Call of Duty: Black Ops III


I have played bo3 infinite warfare and ghosts infinite warfare sucks I like ghosts but I like Call of Duty because of its guns and fast paced action so as you can tell Call of Duty zombies is my favourite over Call of Duty multiplayer and campaign so bo3 is getting new updates everyday and its got the best zombies cause guys if you having played this game don't vote for any other my friend also is addicted to zombies and he's played about 10 Call of Duty games and he says the zombies on this is the best by the way in zombies you can get every gun from multiplayer and more campaign isn't that good I give it 6/10 but I would give zombies 10/10 and multiplayer 10/10 because there's no overpowered guns and this is the coolest because you can have jetpacks wall run and double jump! Best game ever

1 and 2 were masterpieces in the Call of Duty franchise! AW was good so they might be able to perfect the exo gameplay that it brought in! PLEASE DON'T MESS IT UP!

This game is very different from the others in a good way with a new experience, everything in Multiplayer, Campaign and Zombied are great. This game is so well balanced and fine, this is the most closest to perfect Call of Duty game I've ever seen in the many years of playing. If you could think of all the bad things that are possible in Multiplayer, there would be 2 things. Which is Spawns and Lag/Connection Issues, but that rarely happens, this game deserves to be top ten, I would say at place #7 or #6.

I believe it is one of the best Call of Duty's ever created because it combines the futuristic aspect with excellent moving and controlling of your character. It has a wide variety of weapon customization. Though very expensive it can be very easy if you pay to win because the DLC weapons are really overpowered.

It's completely different, fun and balanced just for the launch of the game just about 1-2 weeks ago. Brought back Dead Ops, continued zombies and campaign, new everything. Just amazing, definitely should be at least #7 on the list

Wow, what a joke! Sure, there are like 13 games in the Call of Duty series, but this game sucks so much that it got 15th place?!? ! This sucks. I got it for my birthday, in the month that the game was released, and it cost $60. Biggest waste of money my family could have embraced. Multiplayer is full of hackers.

Best Call of Duty I absolutely love it. I was a bit dissapointed about advanced warfare but once I got black ops 3 I began to adore the Call of Duty series again. Its brings back the incredibly fun and intense combat and reminds you of those great times you had playing black ops 2 with your friends. If you are beginning the series I strongly recommend you start with the best, black ops 3. This game is definitely the best. willy

Why do people even buy Call of Duty anymore? 2012 Call of Duty Black Ops II was the last good game in the franchise. Ghosts was a joke, Advanced Warfare tried, but failed, and this game, this game is the worst Call of Duty game that Activision ever made. Little kids think this futuristic crap is good, but really, it is just something you play when you're bored.

I haven't played that many Call of Duty games, but I got to say, the graphics are amazing. The campaign is like inception and the matrix. The multiplayer is fast paced and addictive. And the zombies mode feels kind of like the older zombies games.

I am the high scorer of call of duty in the world and I have played all the call of duty I have a thousands of cd of call of duty but when I finish my all the games but my black ops3 was left when I finishes in 8 hours I like this game very much

Awesome game! Must pick up multiplayer shooter (if you don't own an Xbox one) of 2016. I never was a fan of Call of Duty until advanced warfare raised my expectations. I thought black ops 3 was the same thing until I found out how good the multiplayer was. And that it came with a co-op campaign, the returning zombies mode and a zombies campaign. Last gen failed horribly though - Nayan2003

Black ops 3 brings the best of the past Call of Duty games and puts them together in a nice futuristic Call of Duty. It sure seems different from other Call of Duty games but is a nice change of paise

Great Call of Duty game, although the only other Call of Duty I ever played was ghosts so I don't think my opinion is that valuable. I think it's a great game over all.

Better then ghosts and aw, no question about it. Movement system works well with the gunplay, competitive players will love this game and so will pub stompers.

Not the best ever, but it needs to be higher than ghosts and AW which were both disgraces to the game. A step back in the right direction and zombies is GREAT!

This is the best Black Ops game for its multiplayer and various different game modes like nightmare, zombies, parkour and more

I LOVED BO1 AND BO2! This game was not that bad. There were still exo jumps but it was less crazy then AW. BO3 is pretty fun. I hated AW and I thought Ghosts was an OK game. I liked BO3 more then ghosts and AW. The Multiplayer was fun and Zombies was fun. The only thing that disappointed me was the campaign. The Campaign was such a letdown.

It's the fastest pace Call of Duty to date and takes the most skill, one of my top favorite Call of Duty and I've been playing since Call of Duty 2

Literally the best game. Cannot wait for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered (probably the best Call of Duty game.)

Exo movement done right in a fun, mostly balanced game. Specialist add something fun and new and I'm actually enjoying the supply drops now

This game has amazing gun balance, the hardest and most in depth zombie map so far (shadows of evil) and I think it fixed exos so the game was still Call of Duty yet was innovative. Best one to me by a long shot. Only thing wrong with the game is lobby balance issues

I think bo3 is the best Call of Duty because the specialists are just so awesome and also I love the campaign!

I've been playing since Call of Duty 4 and this game is the fastest, has the best connection, most inventive and overall the most enjoyable Call of Duty yet.

Advanced Warfare and Ghosts are higher on the list than Bo3. They both suck, and Black Ops 3 is much better.

First call of duty that I couldn't stop playing, even now after 3 years I still cannot go a certain amount of time without a game.