Call of Duty 2


This took me way longer to beat than Call of Duty. 22 hours of awesomeness. The graphics were quite amazing back in 2005, but nowadays are quite disappointing. Let me say that this game is my third favorite Call of Duty game. My favorite is Call of Duty 4, second favorite is Call of Duty Black Ops, and this is my third favorite. The campaign is one of the best shooter campaigns I have ever seen. About nine full missions, each one with three or four parts. The multiplayer back in the day was great, even better than the original Call of Duty's multiplayer. In 2016, this game's multiplayer is not very good at all, unless you enjoy shooting people who are moving side to side at point-blank range. If I had to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7, in modern day. But back in the day when I bought it in 2006, I would have rated it a 10.

What is wrong with you morons, Call of Duty USED to be a good franchise, back in the days of Call of Duty 2, I don't know how you can actually believe that the newer games are actually better than this, probably because you're a brainwashed bunch of idiots. Call of Duty 2 is much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much greater in quality than the newest games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which is by far one of the worst games on this planet. Get educated.

This is the Call of Duty that set the standard for every sequel made after.
The campaign, though short, is made with enough detail to completely engross you on both the glory and the horror of war.
The multiplayer on the other hand, is fun and challenging. There are no level ups or perks, but that's exactly what made it good. Here you rely on your skills to actually win, not some random power-up you get after getting a lucky streak.

This game should've been number one or number two in this list. This game can easily beat all the modern war game in the series. The storyline and game play is just absolutely great. This game also shows that British soldiers and Russian soldiers can be bad ass too. This is just my favorite first person shooter in the world, and nothing can beat this game in my opinion.

The campaign was fantastic, sometimes you felt for the other members of your squad.

The game play, relatively the same, was ok, it added regenerating health, the ability to vault over cover, instant grenade throwing, and a 2 weapon limit. While I wish it did not have the regenerating health, it's still a good game.

No killstreaks, no unbalanced weapons. Just skill where it rewards reaction time not hours spent on game.E.g new cods you level up to get better weapons... Whereas this great game different factions have different guns but are all unlocked from the get go. (Also created zombies mode for Call of Duty)

The balance of Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 are by far the best in the series. Kill Streak rewards and perks in later games both facilitated camping and creating many imbalances in multi-player. A lot of bias is placed on modern warfare because this is when the series took flight.

I remember playing this the first time with headphones on and the volume turned quite high and realising after taking a break several hours deep into my play session how hair raising that experience was. Also, the best Call of Duty game for history nuts!

This is the best one yet. The 4th one was cool, but it wasn't as epic as the 2nd. No other Call of Duty has been able to beat this game's level of awesomeness.

Definitely the best game in the series.
It improved over the first game in many ways. The combat felt more polished and intense, and it felt like you were really fighting in the battles. The combat was perfect, the guns were great, the missions were all memorable, and the level design was fantastic.
Call of Duty 2 is the greatest of all WWII shooters. None of the later Call of Duty games have matched the greatness of this one.

In my personal opinion, this one much better than world at war, in terms of both story telling in the campaign and balanced, all-out fun multiplayer. In both areas, COD2 is a classic and I wish the more recent games (Black Ops) could learn something from it.

Relieved history especially normandy and Moscow the game made me very interested in ww2 few games do so and now Call of Duty games are losing this uniqueness and becoming like any other ordinary shooter game developers must do something to improve recent games though financially the franchise is doing great

I. Love. This. Game. My older brother introduced me and I was hooked. No online, just campaign. My favorite part is when the captain at the very beginning tells you to shoot the teddy bears and if u don't he calls you a traitor and they all shoot you.

This was the greatest game in all of existence. It had the longest Campaign which could be replayed over and over again. Amazing graphics and the old rifles guns were fun. The story was the best in the series. Just all around a great game

In my opinion, the second game was the best. The first was almost a test run, a "vista" of sorts, and when they ironed out what was good and what was bad, they came out with this beautiful piece of work.

This was the best call of duty ever it was the best of all the call of duty it deserves a spot in first place. I LOVE this game! Call of duty 2 is worth every penny!

This game set the par for all FPS shooters. A long campaign, a great choice of guns, revolutionary multiplayer and brilliant graphics for 2006 make it the best of all.

Call of Duty 2 is the best game in the Call of Duty franchise, it haves many good Mods and good experience, I will play it again, and again, and it will never get old.

This was the purest one of them all. The best call of duty game ever made The graphics are very cool and the weapons too. This was way better than Resident Evil 4. - Lordvader3500

The give and take between Price and MacGregor!

This is the best game in the series. The simplicity of its multiplayer is very much a good thing, while its campaign is nothing to scoff at either.

Graphics that weren't surpassed for 8 years. Gameplay that was flawless, and a campaign that was involved and taught history at the same time.

The best call of duty game, before all the black ops, and the modern warfares came the original best games of the series call of duty 2 FOREVER!

Call of Duty 2 is an amazing adventure to play. The graphics were better, the realistic feel to it was incredible. It is just one of the greats.

You even had your own map preferences, so if you dislike that map, you can change it in the map preferences.