Call of Duty: Black Ops


. This game it's just awesome. Like you bye the game, and you go to play campaign. You are like "Oh god, that was so awesome! I hope there are more stuff to do! "Then you explore it and you find multi-player. You play and you are like "Look at those experts! I will always see the killcam to take tips . OH GOD! Is that an RPG? OH and a sniper! WAIT! An AK47! "Then you say bah I like multi-player but I would like to play something like a completely different. Then you go one zombies. Me:Look at the zombies! There are so slow! Friend:True. Zombies are for noobs. THAT ZOMBIE RUNS! Me:Ok, I got it. I am opening a door. WAIT I DON'T PAY YOU DOOR! Friend: IT! Me:Alright. Friend:laugh out loud a mystery box? Me:Let me pay it. It may plays melodies. Friend:MELODY! WAIT. Awesome GUN! Me:what! I got like a water pistol! Whoaa Green Circles! Friend:Quick shoot at the zombies! Me:Ok
friend:I will pay the next doors!
me:Ok. WAIT! I found coca cola!
friend:... ...more

It's better than its terrible sequel. That's for sure.

It was exciting at first, and I really love the 60s based missions, but compared to World at War, it just felt short.

The plot wasn't too bad, but the 1960s were a very interesting time on its own. Just the whole Cuban missile crisis was a lot more interesting and stressful than Dragovich's deadly nova gas plot.

Also there's quite a bit of historical inaccuracies. There are weapons that wouldn't be around for decades, and then there's the music. For example Quimbara didn't come out until the 70s and it was playing during the Bay of Pigs? That's like Gangnam Style or whatever popular pop song now playing in 1998.

Also there's a lot of missed opportunities with the Vietnam War. Part of the reason I was so excited for this game was because after four WWII games and two Modern Warfares, there was finally going to be a Call of Duty set during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, the campaign only had a few not so ...more

Okay so when I bought this all my friends said it was rubbish worst call of duty after a few months of playing it I knew they were wrong its got the best campaign the best multiplayer maps anyway and zombies. By the way when you're friends say the only good cods are modern warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4 well there wrong all of them are good even world at war but most people in my school says modern warfare 3 is the worst Call of Duty I think the worst is world at war just full of hackers I didn't finish the campaign I was rubbish and yeah trey arch made a huge improvement with black ops and black ops 2 is still very good just not as good as the first one hopefully black ops 3? Or just call of duty 2014 or call of duty 11 will wow me again.

The Call of Duty with less campers, less people laying down hiding in vegetation, less quick scopes with bad kd's ruining hard earned kill streaks, less people spawning behind you causing you a death that should never happen, kill streaks that have to be earned through gun and equipment kills only, and fairer connections. All this results in the only Call of Duty were skill matters the most. The campaign is excellent and it has zombies as well. It is a model of perfection in my opinion

This game Is similar in a lot of ways to the usual Call of Duty line, but it explains And pushes the history questions we all had when in high school us history.

" I would've shot every slant eyed gook out there with my m60 and burn every commie I see. you get to do these things.

In the campaign

In multiplayer

In zombies

And they are all amazing in almost every way!

The amazing story has you asking questions and craving the curiosity a little more each mission you complete until the mind blowing ending. ( not forgetting the amazing pr hype they had with black ops jeep wranglers)

The simple and intense multiplayer. The kind you don't have to pay for to get the cool crap. Everyone can customize their guns, load out, perks and they are all serious perks. Plus you must buy these with the Call of Duty points you EARN! And you EARN better guns. Not buying your way through the game. Lastly those maps are really well thought out. ...more

Unlike modern warfare two, where if you join even 39 seconds late, you are already being constantly bombarded by kill streaks, and the multiplayer is Turkey awful, Black Ops has a fun multiplayer where you have a chance even if you aren't the first to join. You can join in a game and completely turn the tides and enjoy the game.

Have you even read the comments for the "number one" game, MW2? They are completely ignorant and honestly idiotic. The number one comment points out a huge problem with the game, and is still the "most loved" Call of Duty, the second comment is also showing flaws in the game with there being gaps in the game itself, he next one even admits that the game is unbalanced. Yet it is somehow still people's favorite Call of Duty, according to this survey, best Call of Duty goes hands down to black ops. Sorry Call of Duty 4, unlike your younger brother, mw2, you do actually have some good gameplay, black ops just trumps you a bit,

Why is MW2 first. That is a good game but it had major game breaking issues such as the One Man Army + Danger Close, infinite noob tubes exploit. People camping to get their Harriers, then Chopper Gunner, than Nuke. MW2 is way better than MW3 but doesn't deserve to be ahead of Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops.
Black Ops had an amazing campaign, fun zombies and balanced multiplayer with incredibly fun, awesome maps. Top 5 is:
1- Black Ops
2- Call of Duty 4: MW
3- Black Ops 2
4- World at War
5- MW2

The multiplayer was so much fun, the campaign had an incredible story and amazing characters and the zombies took what made WaW zombies good and increased it by 100%. great game should be number 1 - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

Call of duty black ops will always have a special place in my heart. The amazing multiplayer maps, Call of Duty currency, the upgrading of zombies and a fresh campaign with a new timeline made this an early Call of Duty favorite for me. This has been the only game to date I could play for hours at end without getting bored, constantly playing search and destroy with my friends, Doing my best at 360 tomahawks, as well long shot ballistic knifes, brought me hours of entertainment, and, like all call of duties a "couple" rage moments.

BEST CALL OF DUTY GAME OF ALL TIME. Modern Warfare 3 should seriously be First though, especially ahead of Modern Warfare 2. Just because Modern Warfare 2 was a new age game and the first of it's kind and was popular at that time does not make it the best, Modern Warfare 3 has the best rated campaign on any game ever made in the history of gaming. The Black Ops 1 campaign, in turn, had the worst rated campaign in any game ever made. But, the Introduction of zombies, and the amazing zombies, are one of a kind. The best game on Earth. Nothing compares. - blakematthew.tompkins

The Vietnam War is a great setting for a type of game like Call of Duty. The campaign was great with awesome characters like Reznov and Woods and the multiplayer was the only one in the series to have the Call of Duty Points feature, so that you can buy attachments and guns with points earned in game but also having to unlock them by leveling up. The multiplayer maps were also very fun and the zombies was the best in the series. All of the DLCs were fantastic and worth the money, including balanced multiplayer maps and new innovative zombies maps that resulted in endless hours of fun with or without others. Yes, many people say that Call of Duty 4 and MW2 are the best, I just don't think that they are as good as the first Black Ops. This was also one of my first Call of Duty games, I had played the older ones like Big Red One on the PS2 but after playing this game, I can't think of a more perfect Call of Duty game with a great story, multiplayer and zombies that also was very balanced ...more

Call of Duty: Black Ops is an amazing game. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, being shot around corners and things such as last stand, but that's a a part of every Call of Duty game. The voice quality is extremely clear compared to the Modern Warfare series and the multiplayer is the most fun I've had since... Well, since ever. Especially the wager matches; nothing can even compare! If you're looking for a fun multiplayer FPS game, Black Ops is the one for you.

I think that Black Ops was the best Call of Duty game because the maps were really good, especially Nuketown and Firing Range which both got put back into Black Ops 2, this game also had some of the best Zombies maps in it like Kino Der Toten, Ascension and Shangri-la, it also brought back the 4 classical zombies maps and they were some of the best Zombies Maps. I completed the campaign, but didn't find it as good as the Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 or World at War Campaigns.

Has the best campaign and a very good multi player with the best guns out of any Call of Duty and original score streaks and equipment unlike black ops 2.

Zombies mode is outstanding an much better than black ops 2 zombies with fun guns, traps, wonder weapons and the best maps by far.

Call of Duty black ops 1 for the zombies alone is the best Call of Duty and at least one of the top 5 games of all time.

I really don't like Call of Duty as a franchise because it feels re used and boring. I feel as if Black Ops was completely new and almost flawless because it had a very new setting, 60s weapons, new characters, fresh storyline, above average graphics and flawless zombie mode. The downside is the graphics are not special, small maps and not great AI. Black Ops is a 8/10.

The campaign was pretty good, zombies is alright, but what makes this game really stand out is multiplayer. The graphics were awesome at the time, the custom classes were much better because you could see your person, and you didn't have to level up on everything. And there were so much more perks than the other games. Multiplayer is what really made this game

This was honestly the last good Call of Duty game ever released. Multiplayer was astounding. Zombies was unique. The maps were creative. The storyline was one of the best in the Call of Duty series. The weapons were really great and I love the killstreaks, perks, and attachments. Any Call of Duty after this masterpiece went downhill.

Black Ops 2 was one of the worst storyline ever. It's just boring and stupid. The plot twists were predictable. Zombies have the most boring maps and it's easy to get lost in them. The multiplayer sucked.

The new Call of Duty; "Advance Warfare" looks like a Titanfall ripoff. It just looks boring - themrzombie3

The first Call of Duty game I ever had. I truly think that it is better then BO2 only because of nuke town. In BO2 you have to pay for it but in this one it is free. I also think it's better because the maps are smaller so it's easier to rank up in multiplayer. The only bad part of this game is that you have buy the resurrection pack and if you don't you can only get 3 maps

This game is great. The campaign is really fun, the zombies mode is amazing with 11 different maps. Also the online is the best ever because the guns have a good feel to them and the maps are awesome. This game also has a really good theater mode which makes it easy to save and view clips from your previous online matches. And don't forget about combat training and gun games

I love this game because of its weapons and its zombies. The weapons are classic, reliable, and just overall good. The zombies was fantastic! Having weapons like the thunder gun and the ray gun just brought out the good old feel of what Call of Duty should be. The campaign storyline was amazing and is by far the best Call of Duty campaign I've ever played.

Modern warfare series might be good but multiplayer had too much quickscoping which gets frustrating. Zombies will live forever with Treyarch. Easily better than Spec ops for side games. Combat training was just what I needed and multiplayer is more close. BEST MAP NUKETOWN. Also theater mode is awesome. 10/10

Best Call of Duty ever, in my opinion. Balanced, super-fun multiplayer, the only game that I didn't feel was rife with cheese. Amazing storyline. Literally the only Call of Duty game I cared about the character in. And Zombies, this game had the best Zombies mode, maps, story. Just all over such an amazing game I sunk way too many hours into.

So far one of the most intense Call of Duty game due to its Zombies. Not only can the zombies mode gets you to do something, but it is also a mode that is endless for many people. The multiplayer is simple yet perfect for any Call of Duty player. From Team Deathmatch to Gun Game, Multiplayer is also a mode that everyone likes to play.

By far the best call of duty. Its the first one I played and its created so many great memories. Multiplayer is best and zombies is one of a kind experience. The campaign was awesome as well because it was fun and had a great story but definitely not my favorite Call of Duty campaign. This Call of Duty should be number 1.

Campaign had a great storyline, multiplayer maps were well designed, good weapon choices, good killstreaks, had a good balance between the overly simplistic Call of Duty 4 and the overly complex BO2, zombies were very addicting and to top it all off, the graphics were amazing!