Call of Duty


I loved this game. It took me eight hours to beat. This was the start to a legendary shooter series. The graphics were mind-blowing back in 2003, but nowadays they are very bad. The campaign is good and has a few amazingly hard missions, even today. One mission I remember in particular is called Stalingrad. I know, it is a historical event and I guess I should be acknowledging that, but I'm talking about the mission in a game from 2003. Stalingrad took me two hours to beat, which is a fourth of what I spent beating the entire game. Multiplayer was a great experience back in 2003. Not many people play the original Call of Duty anymore, but when people did, it was amazing how you could get five kills within one minute of sniping people with a scoped Mosin Nagant. No guns were too overpowered, but they all felt like they were. This game is important history in people's lives.

I've played all Call of Duty games for pc. This was the first, and the most influential one. On second place comes either Call of Duty 2 of Call of Duty 4 for these have both made great steps forward in gameplay. Call of Duty 2 for making the game the fast action/movie style singleplayer and multiplayer it is now and Call of Duty 4 for improving this concept and its innovative multiplayer. The other games don't really bring much improvement, mostly just well sold gimmicks such as new killstreaks/perks and modes which aren't of big significance. Modern warfare 2 was a game I had MUCH fun with, weapon design and characteristics were just fantastic, something they ruined in the games that followed. Multiplayer balance has really just degraded with every title, which also mostly doesn't get patched, which is very sad to see. Also, I miss the faction specific guns... Now you don't really care on whose side your on in MP.

This game is totally number one. It started the whole entire series

This game changed my life, had never played online prior. It IS the BEST Call of Duty of them all. I think it changed the world of online gaming, along with the boyfriend franchises of course. Clean shooting, fantastic Search and Destroy mode, same as Call of Duty 2. Spent over 3-4000 hours playing this and Call of Duty 2, they both ROCK!

Real weapons, no ranking system (ruined the whole game in my opinion, and bought too many boyfriend players across which increased poor attitude players) and for the time, some pretty cool graphics. Without this game there would be no other Call of Duty games in the series. Re invent please, make it the same, don't change anything bar the graphics!

SERIOUS skill lvls required in this game, SERIOUS! You had to be truly QUICK! We had one of the busiest Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty 2 servers in Australia for over 4-5 years... Ahh the gold old days! :)


This should be on number 1 of course. It was a sort of revolution in war games, I loved it so much! This is an epic game and better than the others.

The fact that this isn't number one (or even close to it) just proves how naive the majority of Call of Duty players are. The graphics are looking a bit dated now but it's campaign is one of the best in FPS history. Its multiplayer although simple is beaten only by it's successor Call of Duty 2. This game started something great and it's grandson Call of Duty 4 was the end of a great lineage that is only being kept alive by its ungrateful children riding on the coattails of it's families success.

UO always gets the shaft in votes when it's clearly #1 to people who grew up on them on and didn't start later in the series. You also have to realize it was PC only and many people who play the newer games play on consoles and may not like the game simply because of the controls. For a fair rating each must be take from it's own time. This is the first one I played and in my opinion they still haven't released a true #2

The Call of Duty series went downhill from here. This is the original and best, no smoke grenades, best maps, accurate sniper rifles... Now the games are just run and gun with low skill required.

This game remains the most memorable experience for me, I've played the other games and they're good and fun ( especially Nazi zombies ) But just don't seem to have the same impact the first did on me

THE BEST! MOST SKILL OF ALL OTHER Call of Duty GAMES REQUIRED ALSO.. YOU HAD TO BE VERY PRECISE ON YOUR SHOTS ... , if you only knew how much hours I spent on this game (online)!

This one is absolutely the best. You cannot compare it with these newer CoDs which are set in damn future. Those ones are boring and unfair. You just cannot die in them. This game was very, very different. You had to scavenge to find health packs instead of waiting in a cover to regenerate health. And in the Veteran there isn't any way to regenerate health. Graphics are bad, but in that era they were amazing. You only had a handful of weapons to choose and all teams that exist are balanced. If you are the sniper you must control the recoil and the sway of the scope - there was no Sniper Steadying. You need to have skill for that. And in 2004 an expansion pack called United Offensive added a lot of
new weapons, maps, ranks, etc. that made this game even better and improved MP. I still play this game with the expansion pack and I am happy to see a lot of people playing this game and its expansion pack even today.

The coolest game ever! After so many years I still remember the first dayz I played. Amazing never seen before gameplay. The newer editions are cool too but you never forget your first "love".

My childhood right here. Filled with memories of many times of watching it and playing it. So interesting! You can just keep playing it without getting bored.

The first Call of Duty is still remembered as one of the best. The graphics still look fantastic and it still hooks us in just as it did when it was released.

It was best game of it's type and it's time. Project igi was also of same time but no match to it. And it was on world war which made me know the story too so I vote it #1 game among other cods

This game was the only one that you really need skill to play, just try to control mp44 recoil. This requires SKILL, not like others.

This was probably the best Call of Duty game ever made, after this the Call of Duty games got worse and worse after every new release...

This game is obviously the best because there would be no Call of Duty without this awesome game it owns so much no one could hack it

Every version went down hill from here, as far as multi-player gameplay is concerned. Adding United Offensive put the Number One out of reach of the others.

I agree this game should be number one,
very old but the mother of all Call of Duty!
Without it there would be no Call of Duty.
I played this game over and over and tried to touch ever piece of landscape and see every part of the game,
At its time it was my favorite game. - techdeckadvice

I've been playing the original for a long long time now. It has always been my favorite. This is the only one that has taken actual FPS skill to do well in.

This one is the very original one, which attracted me a lot when I was just a primary school student, truly I love it and it recalls my memories

This game allowed you to feel like s real soldier having to witness the real horrors of war and not some super hero that fights zombies or stops countless stupid conspiracies which for some reason they always find a way to get evolved in. Call of Duty, the best Call of Duty up to date.

Awesome, absolutely awesome. You have only gotta play the first mission and oh, for god's sake, you wont be able to leave it. Moreover, I've played all the parts except the latest one and none have been able to have such an appeal as this one inspite of improved graphics and all, you know

On PC this game was an absolute masterpiece. An absolutely stunning single-player campaign complemented by state-of-the-art (at the time) multiplayer. Weapon balance was pretty good, the maps were varied and weren't just a collection of close-quarter slug-fests, and leaning from cover is still a feature that I find sorely lacking in the newer Call of Duty installments. This is what started it all, and it was glorious.