless except the fact enemies could not stop boost jumping every second

I think advanced warfare is the best with eco suits and I will report pixel gun is copying some game maps and advanced warfare guns but different names

I got the game the campaign was really good and the zombies made the game better and the multiplayer is really good I play it with my friends

This isn't my favorite, but it should be higher. I think this game was not as innovative as people say it is, but it's still well done and very fun!

Definitely the best probably bad rated because it's so new plus they're probably working on making it better!

I love this game you can earn supply drops from the campaign they open automatically I love that they came out with exo-zombies.

This is Call of Duty Ghosts but better improvements to the franchise bringing exo suits which people hate or love

Best Call of Duty that's out there. This game is so underrated and under appreciated. The supply drops are funny and so unpredictable. Unlike BO3 and Infinite, there supply drops are just camos for guns. How is that enjoyable. Old Call of Duty fans don't like advanced warefare because they were good when it was slow and "boots on ground combat" was there peak in Call of Duty and they need to step it up and learn to adjust with the new times. These two new games that just came out are slow when you are in mid air. Which is dumb becasue some one's aim down sight is faster the your in travel air speed. So basically you ate a sitting duck in mid air. Advance warefare you had a chance to dodge or use your last thrust wisely. Also best of all boost slam. The only Call of Duty game to have it. And now all the og Call of Duty players cry about and rage quit over. Please hear me out.

This is the newest and best Call of Duty game of all time and why is it 14 it should be top 5